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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Kompleksi / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

space is (still) the place

Dubbing Mixers: Muuttoautomusaa (TN008, Tuulanauhat, C-cassette)
Legowelt: Classics 1998 2003 - a selection of tracks from the archive bunker (c#cd2, Bunker/Clone)
Lowfish: 1000 Corrections Per Second (suction018, Suction Records, CD)
The Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord (DERAM 820 168-2, DERAM/Decca, CD, 1968/86)
Niko Skorpio vs. Reptiljan: Silence Is King (SPE7EP03027, Some Place Else, 7")
Plat Ypus: Valis (AUT-010, Autotehtaat, LP)
V/A: Rough Trade Shops - Post Punk Vol 01 (Rough Trade/Mute, 2-CD, 1977-2002/2003)
V/A: Snow Robots Volume 3 (suction017, Suction Records, CD)


Philip K. Dick: Dr Bloodmoney (book, 1964)
Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill: Kerrassaan eriskummallisten herrasmiesten liiga (orig. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comic book)


Imatran Voima, Polytron, TV-Resistori @ Aisti festival, Tampere

p H a c t :
there is a place where the sun shines eternally...


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j-p parikka, worldless,

top-10 in as-i-can-remember-order:

1) matthew jonson - typerope ep (itiswhatitis recordings)
2) moodymann - silence in the secret garden (peacefrog)
3) tristan e. - golden nights (dessous)
4) traffic signs #2 - (trafficsigns)
5) m.mayer - speaker (kompakt)
6) d.diggler - motojuice (resopal)
7) dimbiman - "v" (perlon)
8) monolake - linear atomium reminiscence (imbalance)
9) v/a - mod.cooperate (milnormodern)
10) virta - countryside crackheads ep (fak16)
a) warehouse parties. f*ck the clubs!
b) dj shuffle & melina - 44170 ep (vuo)
c) demolition @ laterna 6.9.

Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

Favourite pieces (September 2003):

1. Kraftwerk: Elektro Kardiogramm (Album: Tour De France Soundtracks) Originally I didn't expect too much from this, and bought the album just to support old favourites. But there's still some kick in the original robots! TDFS is perhaps very closely related to the album they never made because of Hütter's serious bicycle accident.
Naturally, a lot of water has flown in Rhine since mid 80's and the electronic music scene has evolved beyond any expectations. Nowadays the Kraftwerk Sound perhaps represents more the nostalgia of future past rather than the future itself.
TDFS is as much a concept album as Computer World or Autobahn. This time the theme being presented in songs about dietary supplements needed to endure the rigours of the race, the materials used in high-tech bicycles, the feelings and thoughts one must have while cycling up the mountain road.
Admittedly, there are bits that sound like synth demos found on Future Music cover cds, but in my opinion the rip-offers are to blame, not the originators. All in all, while not starting a new revolution, TDFS is actually a proper KW album. I'll tip my bicycling helmet to that!
2. Oskar Sala: Langsames Stück Und Rondo Für Trautonium
Eerie but beautiful 20th century classical music for mixturtrautonium, a strange and exciting electronic instrument. Highly recommended!
3. Sig: Älä sinä huoli
80's Finnish synth-popsters on the go with one of their best songs. Also featuring the scariest vocoder part you've ever heard in a jolly, carpe diem-themed pop song.
4. Tauno Palo: Kultakalat (Album: Kulkurin kannel)
This month's second Finnish pick is also another explodingly happy song sung by an elderly actor Tauno Palo, best known for his romantic roles in old black-and-white movies. Theme: happy goldfish.
5. Vince Guaraldi: Linus and Lucy Original soundtrack material from the Peanuts animated cartoons. Jazzy instrumentation and improvs merged with catchy melody. Perfect music to drive your Love Bug by!
6. Grandaddy: Nonphenomenal Lineage (Album: Under The Western Freeway)
Grandaddy repeatedly uses sci-fi settings and metaphors in their songs about down-to-earth problems. At times heartbreakingly melancholic in their tales about loneliness and unfullfilled dreams: depressed drinking robots, marooned space pilots and fallen utopias.
7. John Leyton: Johnny Remember Me
Classic Joe Meek-powered heartbreaker about a dead girlfriend. Meek, the first "studio wizard" used experimental recording and production techniques stretching beyond the "just get it on tape clear and loud"-mentality of his predecessors.
8. Sebadoh: Too Pure (Album: Harmacy) For years and years I listened to this taking it as a bittersweet this-relationship-is-not-working type of thingy, you know? Then I came accross an article regarding it as an observative chronicle about heroin addiction. Doh, then.
9. Orbital: Adnan's (Album: In Sides)
The best bits of Orbital all rolled into one: the melodies, the synths ranging from cheesy to spot-on, the evocativeness. Orbital's never been particularly "phat" for a dance act, proving that the tech-heads' endless arms race for deeper bass and punchier drums is futile.
10. Erik Satie: 3´eme Gymnopedie
Was an eccentric. Claimed that he was not a musician. Wrote essays. Started the romantic piano music as we know it.

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

ihmemies 71-80

1. Stevie Wonder - Where I'm Coming From
2. Stevie Wonder - Music of My Mind
3. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book
4. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
5. Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale
6. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
7. Stevie Wonder - Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
8. Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July

DJ Shuffle (Vuo Records, Tre, FIN)

tiukkaa rokkia

Lucas Rodenbush : Domestic logistix EP IMMIGRANT
Tom Clark : Circlemaker 2 HIGHGRADE
Rahn : Reflections TRAPEZ
Tim Harper : Return of the dragon RELIEF
Monoder : Ikikieriö STATIK
John Tejada & Arian Leviste : Fairfax sake LP PLAYHOUSE
Rework : Fall right now LP PLAYHOUSE
Circuit breaker : End PROBE
Master bator : Captured sunshine (J-P Parikka remix)
Tekno - da da.

Klaus Oldanburg, Diskono, Scotland (now in Finland)

Pithy title > 20 tracks that help me remember i am in Helsinki and not Glasgow

1. R. Stevie Moore - Most Powerful Statement In History (6:34)
2. Wild Billy Childish and the Friends of the Buff Medway Fanciers Association - Barbara Wire (3:23)
3. The Residents Featuring Fred Frith - Times Up (2:55)
4. Isobel Campbell - The Cats Pyjamas (2:24)
5. Esplendor Geometrico - Moscu Esta Helado (3:55)
6. Link Wray - New Studio Blues (2:09)
7. 49 Americans - Should Be More Ideal (1:55)
8. Bruce Haack - School For Robots (2:22)
9. D. J. Lebowitz - Holiday in Cambodia (3:35)
10. Make Up - Introductions (1:21)
11. Cracked Actor - Disco (3:13)
12. The Sharades - Dumb Head (1:57)
13. The Mekons - Memphis Egypt (3:36)
14. Regents - 7 Teen (3:24)
15. Orchestra Baobab - Werente Serigne (6:42)
16. Various Artists - Mr. Pharmacist - Other Half (2:34)
17. Theoretical Girls - US Millie (2:48)
18. 14 Iced Bears - Come And Get Me (2:41)
19. The Weirdos - Destroy All Music (1:43)
20. The Rebel - The Idiot (2:51)

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