Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 01:26:31 +0100
From: Danny Wolfers 
Subject: (313) HKI TURBO 4 we love Finland

Last Saturday Legowelt, Orgue Electronique and DJ
Serge had the honour
to play at the fourth Helsinki Turbo party
together with Opel Bastards. It was cold up north but
the almost
utopian-like Finnish scene had made a great impression
on the dutch
boys...Danny Blanco reports on a party were 900 people
rocked Helsinki's
largest club, the Tavastia...

9.00 Already a small crowd is waiting before the
closed doors. The
Tavastia club is still empty while we do
our last soundchecks.  Opel Bastard Timo prepares the
last disco
lighting effects. We witness the sight off a small
rotating ball that
timidly emits a few colored lightrays into the fog of
a smoke machine.
Timo, who is totally enchanted by his minimal
lightplan, tells us that
this is "Disco Heaven". And indeed it is,
no VJing, no expensive computer controlled laser
lights, just 2 little
lights that will have the tremendous task to
visual entertain the crowd in the large club tonight.

10' o clock: the tavastia club is slowly being packed
with the Finnish
party people. Local DJ's Ebony and Wilai
play some cool The Hague stylo electro combined with
old obscure proto
technodisco songs.
The atmosphere is warm and the P.A. sound is just
nothing can go wrong.

The first live act is the the hague electro-bass
producer Brian Chinetti
AKA Orgue Electronique.
He proves once again that you can get a crowd of
hundreds of people go
mad on minimal le-carish melodies and electro rhythms.
Shrewd as
mr.Chinetti is,he kicks in the 4/4 somewhere in the
middle of his last
track leaving the crowd even more mad and wild then
they already are. A
well deserved warm applause is Chinetti's reward.

Hmm...i'll stop the chronological hour by hour
flashback review on go on
in  past tense...
After some more slique DJíng by the local DJ's it was
time for the OPEL
I already had heard some nice things on their
Sagaratius 12", but seeing
them live was unbelievable.
while Timo controlled a crappy old analog sequencer
and the 808, the
other guys were playing and filtering
shattered old synthesizers. Funky basslines with
beautifull synth-solo
melodies and vocals, mostly with silk
vocoders. A kind of Drexciya meets Jimi Tenor, but
with a completely
fresh stylo of its own, I guess
it just the Finnish dolce vita.

A nice touch was when one of the Opel Bastards,
dressed in a leather
jacket and sunglasses (it looked a lot cooler than it
sounds, believe me
:) ), started doing a kind of funky hybrid
dance-walking act, walking
down the entire stage while the other guys remained
completely focused
on their machines, lighted by the brave lighting
A pitty they only played 4 songs though.
After Opel Bastards, DJ Serge took control over the
party. He played
some booty electro bass and slowly shifted to some 4
on the flour deep
chicago house to pave away the path for the next live
act which was
Legowelt. I started with my track I always start with
(well, they hadn't
heard it yet in Finland :) ). Things really started
rocking when I threw
in my new latino-technodisco song. Conga's and
cowbells just give the
extra edge.
After playing 5 songs that seemed to have made quite
an impact on the
crowd  (it was fun seeing people headbang on
sturmvogel and actually
reacting on every new structural change in a track :)
) it was time for
DJ Serge again who was in the mood for some good
electronic disco
Till the end, which was for dutch standards quite
early, the crowd kept
on going.
Again we want to thank all the finish people (esp.the
good care of Timo
& Tommi) for one of the best
parties we had in a long time.

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