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  • Discography:

    Sonic Temple Assassins
    (no title) (3" CDR) LTJ-19
    267 Lattajjaa (Finland)
    1. the opening
    2. g.f.r.c.b.
    3. jack's holiday
    4. clear
    5. emperor of dreams (for clark ashton smith)

    NOTE: About 60 copies made, with two different sleeve designs.

    More info
    A review @

    Sonic Temple Assassins
    Impact! (3" CDR)
    We Burn Records (Finland)

    2. Let the Hydrogen Jukebox Keep on Playing (Rockabilly Suicide Mix)
    3. Transcontinental
    4. Screeeeeeeeech!!!
    5. Ant Valley Moon
    6. Bobby Fuller
    7. Hissing Sun

    NOTE: 50 made, five different coloured sleeves.

    A review @

    Sonic Temple Assassins
    Hosianna Mantrap (5" CDR)
    Oneiros Recordings (UK)
    1. Leather & Darkness (NDS)
    2. Death Angel Redux (NDS)
    3. Urban Offroad Vehicle in Flames/Altar of the Smashchords (NDS)
    4. Activating the Postcode Kamea (NDS)
    5. Meltdown at Merlin's Music Box (NDS)
    6. Phase I (STA)
    7. Detroit Rising (STA)
    8. Fuck Rock n Roll (STA)
    9. The Light (STA)
    10. Phase II, Conclusion (STA)
    11. Futura Blues (AN)
    12. History of Heavy Grease (AN)

    NOTE: a split CDR with The Neon Death Slittes and Ashtray Navigations. Limited to 100 numbered copies, some of them accidentally mono.

    rur025 rur025b

    Sonic Temple Assassins
    III (3" CDR)
    Ruralfaune (France)
    1. Kesän keijut
    2. Kosmos
    3. Kuuma asfaltti

    NOTE: limited to 50 copies.

    A review in Finnish @ Psychotropic Zone | A review in English @ Psychotropic Zone

    Jani Hellén
    Voice of a Thousand Summers Passed By (2x3" CDR / 5" CDR)
    Outa (Finland)
    1. Voice of a Thousand Summers Passed By (JH)
    2. Olemuksen muotoinen reikä (Uton)

    NOTE: a 2x3" split CDR with Uton. 25 copies made. Later re-issued as a 5" CDR.

    A review @ Evening of Light

    Jani Hellén / Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
    split (5" CDR)
    Larkfall (UK)
    1. Water Invocation (XETB)
    2. Horizon of Eternity (XETB)
    3. Gástan (XETB)
    4. Paluu Vasempaan Kammioon (JH)

    NOTE: a 5" CDR split with Xenis Emputae Travelling Band.

    Audio files @

    Cadillac Ambulance
    s/t a.k.a. Play Killer Guitar (3" CDR)
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (New Zealand)
    1. Mojo-Hand
    2. The New, New Speedway Boogie
    3. Ev'rybody Clap Hands
    4. Acceleration pt. 1
    5. Acceleration pt. 2
    6. Coyote

    s/t (5" CDR)
    We Burn Records (Finland)
    1. I
    2. II
    3. III
    4. IV
    5. V
    6. VI
    7. VII
    8. VIII
    9. IX

    NOTE: Contains two inserts; a small card containing the tracklist and an A4-sized poster of an exploding cathedral.

    C.J.A.N.I. (5" CDR)
    267 Lattajjaa (Finland)

    1. villapipo (8:30)
    2. tomaattivuori (4:49)
    3. savipatsaan vieressä (1:05)
    4. tulipalo veden alla (4:16)
    5. unelma vestitorni (2:17)
    6. terottimenmuovikappale (5:35)
    7. avaamaton pakkaus (2:42)
    8. teippirullan salaisuus (1:26)
    9. team kaktus (2:55)
    10. ekotuikku (1:48)
    11. florapurkki (1:13)
    12. klikkaa itse (4:39)
    13. vain kattila (1:58)
    14. huvipuisto pullossa (1:56)
    15. kummallinen tarra (2:45)

    NOTE: A collaboration with Clayton Noone.

    More info @ 267 Lattajjaa.

    (untitled) (5" CD-R)
    We Burn Records (Finland)
    1. X
    2. XI
    3. XII
    4. XIII
    5. XIV
    6. XV
    7. XVI

    Plus videos for tracks VIII & XII.

    Sonic Temple Assassins vs. Kompleksi (7" lathe cut + 3" CDR)
    Root# 320
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)


    1. Slick Little Girl (You Tremble My Oscillator Mix)
    2. CTNE Dub (Version)


    "Aurora Lucis Rutilat"

    1. Mystery-Remix
    2. Ever Had Commie Mix
    3. Kompleksi-Remix
    4. Noise Production vs Audora.Remix

    NOTE: 23 copies made

    Credit Card (CDR)
    Root #350

    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)
    * Ydintalvi - untitled track

    Sonic Temple Assassins with Phosphene
    Credit Card (CDR)
    Root #361
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)
    1. Echolocation
    2. Radial
    3. Simeon Says
    4. Corona of the Morning Fog

    The Day of The Antler
    A Call to Greatness (3" CDR)
    Faunasabbatha (France)
    1. Flash of the Blade (Iron Maiden cover)
    2. Crusader (Saxon cover)
    3. Hail & Kill (Manowar cover)
    4. Master of Revenge (Manowar cover)
    5. Black Wind, Fire & Steel (Manowar cover)
    6. Mountains (Manowar cover)

    Note: limited edition of 50.

    Review @ Heathen Harvest.

    The Day of The Antler
    A Call to Greatness (re-issue, 5" Pro-CDR)
    CS 03-12
    Castellum Stoufenburc (Germany)
    1. Flash of the Blade (Iron Maiden cover)
    2. Crusader (Saxon cover)
    3. Hail & Kill (Manowar cover)
    4. Master of Revenge (Manowar cover)
    5. Black Wind, Fire & Steel (Manowar cover)
    6. Mountains (Manowar cover)
    7. The Duellists (Iron Maiden cover)
    8. Warrior/Thrown Down The Sword (Wishbone Ash cover) 9. Battle Hymn (Manowar cover)

    Note: Comes with a pin/badge. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.

    (promo video 1)

    (promo video 2)

    Various Artists
    5 Jahre Untergrund (tape)
    Castellum Stoufenburc (DE)
    * Jani Hellén - Falling
    Note: limited to 55 copies.

    An Lá na Beann

    Sonic Temple Assassins
    An Lá na Beann (tape)
    Äänipää Records (FIN)
    01. Dubh Linn Blues
    02. Old Croghan Man (Seanfhear Chruacháin)
    03. Clonycavan Man
    04. Stiletto in the Ghetto
    05. Arch/Gate
    06. Faiche Stiabhana pt. 1
    07. Faiche Stiabhana pt. 2
    08. Asleep in the Peat (Kingship and Sacrifice)

    NOTES: Limited edition on recycled tapes. Several different coloured sleeves.

    p> Sonic Temple Assassins
    Subtle Music (tape)
    Äänipää Records (FIN)
    01. Nebelwald
    02. Weitere Wege
    03. Ich fühle Luft von Anderem Planeten
    04. As I Watch the Moondust Settling on Your Skin
    05. Kiss My Curved Rainbow
    06. Like an Unfinished Aeroplane Across the Sky (Aurora Lucis Rutilat II)

    NOTES: Limited edition of 10 on recycled tapes. The sound quality may vary. Half of the copies have tracks 1-4 on side A & tracks 5 & 6 on side B. The rest have tracks 1-6 on both sides. Each comes with a unique hand-painted cover.

    Compilation appearances:

    Various Artists
    Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation (2x5" CDR)
    267 Lattajjaa (Finland)
    * Sonic Temple Assassins: Born in The U.S.A.

    Various Artists
    267 Purkkia Liimaa (5" CDR) LTJ-18
    267 Lattajjaa (Finland)

    * Sonic Temple Assassins - Anthem For Doomed Youth (Version)

    Various Artists
    The Interpreters: The Roky Erickson
    Tribute Album (5" CDR)
    * Sonic Temple Assassins - For Brian Jones (a.k.a. Hide Behind The Sun)

    NOTE: Available via TexasPsych Yahoo group.

    Various Artists
    Gold Leaf Branches (3xCD)
    comp 002
    Digitalis Industries (USA)
    * Jani Hellén - Last Sunbeams in a Darkening Hall

    Various Artists
    Reynardine: The Visits of Mister Fox (5" CDR)
    Larkfall (UK)
    * The Day of the Antler: Howl

    Various Artists
    Sing With Me - music for the human voice (5" CDR)
    Harha-askel (Finland)
    * Jani Hellén - Silpoydin (Static)
    * Xenis Emputae Travelling Band & Jani Hellén - The Secret Gregorian Plug-In

    NOTE: Limited edition of 80 copies on black CD-R.


    Various Artists
    You Get So Alone - solo instrumentals (5" CDR)
    Harha-askel (Finland)
    * Jani Hellén - Rushes in the Moonlight
    * Jani Hellén - Evening Call

    Various Artists
    Playing Sound (3" CDR)
    CLaudia (New Zealand)
    * CJA & Jani Hellén - Tuleen tuijottaja

    Various Artists
    Reconstruct IV: Maurizio Bianchi Remixed, Vol. 1 (5" CDR)
    TIBProd. (Norway)

    NOTE: 9 different artists (one of them Jani Hellén) reassembling recordings made by Maurizio Bianchi.

    More info @ TIBProd.

    Various Artists
    Audio Apogee (2X5" CDR)
    Frequency Thirteen/Night Angels Serve (UK)
    * Ydintalvi - XV
    * Jani Hellén - Piirit/Spheres

    More info at Karaoke Vocal Eliminator @ MySpace.

    Various Artists
    Fax The Root! (3X5" CDR)
    Root# 314
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)
    * Cadillac Ambulance - Rumble Bee

    Various Artists
    Spectral Bane - A Root Don Lonie For Cash Metal Compilation (5" CDR)
    Root# 399
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)
    * Ydintalvi - untitled track

    Various Artists
    If You Wanna Rob A Bank, Own One. Credit Card Singles Compilation 2009-2010 (5" CDR)
    Root# 374
    Root Don Lonie For Cash (NZ)
    * Includes the music from Ydintalvi & Phosphene with Sonic Temple Assassins credit card discs.

    Other appearances:

    Jani Hellén plays organ on the following The Neon Death Slittes tracks:

    "Psychic Underground" from The Slack Angel's Death Bong - 5" split CDR with Birds Of Delay - Memoirs Of An Aesthete, memento mori no.28, UK 2006

    "Activating the Postcode Kamea" from Hosianna Mantrap - 5" split CDR with Sonic Temple Assassins & Ashtray Navigations - Oneiros Recordings, nightmare-1, UK 2007

    Agitated Radio Pilot - Lights Beneath The Lake/Nothing Is Truly Lost (3" CDR + 5" CDR)
    Evening of Light (Netherlands)

    Lupi Gladius
    Lucania (Pro-CDR)
    CS 04-01
    Castellum Stoufenburc (DE)
    * "Massacro" remix by Waffenruhe If. The Day of The Antler

    War Rituals (CD)
    CS 04-13/LK019
    Castellum Stoufenburc/Lichterklang (DE/DE)
    * Waffenruhe If. The Day of The Antler - Kämpft!

    Jani Hellén appears on the following tracks:

    Productional touches on "Moored On The Darling", guitar & organ (both electric) on "Meteors Over Mundi Mundi".

    Salakapakka Sound System Re(dis)covered (5" CDR & a free download)
    Salakapakka Sound System self-released (Finland)

    SSS track remixed/reworked by The Day of The Antler.

    "Reinin kultakannel [TDoTA mix] --- This track appears in its original form (and name untitled piece for kantele#1) at compilation "Soinoise Vol. 2: SIDS". The Day of The Antler made a remix that sounds different (but not too much) compared to the original which was mostly improvise piece."

    Listen to exclusive MP3s:

  • Sonic Temple Assassins vs. Kompleksi: 'Slick Little Girl'
    unpublished track, December 2006

  • Sonic Temple Assassins vs. Club Telex Noise Ensemble: 'CTNESTARMX'
    unpublished remix for CTNERMX II compilation

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