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she is waiting

Agitation Free: 2nd (CD)
Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000 (CD)
Boogie Down Productions: Blast Master Tapes (2-CD)
Vashti Bunyan: Lookaftering / Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (CDs)
Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours (CD)
Brian Eno: Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks / Before and After Science (CDs)
Brian Eno & David Byrne: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (CD)
France Gall: France Gall (CD)
Grace Jones: Slave to the Rhythm (CD)
Moebius & Plank: Rastakraut Pasta (CD)
Nico: Frozen Borderline (CD)
Tuomari Nurmio: Lasten mehuhetki (CD)
Procol Harum: Exotic Birds and Fruit (CD)
Radiohead: The Best of (CD)
Sig: Syke (CD)
Talking Heads: Speaking In Tongues (CD)
Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden (CD)
Television: Marquee Moon (CD)
V/A: The Bombay Connection, Volume 2 (CD)
V/A: Control (OST) (CD)
V/A: Joe Meek - They Were Wrong! Joe's Boys Volume One (2-CD)
Walker Brothers: The Singles+ (2-CD)
Yellow Magic Orchestra: Solid State Survivor (CD)


Mick Brown: Tearing Down the Wall of Sound: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector (book)
Cormac McCarthy: The Road (book) (CD)


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Naks, Finland

Top Tracks (8/2009)

01. The Tyrell Corporation - Loose The Hero Get Back To Zero [Clone West Coast Series]
02. Mr.Pauli - 935 Lies (Instrumental) [Clone West Coast Series]
03. Solar Chrome - Controlled Reality [Maschinenmusik]
04. V/A - Street Sounds Nu Electro Vol.1 [Street Sounds]
05. Alden Tyrell - What Your Eyes Can Do [Moustache Records]
06. Microthol - Binary Systems [Trust]
07. Mauno Kalevi - Supercry [Moustache Records]
08. Composite Profuse - R.I.P. R.XX Studio (1999-2009) [MinimalRome]
09. Electrick Dragon - Davorite [Moustache Records]
10. Manlio Cangelli - New Dream [I.D. Limited]

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