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Tuomas Salmela
The Piece (12")
A1. The Piece
A2. The Piece (Phonogenic Deep Mix)
B1. The Piece (Ihana Dubi Mix)
B2. The Piece (Extended Mix)

KEYS OF LIFE (Helsinki, Finland)

Afrobaltic Sound Kimara
Afråland EP (12")
LIFE12IN-4 / EFA 50134-6
July 2000
A1. Tiiger Tanzania
A2. Reflections (Trapped Inside a Mirror)
B1. Tiiger Tanzania Freestyle Man No Smoke mix
B2. Tiiger Tanzania Roberto Rodriguez Helsinki R'n'B mix

Written and produced by Step Time Orchestra.
Additional production and remix on B1 by Sasse
at Metalbar Studios Ffm
Mastered and edited by Pete "Ääni" Salone.

©+(p) Keys of Life Records 2000.

"Super deep afro-jazz-house by STEP TIME ORCHESTRA (aka JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA). Incl. deep remixes by FREESTYLE MAN and ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ!"

Fancy Robots
South Of The Sun, North Of The Moon (12")
April 2001

"STEP TIME ORCHESTRA prod. slammin' old school electro tracks!" - Mind Records info

LUMI RECORDS, Oulu, Finland

Lifestyle People
No Music
July 1999

NOTE: featuring Tuomas Salmela, Ari Jr. & Jori Hulkkonen.

Step Time Orchestra
Go Home
October 1999

NOTE: Brilliant groovy & discofied floorshaker by Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Salmela!

Step Time Orchestra
The Bounty Trackers EP (12")
March 2001

NOTE: "Lumi is back with a slammin' 3 track EP by JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA! Straight up floorfilling discohouse bizz at its best!" - Mind Records

NOZLE (Germany?):

Step Time Orchestra
I Just Can't Wait (12")
Nozle 879967
November 2001

NOTE: JORI HULKKONEN & TUOMAS SALMELA prod. deep groovin' house track with Wigwam samples! - Stereofonica Records info.

20:20 VISION (Leeds, UK):

Tuomas Salmela Presents
The Quality Cat EP
July 1997
A1. I Really Tried
A2. Booby Track
B1. Nevski
B2. You Make Me

Written & Produced by TUOMAS SALMELA in OULU, FINLAND
Tuomas would like to tank: Molli-Jori, John Master Ari, Hepoo Landers, Fraz, SK.
Dedicated with love to Nina.
Label Photograph © 1997 TIMO PYYKKÖ

Info at 20:20

distributed by Ideal
Ideal tel: +44 (0) 171 684 0330
20:20 tel: +44 (0) 113 244 9474
20:20 fax: +44 (0) 113 242 7376

Tuomas Salmela
36 Ways/Tattoo
A1. 36 Ways (2020 mix)
A2. 36 Ways (original)
B1. Tattoo
B2. Tattoo (jori hulkkonen mix)

Written and produced by Tuomas Salmela in Oulu, Finland

The return of the funkiest funkster from Finland. This is Tuomas' second single for 2020, and is another slice of quality house that sees Tuomas' tackle getting a re-working from his chum, Jori Hulkkonen. Includes a 2020 Mix by Carl and Ralph. Look out for more deep-hole angling and iceberg clambering madness from Tuomas in the near future. Obey the funk, but don't get bitten by the cold!

Info at 20:20

Various Artists
VIS025 CD Compilation One
VIS025 1999
* 3. Tuomas Salmela: Nevski

Info at 20:20

Tuomas Salmela
Tuomas Salmela pres. Phonogenic Tammer (12")
October 2000

NOTE: "Excellent funky ass deephouse action with floor potential! Incl. a smokin' DAVID DURIEZ remix!"

Tuomas Salmela
spring 2001

NOTE: "4 tracks of funky & floorfriendly deephouse grooves. Check 'Gonna Make It' for its excellent vocal hook!" - Mind Records info

Nightwatch (12") vis069
spring 2002

NOTE: "TUOMAS SALMELA prod. deep and pumpin', tech-house edged groove. Incl. a remix by FREESTYLE MAN aka DJ SASSE." - Stereofonica Records info

MOODMUSIC (Turku, Finland)

Tuomas Salmela
Late Night with Tuomas Salmela (12")
A1 Rymden Dub
B1 Rymden (Freestyle Man Dubb)
B2 Niteride

All tracks written + produced by Tuomas Salmela 1997, Oulu, Finland.
B1 additional production & remix by Sasse at West 20, Turku, Finland.

One thumb up for Jori, Ari Jr., the Hepolanders, 20:20 Visionaires, Leena + Ilkka, Marko + Klas. Two thumbs up for Nina.

©+(P) Mind Records 1998. All Rights Reserved.
Licensing and distribution management Fax: +49-69-82362781

STATION (Turku, Finland)

Emilio Envelopez
Luv Me
A1 Luv Me (Jori Hulkkonen Speed Karate Mix)
B1 Luv Me (Original)
B2 Luv Me (Freestyle Man Ghetto Mix)

"Luv Me" written, mixed and produced by Tuomas Salmela for Oulusoul Productions 1997 at Dat Sun Studios, Oulu, Finland.
Additional production and remix on A1 by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, Oulu 1998. Se tjejerna på golvet!
B2 reconstructed & mixed by Sasse at West 20, Turku, Finland.

Deep fiilings to JH, Ari Jr., da Gamerz, 20:20 Something, Mark Wave + Morris Brown. The deepest ones to Nina.

©+(P) Mind Records 1998. All Rights Reserved.
Licensing and distribution management Fax: +49-69-82362781

Juxxu Boyzz
Jekku Traxx 4 (12")
December 1999

"Jekku Traxx 4 is produced by none other than JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA (aka Step Time Orchestra)! This EP contains 4 absolutely slammin' floorfillers in Harry Romero/Subliminal style. This is THE house release of 1999 that you MUST have... See if you can spot the Kauko Röyhkä sample?"


Tuomas Juhani
~Tengo Trax
CL 008
June 1997
Drop The Boy
Tribute (M's Groove)
Soul Music

All tracks tracked by Tuomas Salmela at DaPumpest, Oulu.
Photos by Sami Ruokamo (thanx!). (P)+© G.W. Music

Run-out groove YKSI: Trainspotters Nightmare shout N-J-A-T-S-K-L-SK+RST!!
Run-out groove KAKSI: Original Oulu Flava Trax for those who move.



To Hold You Remixes
* Tuomas' Finnish This Mix by Tuomas Salmela


DJ Skip
Euphony EP (12")
January 2001
* with a Step Time Orchestra (Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Salmela) remix.

NOTE: Excellent floorfriendly deephouse with slammin' remixes by STEP TIME ORCHESTRA and DAVID DURIEZ! - Mind Records

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