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Last time updated: 17 April 2008

AUDIO ASSAULT (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Alliance I

Carl Max / Tuomas Rantanen
Alliance I
AAR 006
Audio Assault

Press release notes:
On their sixth release Audio Assault brings you an Alliance between Carl Max and Tuomas Rantanen. Result: four slamming technobombs. Upcoming man Carl Max is one of the younger producers around. His releases on established labels as Compound, Holzplatten and Bound were played by many of the big guys. Tuomas Rantanen already delivered some steady releases on labels such as Template, Emergence, Fak and Definition. His heavy pounding bass-driven productions lead to mayhem on dancefloors worldwide.

AAR 013

Various Artists
AAR 013


DEF  2007

Various Artists
Solid Players Part 1 (12")
DEF 2007

DEF  2010

Tuomas Rantanen
Scapes (12")
DEF 2010

A1. Bioorder
A2. Scapes
B1. Monoxide
B2. X Rated


Various Artists
Solid Players 2 (12")

artists: Cozmic Spore, Tuomas Rantanen, Moaner, DDK

"play, match and victory for the solid players!! that's the final result for the 1st edition of definition's dance floor stomping solid players series. a amazing team achievement for all four producers of definition 2007 led to an unquestioned profit and of course the sales of the release were running in at racing speed. now it's time for the replay!! the 2nd edition of the solid players series promises to be even more earth shattering!! definition records has received 4 speaker thumping tracks from some well known producers and also from some up & coming producers as well. of course any techno-head knows who tuomas rantanen is all about, representing "tampere" out of finland. returning again to the solid players series is mike brickner a.k.a. "cozmic spore" reaching out from detroit usa with his techno transmission created from his domain at "seismic" records. techno producers "ddk" and "moaner" strenghen the 2nd edition of the solid players record with works of heavy percussion techno. solid players part ii will rise above the rest and is expected to receive high ratings and continued play by all tech-heads from all over the world!! hurry and secure this record!!"


Christian Fischer
Remix Poison (12")
DEF 2020
October 2004
A1. DJ Lucca - Fast Life (Christian Fischer Remix)
B1. Christian Fischer - Japanese Tourist (Hertz Rmx)
B2. Tuomas Rantanen - Torn Asunder (C. Fischer Remix)

A long-awaited remix edition of works by Christian Fischer will finally be available this coming October. "Remix Poison" delivers a taste of what is ruling on the dance floors - 3 club-oriented smashers by DJ Lucca, Tuomas Rantanen and the mighty Hertz. no matter what your taste is, these pumping and grooving tracks will be sure to move your feet!

World Wide Distribution: CPL Distribution


Components III EP

Kuniaki Takenaga / Tuomas Rantanen / Supagrupa / Damon Vallero
Components III (12")
2004 September
A1. Kuniaki Takenaga - Centrals
A2. Tuomas Rantanen - Cern Units
B1. Supagrupa - Runner
B2. Damon Vallero - Layered

The latest release on Electracom is the third in the "Components" series of compilation EPs. Four international producers give it the harder darker treatment but each with his own unique style and character.
Rising new Japanese producer Kuniaki Takenaga explodes the speakers with a double beat wall of pure aural assault before Finnish "Slaughter Boy" Tuomas Rantanen's relentless industrial sound hammers home his steely message. Turn over to hear Supagrupa from Slovakia's screaming and wailing synth mangle the sound to the point of surrender after which Damon Vallero hits the analogue launch button for maximum mayhem.

World Wide Distribution: Jaxx Records



Tuomas Rantanen (12")
Emergence Six
18 February 2004

A1. Above Horizons
B1. Bionic Paratroops
B2. Destruction Exe

Artwork by Johan Boije.

"Sweden's Emergence Records unleashed more dark, destructive Techno in a typical Birmingham Sound! Reminiscent of Downwards & Counterbalance, but with a touch of Finnish Sisu! The music speaks for itself -- no need for extra ego-blowing text."

FAK RECORDS (Kajaani, Finland)

FAK 015

Tuomas Rantanen
Rocket Bay (12")
FAK 015

A1. Hazard
A2. Mental Time
B1. Rocket Bay
B2. Tracked

"Tuomas Rantanen from Tampere is the artists of the new FAK - Record 015. Four dark and hard loop tracks are given to the listeners in a limited and recycled FAK-cover. The stuff of Rantanen is very orientated on drums and you suppose the origin of the sounds among Swedish or British producers. But it`s Finnish!
Real Finnish! Typical Finnish, because the feeling of cold and clear winter nights confirm the picture of our beautiful country with its power of nature. Dovetails beat patterns give the feeling to be part of the Finnish micro universe." - Info from FAK Records.


Fresh Grind 

Tuomas Rantanen
Memorising Every Phrase EP (12")
30 March 2006
A. Spirituals
B1. Eternal
B2. Syn

Worldwide distribution via Intergroove Records stores:

GROUND EFFECT RECORDS (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Tuomas Rantanen
Vector Spaces EP
15 April 2008

1. Vector Space
2. Alkaloid
3. First Sector
4. Dresden

Press release notes: "The fourth release of the Ground Effect Records digital label is ready to rock the floors once again with the Finland mastermind Tuomas Rantanen. The release is scheduled for 15 April 2008, but first two tracks will be available exclusively on junodownload.com as a promo by the start of April."

KK TRAXX (Antwerp, Belgium)

KKT 049

Tuomas Rantanen
Kaotic EP
KKT 049

A1 Antartica
A2 Shot Noise
B1 Diversity
B2 Kaotic

Tuomas Rantanen
Shamanalogue (12")
KKT 050

A1 Shamanalogue
A2 Del Sequences
B1 Tundrarctica
B2 Planet Quantity

Press release notes: "The latest releases of Tuomas Rantanen have been published on KK Traxx and German label Definition. Tuomas Rantanen has been also an artist of the mysterious FAK Records and Swedish label Emergence. The project and mission of Tuomas Rantanen on KK Traxx has been to create some kind of new combination from different musical traditions. He has been influenced for instance by modern acoustic jazz, classical music, primitive rhythm patterns, post industrial soundscapes and here are the results: Tuomas Rantanen on KK Traxx."

"A bunch of angry guys pouring frustration, protest and hate messages out of their horns. That's not the message these kids want to hear. Life is a dance. If man isn't dancing I'm worried."
Charles Lloyd, 1967

MARACAS RECORDS (Stockholm, Sweden)


Tuomas Rantanen
Disyllabic (12")
MAR 008
October 2004

A1. Loading Humans
B1. Syntax Ion
B2. Area Between

After his well received release on Emergence, Finlandian Tuomas Rantanen delivers another strong EP on the second Swedish bastard label - Maracas. Starting off the EP is A1 - "Loading Humans" which is a dark yet very rolling double-kicker that goes on in an industrial fashion with looped-up machine sounds and never-ending grind noise. On the flip we have B1 - "Syntax Ion" that is an equally slamming piece with a ghastly atmosphere and some addictive stab sounds. Following up and finishing EP is B2 - "Area Between" which is a bit more minimal but yet fierce with a Doppler like melody and trash can snares. Dig out your Mora knives and Koskenkorva!

Grovskopa / Go Hiyama / Tuomas Rantanen / Yourhighness / Archae
Maracas 5 Years (12")
MAR 009
Grovskopa - Grow Lighter
Go Hiyama - Perfect Mathematics
Tuomas Rantanen - Metropolic Common
Yourhighness - Stark
Archae - tbc

World Wide Distribution: Jaxx Records

pHinnMILK RECORDINGS (Tampere, Finland)


Club Telex Noise Ensemble / Various Artists
March 23, 2003

* 13. CTNE - Tuomas Rantanen mix

SUBMISSIONS (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

SUB 009

Various Artists
Submissions 9
SUB 009



Tuomas Rantanen
Access Denied EP (12")
Template 8.9
29 March 1999

A1. Chroma
B1. Blue Machine
B2. Zero Line



Various Artists
Element EP Part 2 (12")
20 June 2005
* AA2. Tuomas Rantanen: Isolation Vac

The Element series is once again showcasing some of techno's finest new up and coming artists alongside some of the scene's more established producers. Making up the four elements of this EP are Staffan Ehrlin & Dean Rodell (Long Wave Down), Tuomas Rantanen (Isolation Vac), Audioklinik (Modularis) and Patrik Skoog (Body Drum). This tough four-track number is a tasty affair served up for all ye twisted tech heads.

You can buy this release on vinyl or MP3 from the following places:

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Distribution via www.just-music.com.

Finnish Underground Releases:

Various Artists
Arkisto 1 (CD-R)
(Spinni techno society, FI)

Various Artists
Imaginary Fields Part 1
(Oikosulku Records, FI)

"The feeling of losing yourself is often the feeling of remembering yourself -- you are losing your personality and gaining your center. If we say we are our personality, how can this 'we' find the Music? It is more profound than our preferences, more alive than our surfaces, and deeper than our thoughts."

Keith Jarrett, 1989

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