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pHinnWeb Chart Six Years

Jani Ho: Selected Works 09/2002 (Finn Audio promo CDR)
Kevin Blechdom: Bitches Without Britches (COSR09CD, Chicks on Speed Records)
Angie Reed: Presents The Best of Barbara Brockhaus (COSR11CD, Chicks on Speed Records)
Roger / The Electroluvs: Hand In Motion / N.S.D. (STOLEN 001, Stolen Wine Records, split 7")
Mika Taanila: The Dawn of DIMI (A-29167, Kinotar, DVD)
USO: 7" EP (Autotehtaat)
Zero Forty: ZTC-001 (12" promo)


Lewis Carroll: Liisa ihmemaassa/Liisa peilimaassa (originally "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" & "Through The Looking-Glass", 1865/1872/1974, book)
Umberto Eco: Ruusun nimi (1980, originally "Il nome della rosa"/"The Name of The Rose", book)
John Fowles: Aristos (1964-80, book)

p H a c t :
The Ugric babes rule.


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Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

Favourite pieces (July 2003):

1. Chekov: Fly Catcher
This instrumental piece is so catchy it's crazy. Sparse dance beat supported by dry guitars, octave bass and layered keyboard parts. Plus of course: some annoying fly buzzes and soul grunting...
2. Kiila: Contemporaries
A genuine artsu rock gem from Sami Sänpäkkilä (of Es and Fonal Records fame) and his associates: "The people who make up your world are your contemporaries". I wish kids wrote more lyrics like this!
Music is down-tempo (but not in THAT sense) with looping guitar and vibes, ether noises and a singing voice that's homely and intellectual.
3. Brian Eno: Prophecy Theme
From David Lynch's sci-fi epic Dune, rest of the soundtrack being manned by -- shock horror -- Toto! Evolving and evocative with astonishing synth sounds.
Perhaps the slowest main theme ever.
4. Ish featuring Jani J: I Gonna Sell
What a mix! Your usual money-making boast peppered with loop from "you-know-who" Old Continent songwriter. Brooklyn crooklyn! Soon to be a producer!
5. Goosewind: Hold Me Close
Especially strange american alt with turbo-rat guitar, home-organ autocomp and a singer who turns into Jim Morrison during the song. The topic? Picking your loved one's nose.
6. Penguin Café Orchestra: Isle Of View
Who needs synths for drones? Not these guys anyway. Beautiful acoustic music to fly your helicopter by.
7. Elektrik Musik: Esperanto
My friend, a faithful Kraftwerk fan, called EM "derivative". Well, you know, four robots is obviously better than one. Anyway, Elektrik Musik captures some of that magic at times, and some of their own, too! Funnily enough this track is "hard" with some industrial-tinged drums and distorted vocals. Topic this time: esperantooo, lingoo futuroo.
8. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Today I Started Celebrating Again
From otherwise promising but ultimately disappointing album At Home With The Groovebox. Melancholic lyrics coupled with the odd perkiness of MC-505, a winning combination!
9. Devo: Mongoloid
Big splash from the original New Wave and a milestone in inventive pop music. He was a mongoloid, mongoloid, happier than you and me!
11. Muska: Kirjoita postikorttiin
Ah yes, forgive my nostalgia! I found this one from one of my dad's tapes recorded off radio. Some reconstructive computer operations later I was immediately awestruck with 1) the bass sound and line 2) tight drumming 3) singer's raw voice 4) the overall tight fit of the mix. Yo, you Finns, this is unmissable!

Tyrone O.G. Washington, Eronen, Helsinki, Finland

tyrone's big ten-inch record

1) The Locust "Plague Soundscapes" (Anti 2003)
- The Sci-fi HC Monster returns on the same label as Tom Waits. 23 tracks in 21 minutes. Sample track title: 'Late For A Double Date With A Pile Of Atoms In The Water Closet'. Nuff said.
2) Ive Mendes "If You Leave Me Now" (track from Mr. Bongo CD, 2003)
- I constantly soil my pants while listening to this extremely sensual & erotic & hot & hot & hot Chicago-cover from the goddess-like Ive. Purrrrrrrrr.
3) DJ Scud "Ambush!" (Rephlex 2002)
- A compilation of ultra-distorted ragga-jungle-noise-madness... really makes a sunny day. Unfortunately the classic 'Total Destruction' 7" is not included. 'Total Destruction - The Only Solution!'. Heavy scheisse.
4) Burmese "Monkeys Tear Men To Shreds" (Tumult cd 2001)
- 2 bass guitars & 1 drummer make a grindcore/noise/whatever-racket. A Helluva Noise.
5) Sightings "Absolutes" (Load cd 2003)
- More extremely noisy antiRRRock with earsplitting no-production. 4 tracks is just enough & who needs studiotime, anyway?!
6) V/A "Crooked" (WordSound cd&dvd 2002)
- The art of DIY bears a dirty & smelly fruit. Spectre, Bill Laswell, Mental Nomad, Anti-Pop Consortium & other like-minded offer beats from The Temple Of Smoke (which is located in Crooklyn, NY). The DVD is a homemade movie starring the mad rapper Sensational doing what he does best & with a cast of thousands. Overseen by The Ill Saint. Life ain't nuthin' but bitches & money... and chunky buds.
7) V/A "Love That Louie!" (Ace cd 2002)
- 'The evolution of the Greatest Rock Song ever'... well, you know, countless versions of 'Louie Louie'... can't go wrong with that, can you? Only regrettable miss is Black Flag's version.
8) LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" (Def Jam 12" 199?)
- Makes me want to be a boxer.
9) Big Youth "Mosaiah Garvey" (track from 'Natty Universal Dread' 3cd, Blood & Fire 2001)
- 'Really - Of Course!'
10) Sean Paul "Like Glue" (VP 12" 2003)
- Against all odds, I really, really like this.

Frequently played records in

Some Place Else (Turku, Finland)

(June/July 2003)

Lasse Marhaug: One Eye And Watching 7" (Melektronikk)
Istari Lasterfahrer / Parasite: Dubcore 7" (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
V/A: $kill$ Music 2x7" (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
Tricky: Vulnerable CD (Anti)
Ovro: CD advance tracks (Some Place Else)
Metazmazina: promo CDr (Flying Swimming?)
V/A: I - Celestial Insect 2xCD (DoctSect Media)
Kid606: Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams (Violent Turd)
Phonophani / Vibracathedral Orchestra: Milkland 2 7" (Melektronikk)
Legion: Zodiac CD (Auf Abwegen)

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, macedonia

soundscape list:

scsi 9 - sisters of flash - digital milk ep (force tracks)
nooncat - ocean body - under the moon 12" (triebstoff)
steve bug - what i like original mix - 12" (poker flat)
håkan lidbo - bad claims 12" (lace)
håkan lidbo - clockwise 12" (shitkatapult)
t. raumschmiere - the great rnr swindle ep (shitkatapult)
gwen and the gwemetters - 2 - frank sinatra 7" strike 40 (shitkatapult)
syn002 - 12" (symptom)
digitalverein - [thn033] internal course (thinner)
simex - [thn032] memory dump ep (thinner)
marko füstenberg - [thn031] option ep (thinner)
pat cantin - [thn030] montrealers (thinner)
danny kreutzfeldt - [thn024] danny kreutzfeldt & thinner allstars (thinner)

post global list:

looproad - acidfaketrax (acid fake)
andrew duke - take nothing for granted (acidfake)
looproad - trashgeneration no.3 (unreleased)
nikkakoi - saentimentl (komfort.labor)
un caddie renverse dans l'herbe - now there's a weird taste in my mouth (dekoder)
viks - vaks vanskab ak (dekoder)
john hegre - a nice place to leave (decoder)
gintas k - /// (retinascan)
himette - makunouchi bento (retinascan)
phoenelai - limin' (retinascan)
unassisted - prototypes (retinascan)
will soderberg - excerpt - 69 (white rose)
50% beam splitter - rogue spook intercepts (white rose)
alex boardman/james davis/lonnie methe/dylan shearer/will soderberg - indecent liberties (white rose)
niko skorpio - stairway to heaven ep (some place else)
va - selected dumbient works (some place else)
reptijlan - reptijlan (some place else)
ibrahim terzic - dva (some place else)
sine nomine - amenia amanitas (some place else)
porcelain - cars everywhere (drunk dog)
whopper - takes & mistakes (drunk dog)
teledroom - two twos (glasvocht)
sadism unbound - elektrode_4 (pbp)
va - machinenpark II (pbp)
harm styker - harm styker (harm styker)
va - macska leves (manufacture)
va-somniloques vol.1 (parasomnic)

DJ Shuffle (Vuo Records, Tre, FIN)

Top 8: 17.7.03

ALASKA : Returning back to Sirius FCOM
FLEUR : Domingos SVEK
VA : The Finnish tournament POKER FLAT
JORIS VOORN : Muted trax 2

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