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old friends for sale

songs of innocence, or, the young hotheads dept.

Church of Carbon: Angst (db96, Disko B, 12")
Ever Had: Dejoy (RelishCD001, Relish Records)
Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin: Silver Screen - Shower Scene (CUB04, Cube Recordings 12")
Fischerspooner: Emerge (original/Adult. remix) (Gigolo Records, 12")
Terence Fixmer: Electric Vision (Gigolo 38, Gigolo Records, 12")
Laulurastas: Onni / Versio (Rikos 007, Rikos Records, 7")
Labinsect: Bomb Alert (Lasergun 009, Lasergun, 12")
Luke Eargoggle: Elliot EP (Bunker 3014, Bunker Records, 12")
Luke Eargoggle: [From Luke's Journal] (TSU 740 28 CD, Stilleben Records/Tsunami)
Novamen: Murdercapital Mentality (M-007, Murdercapital, 12")
The Octagon Man: The Demented Spirit (STORM 11, Vinyl Solution, 12", 1990)
Piiri: Rajoitusalue (Traum V 15, Traum Schallplatten, 12")
Steril: Klinique EP (Lasergun 010, Lasergun, 12")
Ural 13 Diktators: Disko Kings (lasergun011, Lasergun, 12")
V/A + Infekto: 7 (mix CD-R)

songs of experience, or, the old farts dept.

David Axelrod: Song of Innocence (7243 5 21 588 29, Stateside, CD, 1968/2001)
The Edgar Broughton Band: Out Demons Out! The Best of... (7243 5 31067 2 0, Harvest/EMI, CD, 1969-73/2001)
John Cage/Luciano Berio/Ilhan Maimaroglu: Electronic Music (TV 34046S, Turnabout, LP, 1967)
Les Fleur de Lys: Reflections (BP256CD, Blueprint, 1965-1969/1997)
Cecil Leuter: Pop Electronique - Les Sons Electroniques de... (DD015LP, Pulp Flavor, 1969/2000)
Augustus Pablo: Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Fire House (WBLP05, Walboomers)
Lalo Schifrin: Dirty Harry Anthology (Aleph Records 003, CD, 1971-83/1998)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Volume One (SC 11047, Sundazed, 1965-67/1997)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Part One (SC 6173, Sundazed, 1967/2001)

Suction Records, Toronto, Canada

CHART (mostly not-recent but new-to-us):

1. the 15th - FISCHERSPOONER (track - GIGOLO)
2. what's there left? - NINE CIRCLES (track - PRIMARY)
3. follow the leader/eyes - LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE (2 tracks, PSI49NET)
4. delay - DUB TRAKTOR (album - FX RECORDS)
5. sowiesoso - CLUSTER (track - SKY/GYROSCOPE)
6. almost - O.M.D. (track - VIRGIN)
7. packt like sardines in a crushed tin box - RADIOHEAD (track - EMI)
8. 2 remixes by afx - AFX (single - MEN1)
9. get set - YAZOO (television theme - [unreleased])
10. the metal benders - DARK DAY (track - DAFT RECORDS)


Pimmon: orquestra del arrurruz (Staalplaat)
Aeron Bergman: the tale of the unhappy american (TomLab)
Francisco Lopez/Zbigniew Karkowski: whint (.absolute.)
Brujeria: raza odiada
Akira Rabelais: void (invalidObject/fällt)
Alluvion: alluvium 2 (aesova)
Autechre: confield (warp)
Steve Roden: view
Merzbow: annihiloscillator (extreme)
Plunderphonics: 69/96 (fony)
Climax Golden Twins: 3"cd (Fire Breathing Turtle)

Arttu, Mental Alaska, Tampere, Finland

Summer 2001 top20:

ANNEXUS QUAM: Osmose (Ohr)
ASH RA TEMPEL: s/t (Spalax)
HAIKARA: Geafar (Ektro)
HUMAN BEINZ: Evolutions (Ascension)
KUUSUMUN PROFEETTA: Kukin kaappiaan selässään kantaa (Ektro)
LYD: s/t (Akarma)
MODULO 1000: Nao fale com paredes (???)
MOUNT EVEREST TRIO: Waves from Albert Ayler (Atavistic)
MUSIC EMPORIUM: s/t (Sundazed)
PELT: Ayahuasca (VHF)
PÄRSON SOUND: s/t (Subliminal Sounds/Till'indien)
SUN RA: Strange strings (???)
SUN RA: Pathways to unknown worlds/Friendly love (Evidence)
V/A: Hava Narghile - Turkish rock music 1966 to 1975 (Bacchus Archives)
XHOL CARAVAN: Electrip (Garden Of Delights)
JOHN ZORN/MASADA: Live in Jerusalem 1994 (Tzadik)
ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD: Framtiden är ett svävande skepp, förankrat i forntiden (Silence)
+ The truly mind-blowing EKTROVERDE live performance at Psychotropic Zone, Stella Star, Helsinki 24.8.2001

sebastian redenz [thinner, rawshit]


- swayzak - slave to the hardrive (ft031)
- terre thaemlitz - genricide (mp061)
- christophe charles - (mp061)
- jetone - thousand oaks (fim215)
- andrey kiritchenko - 00 ep (thn promo 08)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Blectrum From Blechdom - The Messy Jesse Fiesta CD
2. Nu Science & Tero - Live @ Synagoga-Klubi
3. Linnanmäki rollercoaster forever!!
4. Adult. - Resuscitation CD
5 NON - Solitude 7" with its locked grooves & off-centre holes
6. Appliance - D4 REMIXES by Kreidler, Pole, Tarwater, To Rococo Rot 12"
7. Suicide - Cheree (remix)/Live 12"
8 Black Audio, Japanomatiks... live @ Comics Festival Club @ VR-Makasiini
9. Wicky Suicide - Immortal Death Fest exhibition @ Kluuvi Gallery
10. J.Marttila - Siamilainen Yksönen (comics)

DJ Reiner Rekord, /, Germany

1. Ellen Allien - stadtkind
2. 2Raumwohnung - sexy girl (club mix)
3. Fischerspooner - the 15th
4. Neon Judement - fashion party
5. Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - rippin kittin
6. Human League - all I ever wanted (alter ego mix)
7. Joy Division - transmission
8. Max Durante & Anthony Rother - netzwerk europa
9. Little Computer People - fly high
10. Felix da housecat feat. miss Kittin - silver scene/shower scene

Andrew Duke, Cognition, Halifax, Canada

In The Mix 17 September 2001 playlist

1. Bob Jones--Nautilus (CTI) from One
2. Ultramagenetic MCs--Make It Rain (inst) (Oxygen Music Works)
3. Jack Dangers--Sounds Of The 20th Century no2 (Flexidisc/Tino Corp)
4. Ultramagnetic MCs--Mix It Down (inst) (Oxygen Music Works)
5. Dub Syndicate--One In A Billion (version) (Lion & Roots) from 7"
6. Jack Dangers--The Human Voice--(Flexidisc/Tino Corp)
7. Dub Syndicate--Time (version) (Lion & Roots) from 7"
8. Jack Dangers--XE A1 (Tino Corp) from Tape Music 10"
9. On--The First Time I Saw Your Face (Select Cuts)
10. More Rockers feat. LD--Sweetest Hangover (Select Cuts)
11. Josh One--Contemplation (Electromatrix/Immergent)
12. Dean Decosta--Diminishing Returns (Bluetrain mix) (Mosaic)
13. Niederflur--Kalk-Kapelle (Minus)
14. Niederflur--Autobahn (Minus)
15. Niederflur--Nachster Halt (v2) (Minus)
16. Niederflur--Drehbrucke (Minus)
all from EPs 1 and 2
17. Daniel Bell--Bilbao (Tresor)
from Compilation Vol. 9
18. DJ Rush--Jack Your Body (accapella intro) (Tresor)
as above
19. Andrew Duke--Shark Circles (unreleased)
20. Andrew Duke--AH R.I.P. (25 August 2001) (unreleased)
21. Boo Williams--Feeling Good (Moods & Grooves)
22. Boo Williams--Hardcdastle Jazz (Moods & Grooves)
23. Boo Williams--Summer Love (Moods & Grooves)
24. Boo Williams--City Of War (Moods & Grooves)
all from Universal Limits 2 X LP
25. Matthew Herbert--The Puzzle (Tresor)
from Tresor Compilation Vol. 9
26. St Germain--It's A Sure Thing (Todd Edwards' Deepline mix)
(Blue Note)
27. Shazz featuring Derek Bays--Back In Manhattan (inst) (F Communications)
28. remix, as above
29. accapella, as above
30. Mobb Deep--Survival Of The Fittest (Loud)
31. Mobb Deep--Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mine) (Loud)
32. Mobb Deep--Shook Ones Pt. II (Loud)
all from The Infamous 2 X LP
33. Sade--Why Can't We Live Together? (Timmy Thomas cover) (CBS)
from Diamond Life
34. Plaid--Zamami (Warp) from Double Figure
35. Timeblind--A3, Orthlorng-01 test (Orthlorng Musork)
36. PWOG--A Kind Of Prayer Revelation (KK)
37. Stewart Walker--Dim And Turbulent Mornings (Force Inc)
38. Stewart Walker--On Location (Force Inc)
both from Hurricane Weather EP
39. Savvas Ysatis--Select (Tresor)
40. Savvas Ysatis--Bull Walk (Tresor)
both from Select 2 X LP
41. DNTEL--Fireworks (Plug Research)
42. DNTEL--(This Is) The Dream Of Ewan And Chan (Plug Research)
43. DNTEL--Last Songs (Plug Research)
all from Life Is Full Of Possibilities
44. Blectum From Blechdom--Welcome To De Haus De Snaus (Tigerbeat6)
45. Blectum From Blechdom--Knock Knock (Tigerbeat6)
46. Blectum From Blechdom--The Fancy Torture Chamber (Tigerbeat6)
47. Blectum From Blechdom--Right Time Right Place (Tigerbeat6)
48. Blectum From Blechdom--Anti-Duck-tion (Tigerbeat6)
49. Blectum From Blechdom--Caravan Voyager (Tigerbeat6)
all from Haus De Snaus

Wille, Finland


Eddie Matos: Soul clinic EP (83 west)
Victor Davies: Sound of the samba (JCR)
Si-Se: Cuando - King Britt remix (Giant step)
Unknown: Push it to the max (White label)
Zero 7: Destiny - Photek remix (Ultimate dilemma)
Jon Cutler feat. E-Man: It's yours (Chez)
Llorca: Newcomer - remixes (F-Com)
Luther Vandross: Never too much - remix (White label)
Sade: Greyhound bootleg (White label)
The Amalgamation Of Soundz: Alone (Compost)
Kyoto Jazz Massive: Substream (Compost)
Alexkid: Bienvenida - Jori Hulkkonen remix (F-Com)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland

Top 20, 25th September 2001

1. New Order : Crystal
2. Radiohead : Everything In Its Right Place
3. FSOL : Papua New Guinea
4. Sarah McLachlan : Fear
5. Uberzone : Bounce
6. Sonic Infusion : Reformatted
7. System 7 : High Plains Drifter
8. Filmpalast : I Want
9. Elektrotek : Superfly
10. DJ Tiesto : Flight 643 (Orkidea Remix)
11. Mauro Picotto : Like This Like That (Oliver Klein Rmx)
12. Private Taste : First
13. Tim J : Solar Split
14. Mark Shimmon vs. 3rd Degree : Dark Feeling
15. Critical Phase : Phase One
16. Cirque Music Vol. 2
17. Conjure One : Redemption
18. The Ones : Flawless
19. Vincent De Moor : Arctic Duction
20. Velvet Girl : Velvet

Lowski (talo, oulu, finland)

näitä oon soitellu vinyylisoittimilla :

johannes heil : der löwe von judah (johannes heil special)
christian morgenstern : malaria EP (kanzleramt)
alexander kowalski : dark soul (kanzleramt)
alexander kowalski : live (kanzleramt)
afx : 2 remixes (men)
lawrence : teaser (kompakt)
reinhard voigt : hier und jetzt (kompakt)
little computer people : electro pop (psi49net)
bolz bolz : human race (feis)
the hacker : cabaret futura (feis)

ja näitä cd-soittimella :

psi performer
lift to experience

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