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Friday 7 April 2000
Yo-Talo, Kauppakatu 10, Tampere, Finland
10 pm - 4 am
Tickets 20 FIM (Euro 3.36)
Age limit 18

Live: Mono Junk (DUM, Turku)
Special DJ guest: Marko Laine (Mind Records, Turku)
DJs Mini & pHinn

Club Telex is a monthly event in Tampere, Finland, which is dedicated to experimental and avantgardistic electronic music and its different subgenres, from ambient to techno. Not only live music, Club Telex also offers experimental short films from the most respected Finnish and international directors, alongside other eye candy, DJ music and intellectual stimulation.

Telex takes place at the legendary Yo-Talo, the traditional Student Union club of Tampere. So far Club Telex has presented live performances from such luminaries and rising stars of Finnish electronic and experimental music as the internationally acclaimed Pan sonic, Nu Science, Op:l Bastards, Ektroverde, Virtalähde, Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov (Russia), Nemesis, Ever Had, Unidentified Sound Objects, Kukka, O Samuli A, Mr. Velcro Fastener and Pluxus (Sweden).

After several highly successful and critically well-received parties, Club Telex celebrates its first anniversary on Friday 7 April 2000, with two acclaimed pioneers of Finnish techno, Mono Junk (a.k.a. Kimmo Rapatti) and Marko Laine.

Alongside Pan sonic and Jimi Tenor, Mono Junk - playing live at Club Telex - is one of those rare Finnish techno artists who have gained reputation also across the Atlantic. Mono Junk runs his own Dum Records label, which releases are all widely hunted after, and he has also recorded for such international labels as i220 and Trope in Germany and 12K and Plug Research in the United States. Influenced by Detroit techno and these days also by electro, Mono Junk's live appearances in his home country Finland are quite rare, therefore this night is not to be missed!

The guest DJ of the night, Marko Laine, is no stranger in international techno circles, either: the famed Djax-Up-Beats label in the Netherlands has released several 12-inches of Laine's personal brand of monotrax. Marko Laine could be called one of the most influential persons in Finnish techno scene: not only musician and DJ, he also runs the excellent Mind Records ( record store, mail order and distribution in Turku. Laine promises his DJ set at Club Telex will be of an exceptionally eclectic sort, so you'd better just witness it with your own ears!

This time around Club Telex also presents an Ecclesiastical Missionary Special, a mind-boggling Finnish series of films which will reveal the shocking truth about the dangers of alcohol, intoxicants and violence and their effect on contemporary youth! Harsh and realistic, these films will show the real picture of what's happening at the teenage weekend parties, and what King Alcohol can do to one's physical condition! Viewer discretion is advised!

And as usually, the final coup de grace is provided by the Club Telex resident DJs Mini and pHinn, with their hand-picked, hard, cruel and relentless electronic groove!



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