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C64 CLUB TELEX presents:

Friday, 19 January 2001
Yo-Talo, Kauppakatu 10, Tampere, Finland
10 pm - 3.30 am
Tickets 20 FIM
Age limit 18


Tero (Rikos Records, Jyväskylä, FIN)
Nu Science (Ultra Dub Recordings, Helsinki, FIN)


Indigo (Helsinki)
mini (Club Telex, Tampere)
pHinn (Club Telex, Tampere)

This time Club Telex proudly presents Commodore 64 Night, with such performers as Tero of the acclaimed Rikos Records label (known among all for the releases of Lackluster & Dr Robotnik) and the analogue trio Nu Science, who should soon release their German debut on Berlin's A.D.S.R. label. Both these artists utilize in their music Commodore 64, the legendary 1980s home computer. Alongside music we will see C64 demos and graphics, you can play C64 games, and much more! A nostalgia trip you won't forget!

About Club Telex

Club Telex is a monthly event in Tampere, Finland, which is dedicated to experimental and avantgardistic electronic music and its different subgenres, from ambient to techno. Not only live music, Club Telex also offers experimental short films from the most respected Finnish and international directors, alongside other eye candy, DJ music and intellectual stimulation.

Telex takes place at the legendary Yo-Talo, the traditional Student Union club of Tampere. So far Club Telex has presented live performances from such luminaries and rising stars of Finnish electronic and experimental music as the internationally acclaimed Pan sonic, Jimi Tenor, Nu Science, Op:l Bastards, Ektroverde, Virtalähde, Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov (Russia), Nemesis, Ever Had, Unidentified Sound Objects, Kukka, O Samuli A, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Pluxus (Sweden), Mono Junk, Ovuca, and the showcase of Vienna's Mego Records, featuring Hecker (Austria), Skot (Austria) and Fennesz & Vainio (Austria/Finland). As the guest DJs have been heard I-f (Viewlexx, The Hague, Holland), GM4 (Function Recordings) and Marko Laine (Mind Records).



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