b i o g r a p h y

EKTROVERDE was formed in 1996, sprouting from the legendary CIRCLE of
Pori, but living in a parallel universe. 

In their early statement Ektroverde claimed that they are: "... a Finnish
group of experimental music. The activity of Ektroverde does not restrict
to traditional and accustomed forms of performing music but operates as
performances, rituals and happenings that frequently use to the logic of
the conceptual art and investigate the act itself. In spite of the
scientific approach Ektroverde does not exclude myths and stories but
employs and produces them." 

The line-up changes constantly, but is often Tomi Leppänen, Mika Rättö,
Mika Rintala, Markku Peltola, Pike Kontkanen, Jussi Lehtisalo, Teemu Elo,
Jyrki Laiho, Mikko Elo, etc. So far Ektroverde has been performing in
their native Finland but also has had one gig in Belgium. Their music is
an ever-shaping mutant, which is made (among all) of Krautrock, postrock,
psychedelia, home-made analogue electronics, jazz and pure transcendental
meta energy. 

The band says the main characteristics of Ektroverde are spontaneity and
the ability to act according the situation. Their live sets consist of
long, hypnotic, suggestive jams, which are subtle but still strangely
energetic and even funky compared to some of their more bloodless peers. 
A bunch of quiet guys pack together on stage and mystically merge to one
seamless, insistently mind-altering groove machine from some other
dimension. Every Ektroverde performance is an Experience, and people have
been known to enter mystical states of mind and receiving
enlightenment during these occasions. And yes, the flying saucer-shaped
Ufox device with an inbuilt theremin is also there. 

Ektroverde can be heard on the soundtrack of Mika Taanila's 'Futuro - A
New Stance For Tomorrow' (1998). Ektroverde's creative output is endless
and they have been recording for such labels as their own Ektro, Bad
Vugum, Fonal and Snowdonia-Mizmaze (Italy).