D E C E M B E R 2002 / J A N U A R Y 2003

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pHinn, pHinnWeb, pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

the great existential questions of life

Antipop Consortium: Arrhythmia (WARPCD94, Warp)
Desert Planet: Dune Buggy (RODO 028, Odor/Spinefarm, CDS)
DJ Slugo: Back Da Fuck Up (CMR010TI, Cwal Mob Recordings, 12")
Erkki Kurenniemi: Äänitykset/Recordings 1963-1973 (LXCD 0637, Love Records)
Ladytron: Light & Magic (EMN 7058-2, emperorNorton, CD)
Meat Beat Manifesto: RUOK? (QS140LP, Quatermass)
Team Doyobi: Empire (Beginning 29, Alku, 3" CD)
Opopop: Juicio Final (Principio 21, Alku, 3" CD)
Robert Poss: Crossing Casco Bay (TE-1022002CD2, Trace Elements Records)
Robert Poss: Distortion Is Truth (TE-1022002CD1, Trace Elements Records)
Powerbooks For Peace: Everest/Aleph-Null (Beginning 45, Alku, 3" CD)
Sonic Youth: Murray Street (493 319-2, Geffen, CD)
Yasunao Tone: Wounded Man'Yo (Hajime 38, Alku, 3" CD)
V/A: Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau 1 (GI-6, Ghostly International, 12")
V/A: Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau 1 (GI-7, Ghostly International, 12")
V/A: Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau 3 (GI-8, Ghostly International, 12")


Erik Davis: TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information. (San Francisco: Harmony Books, 1998, book)
Philip K. Dick: Ubik (1969, book)
Gary Valentine Lachman: Turn Off Your Mind. The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of the Age of Aquarius. (London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 2001, book)

pHinnWeb's Best of 2002 (in alpHabetical order)

Antipop Consortium: Arrhythmia (CD)
Apollo: s/t (CD)
Bangkok Impact: Aspirin / The Floor /Masters of the Universe (12"s)
Big Two Hundred:
Your Personal Filth (CD)
Chicks on Speed: Fashion Rules (12")
Depth Charge: Robotomo/Honour (12")
Depth Charge: Spill - Rare & Unreleased Tracks 1993-1998 (CD)
Desert Planet: Dune Buggy (CDS)
DJ Slugo: Back Da Fuck Up (12")
Dynamix II: Pledge Your Allegiance to Electro Funk (12")
Ever Had: Fuzzland (CDR)
Carl A. Finlow: Dangerous Devotion E.P. (12")
Gater: Taboo (12")
Gym In The Box: (7")
Hungry Wives: s/t (CDS)
Imatran Voima: In/Out / Kurvi (12")
Kemialliset Ystävät: Kellari Juniversumi (CD)
Erkki Kurenniemi: Äänitykset/Recordings 1963-1973 (CD)
Kohinatuotanto: Äänikemia (CDR)
Kuusumun Profeetta: Jatkuvasti maailmaa pelastamaan kyllästynyt supersankari (CD)
Ladytron: Light and Magic (CD)
Legowelt: Klaus Kinski EP / Tracks From The Tube (12"s)
Macho Cat Garage: Freedom For The Macho Cat (12")
Massaccesi: I Never Fall Apart Because I Never Fall Together (CD)
Joe Meek & V/A: Joe Meek - The Alchemist of Pop. Home Made Hits & Rarities 1959-1966 (CD)
Mesak: Sijoitus tulevaisuuteen (12")
The Micragirls: Are You Insane, Girls? (7")
Mono Junk: Vicious Circle EP (12")
Meat Beat Manifesto: RUOK? (LP)
New York City Survivors: The Game EP / World of Madness (12"s)
Anton Nikkilä: White Nights (CD)
Siniaalto: s/t (CD)
Niko Skorpio: Stainway To Heaven (CDS)
Nu Science: Return Back Space (12")
Pink Twins: Let It Bleep (CD)
Pluxus: European Onion (CD)
Tuomas Rantanen: Kaotic EP (12")
Sonic Youth: Murray Street
Suicide: American Supreme (CD)
Team Doyobi: Empire (3" CD)
Toiminto: Live At Home (3" CD)
Le Tigre: Remixes (CDS)
Unidentified Sound Objects: Chocolate Lightning (CDR)
V/A: Canine Fragrance (CD)
V/A: In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (CD)
V/A: On-Off - Eetteriäänistä sähkömusiikkiin (CD)
V/A: Misery Loves Company (CD)
V/A: Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau 1-3 (12"s)
V/A: We Still Kill The Old Way (12"s & CD)
Virtalähde: Virka- ja väkivalta (CDR)


other 2002 memories:

a (as always), love-mad girls after pHinn @ Yo-Talo & everywhere (sorry), Yo-talo weekends ("tää on taas tätä", indeed), friends, the lack of decent (or to that, nearly any) electro parties at Tampere, the books of James Ellroy & Philip K. Dick and about anything fringe, the shitty bathroom renovation that ran me away from my conapt for 1 1/2 months (and being treated as a half-criminal by landlord), discovering "outsider art" aka Art Brut, DJing with Oak Leaf guys and at Noscene, Mental Alaska, pHono (thanks to all nine people who paid for the ticket), sweating out at Koneisto and fighting with a mixer, Mr Velcro Fastener vs. Imatran Voima live (esp. 'Pimeyden jousi' cover), Homeisto, electroclash hype, Voltti Records, The Micragirls live, Johnny Cash, Elvis, the (slight) disappointment of The Dark Knight Returns sequel, welfare office, the continuing unemployment, asocial French & Texan people, the joy of not owning a working TV set, hilarious live talks with Seppo "Karjala takaisin" Lehto at university's public access computers, the charade of international power politics, missing out Acid Mothers Temple, Keiji Haino & Jackie-O Motherfucker gigs because of an employment course, setting up our own mailing list, extra-hot summer, receiving remixes for CTNERMX, Acidophilus buttermilk, no dead close relatives this year, the usual SNAFUs. "Another year with nothing do", as The Stooges put it. Well, not quite, but...

p H a c t :
"Wovon mann nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss mann schweigen."
-Ludwig Wittgenstein.


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Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Saukki & Oravat (CD)
2. V/A - Trojan Ska Box Set 1 (3xCD)
3. V/A - Studio One Story (CD/DVD/Booklet)
4. Kari Hotakainen - Juoksuhaudantie (Book)
5. Marko Home & Mika Taanila (ed.) - Futuro (Book/DVD)
6. Petri Kuljuntausta - ON/OFF (Book/CD)
7. Daniel Clowes - Ghost World (ComicBook)
8. Michael Winterbottom - 24 Hour Party People (Movie)
9. Lukas Moodysson - Lilja 4-Ever (Movie)

DJ Forestopper / tête-à-tête / Berlin, Germany

new skin for the old ceremony

John Cale & Terry Riley - Church of Anthrax
Archer Prewitt - Three
Low Res - Blue Ramen
Ehlers/Meissner/Willems - Music for William Forsythe
Shudo - ri.t
Judy Henske
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Englabörn
Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth
The Books - Thought for Food
Max Tundra - Mastered by Guy at the Exchange
John Cassavetes/März - Love Streams
Tom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine
Felix Klopotek - How they do it
Random Inc. - Walking in Jerusalem
Léna - Lane
Love - Forever Changes
Radian - Rec. Extern
Boom Bip - Seed to Sun
John Fahey - Old Fashioned Love
Kinn/F.S. Blumm
Grubbs/Conrad/Brown - Act Five, Scene One
Scritti Politti - Jacques Derrida
Jusko Trust - Friendly Currency

Saku Kiviharju, Aïr (Helsinki, Finland)

Tindersticks: Simple Pleasures (Rough Trade, CD)
Tindersticks: Curtains (Rough Trade, CD)
Belle and Sebastian: If You're Feeling Sinister (Jeepster, CD)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Let Love In (Stumm, CD)
King Crimson: In The Wake Of Poseidon (Virgin, CD)
Os Mutantes: Os Mutantes (Omplatten, CD)

Yo La Tengo: Blue Line Swinger (Matador Records, song)

Best in the year of 2002:

Magyar Posse: Gigs, debut album 'We Will Carry You Over the Mountains' (Verdura Records, CD)
James Ellroy: The Cold Six Thousand (book)
100Bullets by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (DC Comics, comic book)
Circle: Sunrise (Ektro Records, CD)
múm: Finally We Are No One (Fat Cat Records, CD)

DJ Shuffle (Aalto, Valo-illat, Tre, FIN)

nyt hyviä levyjä(8.1.2003 klo 1.23)

MAETRIK : Remote (Iron box)
ITEM ONE : Sliced behaviour (Kanzleramt)
MIKE MCDONALD : Cyclic (Salo)
MAETRIK : Quality exertion (Treibstoff)
HEIKO LAUX : The silent bass (Kanzleramt)
RHYTHM & SOUND : Aground (Rhythm & sound)
SPEICHER 5 (Kompakt extra)
AIR FROG : Leave me now promo (Svek)
JOHANNES HEIL : 20000 leagues under the skin (Kanzleramt)
BILLY DALESSANDRO : Focus within (Force tracks)


DJ Charts JAN / FEB 2003

1. ROK - Defender 01
2. KIKO & GINO S. - You can dance
3. EMINEM - Without me (Black Strobe RMX)
4. NITZER EBB - Control I'm here (ascii.disko rmx)
6. CATNIP - Romance is the Panther
7. PLAYGROUP - Behind the wheel
8. FPU - Racer Car
9. LONG FELLOW - This is Penis
10. KYLE - Love at First Sight RMX

peewee, acid fake recordings, macedonia

heres my list for january
or 20 2002 album list:

01. yagya - rhythm of snow (force inc.)
02. ozy - tokei (force Inc.)
03. hakan lidbo - 06.10.60 (mitek)
04. andrew pekler - station to station (~scape)
05. farben - textstar (klang elektronik)
06. anton nikkilä - white nights (n&b research digest)
07. cordell klier - apparitions (ad noiseam)
08. tomas jirku - entropy (intr_version)
09. merzbow - a taste of... (mego)
10. sutekh - fell (orthlorng musork)
11. va - warenkorb #4 (ware)
12. akufen - my way (force inc.)
13. va - meteosound 003 select cuts (meteosound)
14. va - instrumentals staedtizism 3 (~scape)
15. digitalverein - [thn017] digitalverein remixes (thinner)
16. mokira - plee (mille plateaux)
17. andrew duke - sprung (bip-hop)
18. coh - mask of birth (mego)
19. geeez 'n' gosh - nobody knows (mille plateaux)
20. tujiko noriko - make me hard (mego)

dj bob-ski :) centuries, macedonia

post-idm ambient-melotronica top 10

ambidextrous - errorism (shaped harmonics)
ambidextrous / novel 23 - split ep (shaped harmonics)
syntetika - 100% syntetika (shaped harmonics)
eu - tuner (pause 2)
flim - m@h (vitamin flim demo)
pc - epilogue (lithium)
onethema - sticks and bits (demo)
pellarin - tangible abstractions (couchblip!)
bola - fyuti (skam)
manual - ascend (morr music)

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