October / N O V E M B E R 2003

Last time updated 28 November, 2003

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Kompleksi / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland


Casionova: s/t (Spatula International, CDR)
Cessna: Times Ticks Remixes (Nu Science & Sami Koivikko) (Lento 301, Amuri Air, 12")
DJ Dijital: Dijital's Revenge (TL-025, Twilight 76, 12")
Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde (46 33692, Columbia, CD, 1966)
Kelpe: The People Are Trying To Sleep (DC48, DC Recordings, 12")
Kraftwerk: Tour de France Soundtracks (591 708 1, EMI, 2-LP)
Kytkös: Lahti Elektro (Valimo/Kelaamo, CDR)
Mesak: Haivenet (KLAKSON 5, Klakson, 12")
Ultradyne: Age of Discontent (PGM-004, Pi Gao Movement/Fulcrum Innovations, 12")
V/A: Digitalo.1


Fritjof Capra: The Tao of Physics (book, 1976)
Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain: Acid Dreams - The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond (book, 1985)
Tom Wolfe: Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (book, 1969)

p H a c t :
you're either on the bus, or you are off the bus


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Good stuff lately,

dj sakke, tampere, finland

- Rhythm & Sound W/ Artists CD, Burial Mix
- LFO - Sheath CD, Warp
- UR Presents Aquanauts - Spawn B/W Relentless 12", UR
- Sam & Gigi - I Cry For You 12", Drenched Recordings
- Aaron Ross Pres. Rain People feat. Marcus Begg - Trippin' On Love 12", Soulshine
- Brent Laurence feat. Reggie Watts - Closer 12", Soulshine
- Kenny Dixon JR - Soul Sounds 12", Soul City
- Mr Fingers - Distant Planet 12", Trax

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Pamela Des Barres - I'm With The Band (Confessions Of A Groupie) Book
2. Neil Slaven - Electric Don Quixote (The Definitive Story Of Frank Zappa) Book
3. Mark E. Smith & Mick Middles - The Fall Book
4. Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso (1969) CD
5. Rita Lee - Build Up CD
6. Sly & The Family Stone- There´s A Riot Goin´ On CD
7. Baby Sweetcorn - There And Not Dare 7"
8. VA -Yachtclub.Volume One/Alkumeri CD + LIVE
9. Siperia
10. Tim Burton - Planet Of The Apes 2DVD

DJ Shuffle (Vuo Records, Tre, FIN)

Old grooves, new funk 11/03

Heiko Laux : Offshore funk KANZLERAMT
Birdy meet Madrid de Los Austrias : Star alliance BIRDY
Model 500 & The Martian : Red Planet 4 RED PLANET
Carl Craig : Tres demented PLANET E
Stephen Brown : EP#1 TRANSMAT
K-Led : Detroit city FORCE INC
Mikkel Metal : Rujon / Nepal KOMPAKT
John Tejada : Toiling of the idle hands IMMIGRANT
The Martian : Star dancer RED PLANET

Dax DJ, Family House, Italy

James Duncan - Times like These
Rare Robotnick's - Dance Boy Dance
J. Tejada & T. Duvante - Passing Through
Daniel Paul - Love is in the house
Brian Macblade - Slice from brain EP Noid
Psychonauts - Song for Creatures Gigolo
Francisco - Fregna Pigna records
Hubtone - Hot muffin gerd 4lux edit
Recloose - Us vs. Us Rush Hour
Kenny Dope - In the House Part 1 - 2


JOHN ARNOLD Neighborhood Science Ubiquity


Rare Robotnick's Dance Boy Dance (2003 edit)

Silmu, Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

1. FLAMING LIPS: All We Have Is Now (Album: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Simply a plain and often repeated idea dressed in vintage-tinged musical dress. A good thing.
2. BOB HUND: Min Trampolin (EP: Istället för musik: förvirring)
Another emotion-stirring song, this time from Sweden's brilliant Bob Hund, a group able to combine rock energy and thoughtful instrumentaition with that inimitable "Svea Mamma" atmosphere", familiar especially from Swedish children's literature and movies.
3. SGT. ROCK: So Many Reggie Perrins In The Arse End Of Space (Album: Live The Dream
Those Britons with their silly titles... Anyway, this no-frills dance-floor fun keep the Perrey & Kingsley legacy of funny noises combined with driving beat vigorously alive.
4. PERREY & KINGSLEY: Spooks In Space (Album: The In Sound From Way Out)
Speaking of which... Classic 60's synth-a-vaganza so strange it rises above the novelty.
5. MAUKKA PERUSJÄTKÄ: Hi Hi Gloria (Album: Albumi)
Genuine peek into the soul of kids living their teens in early 80's: fear of atomic attack is on the background at all times, while punk, remains of disco and the pleasures of pre-marital sex (before the AIDS scare, mind you) blend into one big new wave of angst and ecstasy. Mutta kuka ön Ralf Örn?
6. JAY-JAY JOHANSSON: I'm Older Now (EP: Whiskey)
This is the brightest pearl from Johansson's brilliant debut EP: a Michael Nyman-sampling ballad in four parts about the lost glories of a slick lover, or maybe future nostalgias of a nerdy teen, who knows?
7. MICHAEL JACKSON: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (album: Off The Wall)
What can you say? It's just brilliant pop music from the guy heading for the peak of his career.
8. KID KOALA: More Dance Music (Album: Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs)
Koala's approach remains charmingly "lo-fi" in the world filled with laptops. Skittering beats and blitzkrieg scratches mixed with funny and / or educative speech samples, kinda old skool already, eh? Plus of course, there's the book to read, too.
9. COMPANY FLOW: Bms Digital (Album: Little Johnny From The Hospitul - Breaks End Instrumentuls Vol. 1)
Steady deep hip hop from the source. Not to speak of the atmospheric samples...
10. SCHNEIDER TM: Reality Check (Album: Zoomer
IDM combined with pop songwriting, anyone? Not bad at all.

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