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pHinn, pHinnWeb / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

Glamour? Not here, mate

Aphex Twin: 26 Mixes For Cash (WARPCD102, Warp, 2xCD, 1990-2001/2003)
Blake: Blake's Love (PUU-29, Puu/Sähkö, 12")
Dopplereffekt: Linear Accelerator (Gigolo 99, International Deejay Gigolo Records, CD)
Ever Had: Eläin EP (NOSCENE-03, Relish Records, CDR)
Imatran Voima: Techno Slut (PLATE004, Tellektro, 12")
Lackluster: Showcase (merck015, Merck, CD)
New York City Survivors: Static Light (DUM-102, Dum Records, CD)
The Octagon Man: Magneton (DC55CD, DC Recordings, advance CD)
Skatebård: Future (LIFE12IN-8, Keys of Life/Sähkö, 12")
Sleepy Sleepers: Kekkonen (2-CD)
Two Witches/Polytron/Mr Velcro Fastener vs. Imatran Voima: Pimeyden Jousi Remixed (kostamus 005, Kostamus Records, 12")
Valon Pojat: Uusia maanosia / Recently Found Continents soundtrack (U3, Ura Records, CDR)
Verhaverbeke Krzyzosiak: Ikkuna (ABCD02, Abflug Records)


p H a c t :
they don't give glamour out at welfare office.


Philip K. Dick: Our Friends From Frolix 8 (book)
Hermann Hesse: Siddhartha (book)
Thomas Mann: Taikavuori ('Der Zauberberg', book)
Olavi Paavolainen: Nykyaikaa etsimässä (book)


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Third Leg (Fi.)

Summer 03

The Mutants: Timba Am Gaya -7"
The Mutants / Nieminen & Litmanen: Split -7"
Jimi Tenor: Higher Planes -lp
Astro Can Caravan: Baia (song)
Liekki: Korppi -cd
Pekka Streng: Remastered -cd's
Lonesome Organist: Forms And Follies -cd
Pugh Rogerfeldt: Ja, Da A Da (get me the original LP somewhere!!!)
Bo Hansson: Mellanvasen -lp (He's genius!)
Nicolai Dunger: This Cloud Is Learning cd
Le Orme: Collage -lp (why they show Jovanotti, when they have Le Orme)
Kid Sundance & Dudley Perkins: In G Minor -12"
Push Button Objects: Fly -12"
Markku Peltola: Buster Keatonin Ratsutilalla -cd
Mynthen In Tuten: Tortellini (song)
Vincent Gallo: Then -cd
....texts by Kake Puhuu in Eturivi and Kirvasto... huh!

last but not definitely least: Osku from Oskun Divari, man who knows what he's doing

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Uusi Fantasia - Takaisin/Lattialla taas 10"
2. Ever Had - Eläin EP CDR
3. Vincent Gallo - When CD
4. Eno - Another Green World CD
5. Kuorinki - s/t CDR
6. Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul CD
7. Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe/All Summer Long CD
8. Apollo - s/t CD
9. Avarus - Horuksen keskimmäisen silmän mysteerikoulu CDR
10. Sakura - MBD CDR

Kimik (U&K, Pussy, Miau!, T:re, Fi.)


1. Stephane Malca : Revolution (Mike Monday Badman Remix)
2. Simian : La Breeze (Phil Kieran Remix)
3. Cultivate : Broken Pieces (Max Graham Third Street Remix)
4. Da Hool : Hazy/Crazy
5. Cirque Music Vol. 3
6. Dj Remy : Scrambled
7. Wonderland Avenue : Primo Deluxo
8. Head Honcho : Hoot
9. Chopstick & Spoiled : Who Is It? (Mike Monday Remix)
10. Bushwacka : Harps
11. Nic Vegter : Amazone Falls
12. Kenen : Tieteis
13. Benny Benassi : Satisfaction
14. Conceptual : Supernova
15. Elesse : Popcorn

Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

Favourite pieces (June 2003):

1. Absoluuttinen nollapiste: Pyhä nynny
2. Laurie Anderson: Pieces And Parts
3. Badawi: Hi Fashion Version
4. Dubbing Mixers: Kastanja
5. Matti P. & Jukka Poika: Äänestä
6. Autechre: Leterel
7. Gryphon: Kemp's Jig
8. Luke Vibert: Fused Into Music
9. Recoil: Edge To Life
10. Plaid: Assault On Precinct Zero

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, macedonia

alex cortex - inward ctrl (ann aimee)
plain black rapper - back in black ep (inflatabl label)
va - dub tribunl (atom tm, small rocks, the rip off artist) (inflatabl label)
nooncat - under the moon/under the sun (treibstoff)
norken - static soul bureau (hydrogen dukebox)
data 80 - love was made for two 12" (force tracks)
luomo - tessio 12" (force tracks)
va - readapt (cross)
j frede - live documents (doctsect)
liquid sphere - blissful world (doctsect)
cordell klier - glass and various broken brushes (snip snip)
cordell klier - cavern poems (miisc)
va - fields of fiere (miisc)
laika - lost in space (too pure)
nedelle - republic of two (kimchee)
27 - animal life (kimchee)
blake hazard - little airplane (kimchee)
helms - mc carthy (kimchee)
victory at sea - the good night (kimchee)
seana carmody - struts & shocks (kimchee)
torrez - the evening drag (kimchee)
tiger saw - blessed are the trails we will find (kimchee)
cordelia's dad - what it is (kimchee)
suntan - send you home (kimchee)
thaila zedek - you're a big girl now (kimchee)
herman dune and cerebrus shoal - they whys and hows of herman dune and cerebrus shoal (northeast indie)
guapo and cerebrus shoal - the ducks and drakes of guapo and cerebrus shoal (northeast indie)
alvarius b and cerebrus shoal - the vim & vigour of alvarius b and cerebrus shoal (northeast indie)
psi - the who had begun his carrier as useful (evolving ear)
jonathan coleclough & colin potter - low ground (i-c-r)
marufura fufunjiru - recovered patience (chmafu nocords)
va - embedded (deterent industries)
va - maschinen park compilaton 1 (pest beat production)
v/b/g - krankes hirn (pest beat production)
ergonomic noise organism - space organism (pest beat productions)
flutwacht - rischbach (thulur productions)
poltergeist - poltergeist (hmw)
natiho toyota / kouhei - split (deserted factory)
caos sonoro - turbochaos 2001 (kaos)
ethelscull - ribbonas into hysterics (amelia peel)

Sektori (Oulu, Fi.)

kävi Voltissa

Housemeister:Wake Up!(Bpitch Control)
Max Mohr:Time Travel (Playhouse)
Christoper Just:House(Cheap)
Two Witches:Pimeyden Jousi remixed(Kostamus)
M.Mayer&R.Voigt:Speicher 2(Kompakt Extra)
v/a:Disco Nouveau 3(Ghostly International)
v/a:Superlongevity 2(Perlon)
v/a:We Still Kill The Old Way(Clone)
John Starlight&Kitbuilders: Space Marines(Art Of perception)

DJ Shuffle (Vuo Records, Tre, FIN)

top 10

1. Diego & Voco Derman : Rasters 2 (Kanzleramt)
2. Paul Mac : Pushcameheretoshove (Primate)
3. Shuffle / Melina : 44170 EP (Vuo001 test)
4. Speicher 7 (Kompakt extra)
5. Sebbo & Mike v.d. Viven : Even (Phono elements)
6. Cybotron : Clear (remix) (Dubmental)
7. Monaco jam : 50/50 (Pasta musik)
8. Dave Ellesmere : Angry young computer (Kanzleramt)
9. Galaxy 2 galaxy : Hi-tech jazz (UR)
10. Two witches : Pimeyden jousi remixes (Kostamus)

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