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Wednesday 17 November 1999
Yo-talo, Kauppakatu 10, Tampere, Finland
9 pm - 3 am
Tickets 20 FIM
Age limit 18

Club Telex is a monthly event in Tampere, Finland, which is dedicated to experimental and avantgardistic electronic music and its different subgenres, from ambient to techno. Not only live music, Club Telex also offers experimental short films from the most respected Finnish and international directors, alongside other eye candy, DJ music and intellectual stimulation.

Telex takes place at the legendary Yo-Talo, the traditional Student Union club of Tampere. So far Club Telex has presented live performances from such luminaries and rising stars of Finnish electronic and experimental music as the internationally acclaimed Pan sonic, Nu Science, Op:l Bastards, Ektroverde and Virtalähde.

For November's Club Telex - in co-operation with Mind Trek, the Tampere International Media Week - we proudly present the Finnish-Russian duo of Anton Nikkilä and Alexei Borisov, and also the ambient combo Nemesis, who have recently released their new album 'Sky Archeology'. Both acts also have their Tampere premieres at Club Telex.

Anton Nikkilä composes his unique soundscapes from every day sounds manipulated with sampler and tape recorders. Since 1993 he has created music for various audiovisual pieces such as art installations, short films and multimedia performances. Alexei Borisov is one of the most well-known Russian musicians working on experimental electronic music and techno. Throughout the 90s, various ensembles led by Borisov have released several internationally-acclaimed albums.

Nemesis, the other musical act of the evening, has received wide international cult reputation with their original branch of ambient techno. In addition to the Finnish Spinefarm label, also Belgian and German record labels have published Nemesis' music. In the wide instrumental arsenal of Nemesis both the 70s retro analogue synthesizers and early drum machines are used in harmony with modern sound sources.

As to the cinematic side of the evening, Club Telex is proud to present the Finnish director Mika Taanila's Thank You For The Music, which has received awards from various film festivals around the world. The film is a hilarious documentary on Muzak, which has also been called elevator music or background music, and which reaches 160 million people every day.

At the turntables we can hear the eclectic sounds of Club Telex resident DJ's mini and pHinn; with the special guest star, DJ 6M4 (pronounced "Gamma") of Function Recordings Helsinki, who has just released his Suuri Shamaani debut album on Spinefarm Records. So, we can expect a unique blend of experimentalism and helluva groove.

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