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Wednesday, 8 November 2000
Yo-Talo, Kauppakatu 10, Tampere, Finland
9 pm - 3 am
Tickets 40 FIM (no VIP!)
Age limit 18


Skot (Mego, Austria)
Hecker (Mego, Austria)
Fennesz / Rehberg / Vainio (Mego, Austria / Pan sonic, Finland)

DJs :

Stimulus Progression (Helsinki)
Kauko Lampi (Op:l Bastards, Helsinki)
mini (Club Telex, Tampere)
pHinn (Club Telex, Tampere)

Mego:  Hecker

In order of appearance:

  • DJ Stimulus Progression
  • (videos in two parts)
  • Hecker
  • Skot (with visuals)
  • Fennesz/Rehberg/Vainio

    (+ DJ Kaukolampi etc.)

  • This time Club Telex proudly presents the internationally acclaimed Austrian experimental record label Mego, as a "kick-off" party to Helsinki's Avanto Festival (please, see the Avanto site for more info).

    About Club Telex

    Club Telex is a monthly event in Tampere, Finland, which is dedicated to experimental and avantgardistic electronic music and its different subgenres, from ambient to techno. Not only live music, Club Telex also offers experimental short films from the most respected Finnish and international directors, alongside other eye candy, DJ music and intellectual stimulation.

    Telex takes place at the legendary Yo-Talo, the traditional Student Union club of Tampere. So far Club Telex has presented live performances from such luminaries and rising stars of Finnish electronic and experimental music as the internationally acclaimed Pan sonic, Nu Science, Op:l Bastards, Ektroverde, Virtalähde, Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov (Russia), Nemesis, Ever Had, Unidentified Sound Objects, Kukka, O Samuli A, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Pluxus (Sweden), Mono Junk and Ovuca. As the guest DJs have been heard I-f (Viewlexx, The Hague, Holland), GM4 (Function Recordings) and Marko Laine (Mind Records).

    About Mego

    [source: Mego press info @]

    Austrian record label/artist collective Mego began life during the end of 1994, founded by Ramon Bauer, Peter Meininger and Andreas Pieper. Ramon and Peter had previously been involved with the label Mainframe (one of Austria's first techno labels with releases by Ilsa Gold, Kirlian and Elin amongst others). By 1995 Pita (Peter Rehberg) joined the crew and Peter Meininger left. The Mego Wien office is based in Meidling, a traditional workers district of Vienna.

    Mego likes to see itself as a platform for all kinds of information and communication carried via modern electronic media, whether it be a compact disc, MiniDisc, DVD, Internet, video, live PA or a vinyl record release. Mego opened its own Internet mail order shop called M.DOS in 1997. This features not only Mego releases but other labels worth of investigation. Since June 1999 Falsch - an Internet only label - is online. "hyper music, on purpose" ... is the mission. Also in 1999 the Prix Ars Electronica 99 Award of Distinction for Digital Musics goes to the "record label Mego", represented by Peter Rehberg and Christian Fennesz. In January 2000 Mego started their own booking agency MdBs.

    Unlike most electronic based labels Mego does make the effort to leave the cosy confines of the studio and play out live. With numerous performances (either as individual acts or as a full on Mego "all nighter" in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin (Interference), Karlsruhe (ZKM), Paris, Zürich, Barcelona (Sonar), London (LMC), Holland Festival 98, Stockholm, New York, LA, Chicago, Tokyo (ICC), Sydney and Melbourne (WhatisMsic?/BigDayOut 2000) as well many outings in Vienna (Phonotaktik95+99, Hyperstrings, Word up, Wien Modern, Volksoper, etc..) and throughout austria (Ars Electronica 97+99, Konfrontationen 98, Musikprotokoll 98).


    Peter "Pita" Rehberg has been DJing at various locations in Viennese underground for almost a decade. He started the use of Pita moniker in early nineties as a DJ playing ambient/experimetal sounds in so called chillout rooms. Although Pita's vastly interested in DJ culture he prefers to bring in the non-dance elements he learnt at school when he was a fan of noise music (if the sound fits the hole, let it live). This period of social activity bore the fruits which led to the setting up of the Mego label, and the serious start to recording his own music. Pita's current activities are running the Mego label and MDOS mail order, and the irregular Johnny YesNo nights, recording, and still DJing but now being more interested in the sonic possibilities of the CD glitch rather than the vinyl scratch or tape collage. Pita has a greater interest for the process rather than the result, which then has to be processed in public, thus creating another result.

    Christian Fennesz started his career as the singer/guitarist/songwriter in the group Maische, one of the more interesting bands to occupy the Viennese underground during the late eighties. Incorporating into their sound techniques like free form improvisation and instrumental rock in a time when such practices were generally not accepted by the rock audiences. With their demise in 1993, Fennesz rethought his approach to return in 1995 with the 12" EP "Instrument" on the Austrian electronic label Mego. Having freed himself of the constrictive band format he was able freely experiment with new electronic means and a whole new audience. Since then Fennesz has released an EP on Syntactic records. A full length CD for Mego entitled "Hotel Paral.lel" was released in 1997. Fennesz has also performed numerous times (both solo and in collaboration) at various festivals (Phonotaktik, Hyperstrings, Sonar, ARS Electronica, Konfrontation, LMC, Musikprotokoll...) Recently he has been touring and recorded an album as Fenn OŽBerg, with Peter Rehberg and Jim O'Rourke, as well as work for Tanz Hotel dance company.

    Mika Vainio is the other half of electronic act act Pan sonic (who visited Club Telex September 1999), with Ilpo Väisänen. Vainio performs at Telex as an ensemble with Pita Rehberg and Fennesz.

    Florian Hecker is an independent composer in the fields of computer music and digital production. Involved in various sonic projects simultaneously, such as recording for labels like Mego and Or, his current activities also include audio publishing and interconnection in new formats, e.g. mp3 via the web project, cd_slopper, and visual abstraction with Skot. Hecker has worked with such people as Chicks On Speed, Hans Platzgumer and many more.

    Mego:  Skot Mathias Gmachl (of Farmers Manual) and Tina Frank (responsible for Mego's graphic design) founded the video band Skot in 1997. 2 years later Dr. Voltmer of Epy joined the formation. "Playing and working with recorded visual material on the basis of live sampling and live constructing new forms of visual media", is their aim. Audience on their gigs have responded to the signal entering through their guts by keeping their eyes closed shut and fingers in their ears. Skot define themselves as a visual band. Known for video productions, Skot have lately grown famous for quite a lot of live video presentations from San Francisco to Tokyo.

    Alongside music, Club Telex also presents selected videos from the Mego camp, plus other Austrian, German, British and Canadian artists.

    Videos in screening order (presented in two parts)

    Part I: 32 min.

    Jürgen Moritz: Instrument
    1997, 5 min., Austria
    Music: Christian Fennesz

    Farmers Manual: rla
    2000, 7 min., Austria
    Music: Farmers Manual

    Myriam Bessette: Noir
    2000, 2 min., Canada

    Ian Helliwell: Crystallization
    1997, 4 min., UK
    Music: Ian Helliwell

    reMI: Comp.ToT/Zarakesh
    1999, 10 min., Austria

    Skot: Aus 1998, 4 min., Austria
    Music: Christian Fennesz

    Part II: 33 min.

    karex & elles: Proposal 3
    2000, 4 min., UK
    Music: ensemble

    Rosa Barba & Herwig Wieser: Distroia
    1999, 4 min., Germany
    Music: Mouse On Mars

    D-Fuse: I'm Sore
    2000, 2 min., UK
    Music: I'm Sore

    Ian Helliwell: Catalyst
    1997, 2 min., UK
    Music: Ian Helliwell

    Ian Helliwell: Into The Light
    1998, 4 min., UK
    Music: Ian Helliwell

    Michaela Grill: King Kong
    2000, 8 min., Austria
    Music: DJ Pure

    Jürgen Moritz, Norbert Pfaffenbichler: traxdata
    1998, 4 min., Austria
    Music: Christian Fennesz

    Robin Dupuis: Furtive
      1999, 5 min., Canada



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