7" Three Elves: Howling/Circle: Ed-Visio/Troublegum:
Betsy's old enough now/False by West: Turncoat (1993)
(Captain of The Seventh Seal: SEAL-004)

LP/CD Yllättäviä kohtaamisia/Surprising Encounters (1995)
(Bad Vugum, Bad-53)

Includes Circle tunes Öja and Surrounding.
Other artists on this album are Can Can Heads,
Brüssel kaupallinen, Jimi Tenor, Rastas and Worms.

Cover design and drawing by J.A. Mäki. With thanks to Peipa.

7" (split) Psychoplasma: Paralysed/Circle: Kitin (1996)
(Metamorphos, META-003)

Various Artists
Metamorphos Meta-014
* Circle: Talking Drum (6:28, a cover of King Crimson song)
* Circle: Friitalan Nahka (10:43)

Rantamäki 2 B 6
FIN-02230 Espoo

Various Artists
Painted Black
* Circle: Paint It Black

Note: this album contains only versions of Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black'. Other artists are: mieskuoro huutajat, joy of disease, stilluppsteypa, kit clayton, acid mothers temple, hrvatski, the tape-beatles, troum, fennesz and l. chasse

Various Artists
Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion
* Circle: Harmaat

Note: artists include also Acid Mothers Temple and Reynols.

Various Artists
Avanto CD
Avanto Recordings
November 2001
* 20. Circle: Sarvet

Various Artists
Tuonen tytär
* Circle: Kun menet tarpeeksi kauas tulevaisuuteen huomaatkin olevasi menneisyydessä

NOTE: a cover version of Haikara track.

Various Artists
COOL BEANS #14 'The Drugs, Alcohol and Sobriety Issue' (magazine + CD)
* Circle: "2 really short, unreleased tracks"

NOTE: "New issue of everybody's favorite caffeinated, truck driving, taxi cab, bicycling, indie-rock-music-and-life magazine. This time we've got an interview with our own Andee, on his label, his straight edge lifestyle, and his illogical and unfettered love of drug and booze soaked rock. Also Lee Ranaldo interviews William S. Burroughs, Rob Crow (Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, Pinback), Hood, and much more! CD includes tracks by Circle (2 really short, unreleased tracks), Burmese (doing a Brainbombs cover), Daniel Johnston, Hood, Xiu Xiu, Rob Crow, Mono Pause, Shut Up Little Man! and more." - Aquarius Records

Various Artists
Infernal Proteus: A Musical Herbal (4cd + book)
* featuring Circle

NOTE: "A massive 4 cd collection packaged beautifully in an oversized hardcover book from Stephen O'Malley's (Sunn, Burning Witch, etc...) Anja label. Featuring a who's who of underground expreimental ambient noise-icians, each doing a song about a different flower. Features: Circle, Amber Asylum, Alio Die, Ultra, Jonathan Coleclough, Troum, Steve Roden, Kawabata Makoto, Inade, Mnortham, Aube, Chaos As Shelter, Lotus Eaters and tons more. Absolutely gorgeous, looking and sounding. And of course quite quite limited." - Aquarius Records

Various Artists
Fluorescent Tunnelvision (2CD)
Submergence) * featuring tracks from Circle and Ektroverde

NOTE: "What first caught our attention about this international compilation of "space rock" bands was the presence of both utter AQ-faves Circle and equally fantastic (and Finnish) Circle-variant Ektroverde! Those band's tracks (both over nine minutes each, bookending disc one with heavy psych overload) are worth the price of admission alone, at least in the view of the Circle-obsessives here at AQ. And fortunately, the rest of this double cd comp is pretty great too. Unreleased material from the likes of Faust, Volcano the Bear, Subarachnoid Space (who win the award for worst song title with the punny "So Near And Yeti So Far"), F/i, Pseudo Buddha (who get the worst *band name* award), Djam Karet, Zelany Rahoho, Escapade, Tombstone Valentine, Oranj Climax, Quarkspace, Melodic Energy Commission, Tree Sign, 2012, and Mushroom. Yeah, you're thinking the same thing we were, "well some of those sound a bit dodgy, don't they?" However, we ended up being well pleased with most of the collection, which flows together in a very cosmic, krautrocky fashion. Spacey synths abound, of course, and the spirit of Hawkwind lives in the hearts of many of these bands, but variety there is too, from the weird sound collage provided by Faust, to the pseudo-Miles spacefunk of Mushroom, to the the dark string-drone of Volcano the Bear... Cool comp!" - Aquarius Records

Various Artists
Klangbad: First Steps (CD) Klangbad, 2002 * Circle: Scotch (+ another track)

This is a compilation by Klangbad, with two tracks from Cirle, one previously unpublished, the other one from the forthcoming album Alotus. There is also a Klangbad compilation for the subscribers of Wire magazine (2002).

NOTE: "Faust's Hans Joachim Irmler compiled this collection of tracks from what might (might!) be termed modern-day krautrock bands -- even if they're not all strictly from Germany -- which includes not one but two tracks from Finnish AQ faves Circle, along with contributions from Faust, Irmler himself, Ole Lukkoye, Kangaroo Moon, Audiac, Nista Nije Nista, Adriano Lanzi & Omar Sodano, S/T, and (most bizarrely), indie hip-hoppers Dalek! Now, we have to confess that aside from a few obvious ones, we're not really familar with this line-up of artists. But of course, that's the whole point of the compilation, to introduce Faust's Klangbad label's roster. Most of which seems oriented towards the experimental, spacey, dark, droney, and repetitive. Even the Dalek track (which you'll also find on his Ipecac album) here fits in with that description. But you'll find some cuts are poppier, some are jazzier. Although we didn't care terribly much for the electronic trip-pop of Audiac, or the clubby lounge-electronica-rap-prog of Kangaroo Moon, this has the advantage of being a compilation, so those unfortunately cheesy cuts are soon superceded by more interesting ones, like the abstract jazzy soundscapes of Nista Niji Nista or Irmler's droning "Museum". Oye Lukkoye ends the album with the nine-minute "White Stone (Net Doma)", kind of an ethnic/beat epic in the mode of the Magic Carpathians. So, while not 100 percent great, this succeeds at being a cheap, diverse sampler, whetting our appetite for (at least some) further Klangbad releases. And Circle-fiends will of course be happy with the ten minutes of exclusive Circle music found here!" - Aquarius Records