OCTOBER / N O V E M B E R 2001

Last time updated November 20, 2001

pHinn, pHinnWeb, pHinnMilk Records, Tampere, Finland

Thee OP Kittenz

Kirk Degiorgio: Nairobi (original/Carl Craig remix) (reg61, Regal, 12")
Ellen Allien: Stadtkind Remixes (Bpitc Control 030, 12")
eX-Girl: Revenge of Kero Kero (EXGIRL 2000, Poko International, CD, 2000)
Felix Da Housecat: Kittens and Thee Glitz (CITYROCK 1 CD, City Rockers)
Kitbuilders: Disco Obsession (BRK 33, Breakin', 12")
Luke Eargoggle: Ghetto Style EP (Bunker 3015, Bunker Records, 12")
Op:l Bastards: Don't Bring Me Down/Brewski (F&F 035, Form & Function, 12")
Orgue Electronique/Legowelt: split 7" (etr6b, Kaihoisa/Eat This Records)
Polytron: Live Promo 2001 (CDR)
Tiga & Zyntherius: Sunglasses After Dark (Gigolo 80, Gigolo Records, 12")
V/A: Carl Craig presents - Abstract Funk Theory (evslp20, Obsessive, 2-LP)
Der Zyklus II (Gigolo 63, Gigolo Records, 12")


  • Rajakiviklubi 5 event (Tampere 241001): with Toiminto, Pink Twins, O Samuli A, Ever Had...
  • Roxy Music: the first album (with Brian Eno) (1972)
  • The Stooges (with Iggy Pop): The Stooges/Funhouse/Raw Power (albums, 1969-72 - Jesus Loves The Stooges - pHinn too!)
  • living without TV for five months now & happily missing out stupid quiz shows, lame sitcoms, zero celebrities and live-on-the-air terrorist strikes, and having more time for reading books and doing other fun things! :)

    Alex, Chicks on Speed, Berlin, Germany

    1. "someone like you" revlon_9
    2. "the executioners step" matthew barney
    3. pig cat and co.w, well, anything by them really
    4. "sexy girls" by zwei raum wohnung, remixed by tobi neumann
    5. "the seventh seal" revlon_9
    6. "set it off" peaches remixed by tobi neumann
    7. the documentay "doings and screwings" by puppet mastaz
    8. "cruise mode 101" techno animal
    9. "conc prog" (? can't read cd titles, sorry) by gold chains
    10. "flimmern" die goldenen zitronen

    Krístin Björk, Kitchen Motors / Big Band Brútal, Reykjavík, Iceland

    Current Top Seven:

    1. Fennesz: Fennesz plays
    2. Fennesz: Endless Summer
    3. múm: please smile my noise bleed (a remix album on Morr Music)
    4. Björk: Vespertine
    5. Isan: Lucky Cat
    6. Pan sonic: Aaltopiiri
    7. Autechre: Confield

    Sami Koivikko, Shitkatapult, Tampere, Finland

    Donnacha Costello: Growing Up In Public (Force Inc)
    John Tejada: Timebomb (7th City)
    Atlon Inc: Main Things (Force Inc)
    Wasserman: W.I.R. (Profan)
    Markus Nikolai: Back (Perlon)
    Closer Musik: Closer Musik (Kompakt)
    Ellen Allien: Stadtkind (BPitch Control)
    Fischerspooner: Fischerspooner (International Deejay Gigolos)
    Dub Taylor: Forms And Figures (Raum...Musik)
    SCSI 9: Silkcome (Trapez)

    Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

    1. Bobby Conn - The Golden Age CD
    2. Stereo Total - Musique Automatique CD
    3. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Shahen-Shah CD
    4. Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch! CD
    5. The Fall - The Unutterable CD
    6. Neil Michael Hagerty - self-titled CD
    7. 22-Pistepirkko + Black Audio live @ Tavastia 27.10
    8. Pluxus - Och Resan Fortsätter Här mini-CD
    9. First Floor Power - Time Time CD5
    10. Grey Park - 150 min minidisc action

    sebastian r e d e n z [thinner, raw-shit]

    november's chart. recently i recovered my old metal favs ;)

    testament - practice what you preach
    slayer - angel of death
    blumfeld - l'etat et moi
    benjamin fay - tba (thinner)
    neurotron - tba (thinner)
    christian kleine - beyond repair
    jamie lidell - freekin the frame
    markus guentner - in moll

    dj forestopper > TETE-A-TETE, Berlin, Germany


    fennesz - endless summer (mego)
    the strokes - is this it (rca)
    david grubbs - spectrum between (dragcity)
    jürgen de blonde - hidden rabbit (tomlab)
    nuno canavarro - plux quba (moikai)
    albert ayler - fondation maeght nights (jazzview)
    the beach boys - pet sounds (capitol)
    vert - the köln concert (sonig)
    safety scissors - parts water (plug research)
    dominique - speak to me, # demo (tete-a-tete)
    the fall - dr. bucks letter [track]
    velvet underground & nico - heroin [track]
    vladislav delay/luomo/uusitalo
    jan jelinek - loop-finding-jazz-records (scape)
    throbbing gristle!!!
    talk talk - spirit of eden/laughing stock (emi/pondlife)
    the normal - t.v.o.d. track
    ennio morricone
    radian - dto. (rhiz)
    terre thaemlitz
    luigi archetti & bo wiget - low tide digitals (rune grammofon)
    jim o'rourke_ sonic youth
    boredoms - vision creation newsun (birdman)

    JVC2001.3, Wallet Gallerist for 536, Vancouver, Canada

    November chart from rainy Helsinki

    G.D.Luxxe: The 20th Door (Interdimensional Transmissions 12")
    Luke Eargoggle: Ghetto Style EP (Bunker 12")
    Adult.: Hand To Phone Remixes (Clone 12")
    Various: Freakbitchlickfly (Violent Turd CD)
    Blectum From Blechdom: De Snaunted Haus (Tigerbeat6 CD)
    Ekkehard Ehlers: plays Albert Ayler (Staubgold 12")
    Various: invalidObjects Series mp3s (
    Various: Input64 (Enduro LP)

    supermario, germany

    FIGURINE: Virtual Reality Suit
    FIGURINE: Impossible
    I AM ROBOT AND PROUD: Question
    LALI PUNA: Together in electric dreams
    SASCHE FUNKE: When will I be famous
    JÜRGEN PAAPE: So weit wie noch nie
    MICHAEL MAYER: Hush hush Baby
    CHRIS KORDA: I like to watch

    sakke's (tampere, fi.) selected few

    (in no particular order)

    - the aphex twin : drukqs [warp]
    - james ruskin : intosubmission [tresor]
    - skinny puppy : doomsday back and forth 5 live in dresden [nettwerk]
    - cevin key : the ghost of each room [subconscious]
    - neil landstrumm : she took a bullet meant for me [tresor]
    - björk : vespertine [one little indian]
    - ohgr : welt [spitfire]
    - front line assembly : caustic grip [third mind]
    - chaos ad : buzz caner [rephlex]


    Stahlgren & Ferguson: Printing With Magnetic Inks (hot air)
    Marcus Schmickler: Param (a-musik)
    Robert Lippok: Open Close Open (raster-noton)
    Bogdan Raczynski: My Love I Love (rephlex)
    The Other People Place: Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe (warp)
    Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu: 1951:Sumatran Ladies... (Hot Air)
    Alejandra & Aeron: The Tale of Pip (lucky kitchen)

    Matias Wiboi, Oulu, Finland

    Falko Brocksieper: Laguna Seca (Sub Static)
    Turismo: Simulation e.p. (Ware)
    Mathias Schaffhäuser: Mellotronics (Ware)
    Mathias Schaffhäuser: Love & Business (Ware)
    Smash TV: Now (Bpitch Control)
    Paul Kalkbrenner: Zeit (Bpitch Control)
    Ellen Allien: Stadtkind (Bpitch Control)

    + special tune for beautiful moments
    Girls on Top: Kraftwerk vs. Whitney Houston

    Lowski (talon.oulu.fin)

    tässä lista levyistä, joiden tahdissa olen seinää vahdannut :)

    New Vinyl Items :

    Miss Dinky : Valparaiso (Traum)
    Mathias Schaffhäuser : Mellotronics (Ware)
    Superpitcher : Heroin (Kompakt)
    Diego & Voco Derman : Raster (Kanzleramt)
    Moodymann : NMYWAGON (Peacefrog)
    V/A : Sub Rosa vs. Kompakt (Sub Rosa)
    M.I.A. : SchluBlicht (Sub Static)
    Unai : Follow The Revolutions EP (Raum...Musik)
    Daniel Wang : Idealism (Environ)
    Markus Guentner : In Moll (Kompakt)

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