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pHinn, pHinnWeb / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

flying in a dream and flying awake

Autechre: Draft 7.30 (WARPCD11, Warp Records)
Bangkok Impact: Masters of the Universe EP (CRO 12-08, Crème, 12", 2002)
The Byrds: Fifth Dimension (4837072, Columbia/Legacy, CD, 1966/'96)
The Byrds: Turn! Turn! Turn! (4837062, Columbia/Legacy, CD, 1965/'96)
Hungry Wives: new demo CDR
Liaisons Dangereuses: s/t (HIT THING LP 005, 1981/2002)
Mekhanist: Madventure Mekhanisms (925-007 CD, Nine2Five Recordings)
Nu Science: Mr. Science (promo sampler CDR)
Speedranch Jansky Noise: Migrate (ZIQ071CD, Planet Mu)
Tero: Cracker's Revenge (RIKOS00F, Rikos Records, LP)
V/A: Delta B Sampler (Delta B, CDR)
V/A: Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 lattajjaa Compilation (LTJ-05/06, 267 lattajjaa, 2-CDR)


Datarockers, Luomo, Miss Kittin, Neum, T. Raumschmiere (a really killer show, check this guy live if you can!) @ Koneisto festival, 25-26 July 2003


J.G. Ballard: High-Rise (book, 1975)
Philip K. Dick: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (book, 1964)

p H a c t :
it's easier than awake


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Hannu Haahti, 267 lattajjaa, Helsinki, Finland

1. kesä (aurinko, meri, loma...)
2. tomutonttu: s/t (!-tapes MC)
3. caroliner: strike them hard - drag them to church (LP/CD-R)
4. v/a: tididii tididii tididiididii - a 267 lattajjaa compilation (267 lattajjaa 2-CDr)
5. paprika-koskenlaskija (valio juusto)
6. di maissintähkä: aivojeni kärpässurinaa (CD-R)
7. reynols: bolas tristes (freedom from CDR)
8. kevin ayers: joy of a toy (emi/harvest CD)
9. angus maclise: the invasion of thunderbolt pagoda (siltbreeze CD)
10. les rallizes denudes: blind baby has its mothers eyes (bootleg CDR)
11. boredoms: super aR (birdman CD)
12. karhu III (sinebrychoff olut)

Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland


1. Spooky: Little Bullit
The sole track I have ever heard from this act, found from a trance collection (before most trance went sour). So 90's futurism with squeaky clean but warm synthwork. No lo-fi, please, we're from the future.
2. Plug: Tuf Rinse (Album: Drum'n'Bass For Papa)
Luke Vibert's (of Wagon Christ fame) drum'n'bass moniker Plug provides this foray into crazy layered beats. Vibert's excellent knowledge of all musical things pleasantly nerve-tingling and hooky is presented here at its peak.
3. Mr. Oizo: Monophonic Shit (Album: Analog Worms Attack)
Remember Flat Eric, that head-bopping muppet from Levi's ad campaign with a novelty dance track? Mr. Oizo has a lot more to offer than just the relentless Flat Beat. If you're into rough minimum set-up dance and hip hop you should check out Oizo's uneven but at times brilliant album.
4. Future Sound Of London: Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everybody Dead (Album: ISDN)
Titled after a line off Alex Cox's highly recommended film Repo Man. FSOL are experts in setting a mood through the use of endless collage of sound effects mixed with retro-futuristic, genre-defying music.
5. Daft Punk: Face To Face (Album: Discovery)
Here Daft Punk manages to merge elements of 70's disco, Quincy Jones' Michael Jackson productions and house. What makes the track stand out, however, is the cut'n'paste treatment adding the fresh feeling without sounding too artificial. Disco certainly doesn't suck!
6. Dykehouse: Piss Funk (Album: New Electric Policy 2)
An all-synth funk from Red Antenna's various artists collection. Definitely reeking dirty mind below the polished surface.
7. Henry Rollins: TV Party
Originally a Black Flag track, getting a new treatment by band's second singer Rollins. Remember "War Against Apathy"? I miss it!
8. Klaus Nomi: Simple Man
This man was an original: heavily made-up, dressed in futuristic, geometric costumes and equipped with glass-shattering soprano. Nomi (an anagram of OMNI, his favourite magazine) blended opera and new wave synth pop in unique way, resulting in strangely ridiculous, yet deeply moving moments. Simple Man presents his genius in crystallized form.
9. Guided By Voices: Mute Superstar
Immortal alt rock from some of the best home recorders of all time. Fronted by a former schoolteacher Robert Pollard (known as the "Rocker" among his students) GBV mixes American rock heritage with curious songwriting resulting in albums of progressive proportions, but without the pomp.
10. Kauko Röyhkä: Talo meren rannalla
One of my favourite Finnish rock tracks of all times. Röyhkä is in a class of his own as a lyricist, this song being a premier example of his work. But let's not forget the music, either: the wandering, resonant bass, transparent guitar, marimba and Spartan, yet strong drums.

DJ Shuffle (Vuo Records, Tre, FIN)


Atlon Inc : Main things LP (Force inc)
DK7 : Difference (Martin Landsky mix)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste : Fairfax sake (Playhouse)
Los Hermanos : Tres
Monoder : Ikikieriö (Statik entertainment)
+ catching T.Raumschmiere on a live gig...

DJ Reiner Rekord, / - Germany

my charts for 8/03

V.A.-Electric Pop 2 (Zomba/neuton)
Relaxed Muscle-sexualized (Rough Trade/Zomba)
Kevin Blechdom-always frank (Chicks on Speed)
The Go Team-junior kick start (go)
The Rapture-killing (DFA)
The postal service-such great hights (sup pop)
Glass Candy-love love love
Electronicat-frisco bay
Silent signals-walk on the ladder (
RA-X-die wahrheit (
Venus in Furs-when i acquire you
A.R.E. Weapons-street gang
the uncut-relentless
Cardiacs-is this the life
Trisomie21-the last song
Adult.-high heels on the floors (ersatz)
Laibach-tanz mit laibach
V.A.-New Deutsch Compilation (gigolo)

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Al Green - Let´s Stay Together CD
2. Isaac Hayes - Groove-A-Thon LP
3. Lee Scratch Perry - Millionaire Liquidator Battle Of Armagideon LP
4. Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now CD
5. Antipop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue CD
6. Dubbing Mixers - Valkoinen Huopa CDr
7. Dubbing Mixers - Muuttoautomusaa Kasetti
8. Liam Lynch - Fake Songs/Fake Movies CD/DVD
9. Grandaddy - Sumday CD
10. Tall Dwarfs- Weeville CD
11. Ghost World - Movie DVD
12. Tom Zé - The Hips Of Tradition CD
13. Gal Costa - Gall Costa 1969 CD
14. France Gall - 1968 CD
15. France Gall - Les Sucettes CD
16. Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World CD
17. Vesa Puhakka - Näyttely Huuto! Galleriassa 5.8. - 17.8.2003

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, macedonia

p o s t g l o b a l s u m m e r l i s t e n i n g:


johan skuge - quarters ep (mitek)
mikael stavostrand - lite remixed (mitek)
rene breibart - sunride (treibstoff)
microlife - the lowlands (treibstoff)
akufen - my way the remixes (force tracks)
codebase - seek and destroy (treibstoff)
mikael stavostrand - format ep (klitekture)
metaboman - tricks auf dem tablo (music krause)
robag wruhme - backkatalog (music krause)
robag wruhme - kopfnikker (krause musik)
metabo man - eine schwalbe macht noch lange keinen sommer ep (musik krause)
robag wruhme vs. metabo man - zwei manner im split (musik krause)
sweet n candy - vom tag zur nacht ep (musik krause)
funky transport - flygaric trackks v1.0 (freude am tanzen)
gamat 3000 - feeling love rmx (freude am tanzen)
matthew boone - who instructed the stars to shine (freude am tanzen)
wighnomy brothers feat. robag wruhme - bodyrock e.p. (freude am tanzen)


luomo - the present lover (force tracks)
sophie rimheden - hi-fi (mitek)
claudia bonarelli - everything happens only certain number of times (mitek)
va - mitek: process (mitek)
andreas bertling - tiny littlewhite ones (like handsful of salt) (mitek)
follie - misspass (mitek)
aparat - warm signal - duplex (shitkatapult) - cutting edge - [thn036] after five ep (thinner)
breitbannt - lost on the 2nd lane of ... - [thn035] back from exile ep (thinner)
curse - just talking - [thn034] wet springtime ... ep (thinner)
lufth - motion-emotion - [thn037] lufth - tendenzen ep (thinner)
thomas koner - zyklop (mille plateaux)
tim hecker - radio amor (mille plateaux)
manitoba - up in flames (the leaf label)
static - flavour has no name (city centre offices)
ulrich schnauss - a strangely isolated place (city centre offices)
opiate - sometimes (morr music)
andrey kiritchenko - kniga skazok (ad noiseam)
tujuko noriko - from tokyo to naiagara (tomlab)
meanest man contest - merit (plug research)
burnt friedman & the nu dub players - cant cool (nonplace)
manuela krause + pole - mein freund der baum 7" (monika enterprise)
blamstrain - ensi (merck)
tim koch - islandtones (u-cover)
deltidseskapism - dunklets hogtid (u-cover)
sogar - apical.blend (12k)
the rip-off artist - kids are alright (quatermass)
marz - love streams (karaoke kalk)
asmus tietchens - gamma-menge (ritornell)
akira rabelais - eisoptrophobia (ritornell)
daniel menche - beautiful blood (alien8)
alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - vrioon (raster noton)
johan wieslander - gas (autoplate)
off the sky - studies of lifeform in transit (autoplate)
pole - pole (mute)
autechre - draft 7.30 (warp)
bastard noise - mutant (manufacture)
atomsmasher - s/t (double h noise industries/hydra head)
va - komfort.labor ocean club (komfort labor)
va - komfort.labor presents ~scape (komfort.labor)
thomas fehlman - decke - visions of bla! (kompakt)
cerebrus shoal - apatrides - chaiming the knoblessone (nort east indie)
christ - school is not compulsory - metamorphic reproduction miracle lp (benbecula)
hans fjellestad - smoke shank - 33 (accretions)
dalaba frith glick rieman kihlstedt - dalaba frith glick rieman kihlstedt (accretions)
neil campbell + rob hayler - in luck (fencing flatworm)
posset - she looks like lisa from hate 3" (fencing flatworm)
va - fencing flatworm recordings in brine (fencing flatworm)
krakatoa - we are the rowboats (cuneiform)


wighnomy brothers - wb mix 4 (freude am tanzen)
das krause duo nr. 2 - kickstarter mix (musik krause)
tomas brinkman - thanx a lot (promo)

j-p parikka, worldless, tampere, fi.

top 10 (in no special order)

1> hÖsh2 - straight over the counter - [f-comm]
2> dj shuffle & melina - 44170 ep - [vuo001]
3> martin landsky - reject - [pokerflat recordings]
4> dk7 - the difference /the funkytechno rmx - [dk]
5> monoder - ikikierioe - [statik-entertainment18 promo]
6> scsi-9 - digital russian lp - [forcetracks]
7> doubleX - Charis - [kanzleramt]
8> rhythm & sound w/ the chosen brothers - making history - [burial mix 9]
9> jussipekka - i will make you (dancing queen) - [pokerflat-cdr promo]
10> chicks on speed live perfo

bobsky, mainstream and possible music, music radio kanal 103, macedonia

top 10

stereo modus - ex tempore (shaped harmonics)
sonority#1 (arret arret recordings)
mum - finally we are no one (fat cat)
maps + diagrams - polytuft-tech (expanding)
evidence - out of town (deep listening)
the smiths - meat is murder (warner music)
herve boghossian - r v b (list)
tujiko noriko - from tokyo to naiagara (tomlab)
klutch - 8 bit free hand beat (cheburec)
static - flavour has no name (city centre offices)

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