Vladislav Delay
(Mille Plateaux)

As of the penning of this review, Mille Plateaux and Force Inc.
labelmeister Achim Szepanski can do no wrong.  Already this year, his
two most important labels have released what promises to be some of the
best music of the year, including dynamic new material from Jake
Mandell, Mathias Schaffhauser, Sutekh and Pluramon.  With Vladislav
Delay's Entain, Mille Plateaux ups the ante on cathartic electronic
listening/chin-stroking music to a different plain altogether.  The six
tracks on Entain, at first listen, never seem to get above simmer and
therefore require your complete attention.  Once granted, Entain becomes
a symphony of digital evolution, where the slightest nuance of sound
becomes a focal point of change and careful development from isolated
audio wave or distortion to a carmina with a life all its own.  "Kohde"
from the Ele release on Sigma sets things off at a murmur, expanding in
rhythmic complexity and weight through the first untitled track into the
contemptuous convulsions of sound design and basswaves akimbo on
"Poiko."  "Notke" runs with these organized sound fragments before
descending into ambient dub a la Monolake on "Ele" (also, obviously,
from Ele).  As it closes on the somber second untitled track, Entain
leaves you feeling emotionally throttled, an achievement of very few
records these days.  -Heath K. Hignight

Reprinted with permission.

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