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Kukka exists no more. The members of band continue with other projects. See: Risto (+ Risto's MySpace page) and Moppi & Aivokurkiaiset.

The only official Kukka record was a CD EP with 'Hot Light', 'Machine' plus an unnamed song. The publisher was MerCeeDees Productions.

Kukka Live Images


The band called KUKKA (Finnish for "flower") played "music that is easy to dance"; with lyrics in English. They were inspired by Blondie, Lou Reed, Cecil Taylor, Kraftwerk, the disco songs of the 70's Rolling Stones, black music, etc.

KUKKA was a band of three members, including the vocalist-guitarist Moppi, keyboardist Risto Ylihärsilä and bassist Ville Koistinen; being together from the winter 1998 to the early 2001. They played some gigs (Poppaloora Festival of Pietarsaari; Amadeus and the Millennium Club of Doris in Tampere), recorded some demos -- with such underground hits as 'Machine' and 'Hey Mr. DJ' -- and gathered a bit of a cult reputation. Their demos were received well in Soundi and Rumba magazines.

Kukka's gigs took place at the Millennium Club of Doris (which was, despite the lack of audience and some nervousness on the part of the players, an artistic success, considering the excellent feedback they got), Poppaloora '99, Yo-talo of Tampere (September '99) and Kaukana Väijyy Ystäviä festival at Oranssi, Helsinki. Kukka's gig at December 1999's Club Telex was a success. Kukka played at Tampere's Yo-Talo with Aavikko on 12 January 2001, when they announced this was going to be their last gig. Kukka's brief return was announced to take place at the Monsters of Pop festival of Tampere, August 2007.


Machine / Solitary Suite / Streetcar (CD-R)
1. Machine
2. Solitary Suite
3. Streetcar

moppi vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum machine
risto ylihärsilä drums, keyboards, drum machine
ville koistinen bass, keyboards

recorded in tampere 1999
all songs by moppi
except streetcar by moppi, v. koistinen, r. ylihärsilä
all lyrics by moppi

Collected Works (CD-R)
1. Hold Me (3:01)
2. Hey Mr. DJ (4:09)
3. Chabom (4:18)
4. Baby (2:24)
5. Cowboy Song (3:49)
6. Neverland (2:49)
7. Machine (3:58)
8. The Letter (2:31)
9. Sailor (2:37)
10. King (2:20)
11. (I Know) A Girl (3:12)
12. Disco (3:41)
13. Solitary Suite (3:01)
14. Streetcar (3:26)

Includes the following demos:

Demo 1: H.C Beauty
(new versions on Chabom & Baby)
Demo 2: Rock'n'Roll
Demo 3: Disco

moppi vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum machine
risto ylihärsilä drums, keyboards, drum machine
ville koistinen bass, keyboards
taito kantomaa bass (1, 2, 5)
olli krogerus drums (3, 4)
maria leivonen, kristiina marenk backup vocals (3)
veera tuominen back-up vocals (7, 9)
nina violin (14)

Recorded 1998 spring (1, 2, 5, 6) summer (3,4) autumn (7-11) and 1999 winter (12-14) in Tampere with help from janne jokinen, matti säteri, markus syrjänen & nuutti vapaavuori

all songs moppi except hey mr. dj moppi & m. torvinen
neverland r. ylihärsilä & moppi
cowboy song moppi & r. ylihärsilä
streetcar moppi, v. koistinen & r. ylihärsilä
all words moppi

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