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Johnny Cash: Man In Black - The Very Best of... (COL 506345 2, Columbia, 2-CD)
Cluster: Cluster II (Spalax 14864, Spalax Music, CD, 1972/1994)
Drexciya: Harnessed The Storm (Tresor No. 181, Tresor, 2-LP)
Foetus & V/A: Blow (03283-1, Nois-O-Lution, 2-LP)
The I-Rockers: Little Spirit Dub (HB003, Huge Bass 10")
Kemialliset Ystävät: Suurempi Pienempi Palatsi (AW 072 074, Alice In Wonder Records, CD)
Patrick Kosk / Otto Romanowski / Jarmo Sermilä: Other Reflections (JaseCD 0022, Jasemusiikki, 1991-94/'94)
Markus & Kristian: Hän malli on (HB002, Huge Bass, 7")
Otto Romanowski: Images of Sound - Electroacoustic Works By... (JaseCD 0026, Jasemusiikki, 1974-94/1997)
Jarmo Sermilä: Mechanical Partnership - an electronic suite (JaseCDs 1004, Jasemusiikki, 2000)
Team Doyobi: Cryptoburners (SKALP 005, Skam Records, 2-LP)
V/A: In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (SJR CD 57, Soul Jazz Records, CD, 1978-82/2002)
V/A: Kohvi Records Sampler 2001.02 [as MP3s here] (Kohvi Records, CD)
V/A: Snow Robots Vol. 2 (suction011, Suction Records, CD)
V/A: Survey of Sounds - Finnish Electro-Acoustic Music (JaseCD 0029, Jasemusiikki, 1978-97/1997)
Vladislav Delay: Naima - Live Ars Electronica 2001 - Klangpark (Staubgold 23, Ars Electronica/Staubgold, CD)


DJ Bogdan Raczynski presents '96 Drum N Bass Classixxx (rephlex)
TLC / The Human League: Being Scrubbed (boom selection)
The Carl Stalling Project: 1936-1958 (warner bros)
Brujeria: Brujerizmo (roadrunner)
Francisco Lopez | Amy Denio: Belle Confusion 00 (.absolute.)
The Very Best Of Big Daddy Kane (warner / rhino)
Alluvion: Ezsms (cdr)
Akira Rabelais: invalidObject void (fällt)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi CD
2. Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun CD
3. Grandmaster Flash - The Official Adventures Of... CD
4. V/A - Anti NY 2LP
5. Wolfgang Flur - I Was A Robot (book)
6. Markus Renvallin ideoima ja kokoama viisipäiväinen taidetapahtuma ROHTO - taidetta nuorille miehille
6.2. - 10.2.2002 HKI Taidemuseo Tennispalatsi
7. Peter Jackson - Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (movie)
8. Grandaddy - The Broken Down Comforter Collection CD
9. Cornelius - Point CD
10. Finally (living without for 8 years) having the space for, and getting a kitchen table to read newspaper and eat cereal off.

arttu (mental alaska/lal lal lal/avarus/the anaksimandros), finland

AALY Trio: I wonder if I was screaming
Ethiopiques 9: Alemayehu Eshete
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre: Humility in the light of the creator
Makoto Kawabata/Richard Youngs: s/t
Neutral Milk Hotel: On avery island
Neutral Milk Hotel: In the aeroplane over the sea
Ananda Shankar: Ananda Shankar and his music
Six Organs Of Admittance: Dark Noontide
Phil Spector: Back to mono 1958-1969 4CD
The Stooges: Funhouse
V/A: Istanbul 1925
Vibracathedral Orchestra: Dabbling with gravity and who you are

mvog, germany

The Robots - In the Kraftwerk tonight
Blumfeld vs. Madonna - 1000 Tränen Music
Kylie in love with New Order - Can't get Blue Monday out off my head
Laub - Wortspur
The Notwist - Consequence
Barbara Morgenstern - Der Augenblick
Vitalic - Poney

Matiás Wiboi (Madrid, ESP)

Me gusta Malasaña

Mike Ink & Walker: Lovecore III (Auftrieb)
Loikum 1: Unnamed (Auftrieb)
Schaeben & Voss: Ach Komm (Kompakt)
V/A: Total 3 (Kompakt)
Paul Kalkbrenner: Chrono (Bpitch Ctrl)
Ellen Allien: Erdbeermund (Bpitch Ctrl)
Ellen Allien: Data Romance (Bpitch Ctrl)
Kiki: Gas126 (Bpitch Ctrl)
V/A: Clicks & Cuts 2 (Mille Plateux)
S.R.I: Trax Pt.2 (Force Inc.)
Caulfield: Unnamed (Ware)
Mindlab: Lick (Salo)

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