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The  Night  Porter A Finnish cult band, who started in 1982, combining raw post-punk moods to jazz-tinged flavours provided by the trumpetist Marco Kosonen. In 1985 they released the now-legendary 7" 'Night Porter', taking its name from Liliana Cavani's decadent 1974 film of the same name. Shadowplay appeared with the title song in 1986's Finnish film Kill City, which performance was the highlight of that otherwise best-to-be-forgotten flick. The albums Touch & Glow, Eggs & Pop and Raw Powder were also to follow. The band's henchman Brandi Ifgray was also to release two solo albums, produced by Jimi Tenor and Tuomo Puranen of The Elevators/Op:l Bastards.

d i s c o g r a p h y

  • Nightporter 7" (self-released single) 1985
  • Shadowplay MLP (Dekadenz) 1986
  • Looking At Trees 7" (Sonic Records) 1988
  • Touch & Glow LP (Sonic Records) 1988
  • Nightwood Set-up 7" (Sonic Records) 1989
  • Dreams 12" EP (Sonic Records) 1992
  • Too Good To Be True 7" (Twin Hits, HITS 002) 1993
  • Eggs & Pop CD (Twin Hits, HITCD 4) 1993
  • Eggs & Pop CD (Incandescent Records, USA) 1995
  • Raw Powder CD (TWINCD 36) 1997
  • Touch & Glow CD (Odor) 1999
    - includes the 'Nightporter' single

    l i n k s

  • Shadowplay @ Stupido Records

  • Eggs & Pop review

    brandi ifgray solo works

  • Le Mutant LP/CD

  • Stargazer LP/CD