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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Kompleksi / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

the exodus is here

Aïr: 2000 / Experiments / Vs. Pekka Airaksinen (CDRs)
Chicks On Speed: 99 Cents (COSR012, Chicks On Speed Records, LP)
The Detroit Experiment (feat. Carl Craig): s/t (RCD 16026, Ropeadope Records)
The Emperor Machine: Expanding In Reproduction (DC 49, DC Recordings, promo 12")
LFO: Sheath (WARP110, Warp Records, LP)
Rene Kita: Hymn To Hysteria (CDR)
Sonic Temple Assassins: CDR
V/A: The Lasergun Compilation Vol. 1 - 14 Electrophonic Dance Tracks (LGCD 001, Lasergun Records, 2-CD)
V/A: A1 - Raster-Noton Archiv 1 (R-N 056, Raster-Noton/The Wire, CD)


J.G. Ballard: The Concrete Island (book, 1973)

p H a c t :
exodus, movement of the people


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Silmu, Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland


1. PLAID: Zeal (Album: Spokes)
Pure genius again, then. There's two machines programmed to interpret Satie on a harpsichord and a piano, shot in sapce, revolving around a friendly mothershop emitting staccato beats.
2. KARI PEITSAMO: Flipperirock (Album: Kari Peitsamo ja Ankkuli
Inspired by Peitsamo's recent performance at AVANTO 03 festival in Helsinki, I returned to this record filled with his early naive art. This song makes surprising connections between pinball and some bigger questions.
3. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD: Consequence (Album: SYL)
My friends "in the know" told me that SYL is (most likely) trash metal. I wouldn't know, since I'm not too familiar with the metal tree yet. Anyway, they ROCK! Unbelievable playing, lyrics painting visionary pictures with the music. I love you... I love you... Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Again, I find new intertextual connections, this time to Terre Thaemlitz's work LOVE BOMB, seen at Avanto (too).
4. BARNES & BARNES: Fish Heads (Album: Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Album)
A novelty, all right, but verging on the surreal. A song about -- you guessed it -- fish heads and their qualities: they're not good dancers, they don't play drums...
5. APULANTA: Paha, paha asia (Album: Kolme)
Teenage angst makes the world go round, but it's also responsible for some bloody good rock music.
6. HOLGER CZUKAY: Cool In The Pool (Album: Movies)
Some pretty crazy music done between '77-79 by Can's bass player. Czukay mixed together lengthy bits of radio and movie sounds with his own playing, wishing that "the music would become a perfect carrier to an imaginable new and visionary world..." Whee!
7. GENTLE GIANT: Think Of Me With Kindness (Album: Octopus)
Look out, it's a prog time again! Actually, Octopus is an exciting records very free of the pomo associated with the genre; this song being a good example of the airy sound and organic structures in GG's music.
8. STEREOLAB: Gus The Mynah Bird (Album: Sound Dust)
Once again, their fondness of Steve Reich and Philip Glass is clearly audible in the beginning of this song. Apart from that, Stereolab's best tracks are filled with something I'd like to call pure music, sounds that become on their own and the means they've been produced with becomes irrelevant even to a gear analysy like me. The soundscape ending this track is a good example.
9. ALAIN GORAGUER: Ten Et Tiwa Dorment (Album: La Planéte Sauvage Original Soundtrack)
Released in association by DC Recordings and Intoxica record shop, this OST is an illuminating insight to the tastes and influences of J. Saul Kane (aka Depth Charge aka Alexander's Dark Band, etc.): Clavinets, wah guitars and orchestral instrumentation backed with rock drums and female sighs. Anyone who's seen the movie recalls the surreal, desolate atmosphere. Listening to the soundtrack alone proves even stronger experience with its repeated main theme and depressed funk.
10. MC SOLAAR: Relations Humaines (Album: Prose Combat)
This vintage vinyl collage of '94 proves charmingly warm and "phat" compated to contemporary rap's turbo-charged Pro Tools dramas. Solaar's music is at times perhaps a bit "coffee tabley", but also an interesting page in the big book of hip hop, nonetheless.

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Kompleksi - Demo 2003 CDR
2. Yma Sumac - The Ultimate Collection
3. Adult. - Anxiety Always 2-LP
4. T.Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout 2-LP
5. The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey LP
6. RE/Search #14-#15 Incredibly Strange Music Vol. I and II books
7. Sun Ra - Space Is The Place DVD
8. Hefner - Dead Media CD
9. Stephen Malkmus - Stephen Malkmus
10. Mick Fish Industrial Evolution (Through the 80's with Cabaret Voltaire and Local Government) book

J-P Parikka, Worldless, Tampere, Finland

1) birdy meets madrid de los austrias - star alliance
.birdy mix. (birdy)
2) matthew johnson - magic through music (itiswhatitis)
3) isolée - can't sleep all night (playhouse)
4) traffic signs - the green room (traffic signs)
5) cessna - dub ticks away / sami koivikko remix (amuri air)
6) detroit grand pubahs - the clapper (pokerflat)
7) rhythm & sound w/ jah betta - music hit you (burial mix)
8) dataholixx - ep (keys of life)
9) alexkid - mint (f-comm)
10) dj shuffle & melina - 44170 ep (vuo~records)
11) jussipekka - dancing queen (poker flat)

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