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Last time updated April 30, 2001

Alex, Chicks on Speed, Berlin, Germany

alex's weeee charts:

1. "bela lugosi's dead" cover by io - gerhard potuznik and patrick pulsinger (disko b)
2. "kaltes klares wasser" (original by malaria)
cover by wasserman (monika/universal)
3. a remix by dakar and grinser of a tocotronic song... but i can't find the name of the song, very amazing (l'age d'or)
4. "nausea" the whole thing, by adult. (ersatz audio)
5. kusama
6. kitbuilders live at sonar 2000
7. "do you like my handbag it's filled with lots of money" adult
8. hanayo the album on dhr
9. "asbestos lead asbestos" - let's play domination
10. taxi girl well just about everything i've ever heard
11. jeans team

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Aardman - Rex The Runt (animation)
2. Bob Hund - Skall du hänga med? Nä!! (CDsingle)
3. Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book 2 CD
- Hush Little Robot CD
4. ROR - Utopia exhibition @ Kiasma
5. Roy Anderson - Sånger från andra våningen (film)
6. Tero - First Blood (12")
7. Kemialliset Ystävät - Pieni Palatsi 7"
8. Kiila - Heartcore CD
9. Es - A Love Cycle CD
10. Pink Twins & O Samuli A: live at Excursions TVO 23.2. 2001

DJ WalterGarber_Veloziped RadioTandem/BuddhaClub_Bolzano/Bozen.Italy

Recloose: Can't take it (Herbert remix) (PlanetE)
Luomo: Tessio (H.Lidbo remix) (Force Tracks)
Metro Area 3 (Environ)
DJ Mille & Mr. Hirsch: Business Jazz (United States of Mars)
Soulphiction: Computer scared (Perlon)
Swayzak (feat. J. Rose): Caught in this affair (the Medicine label)
Herbert (feat. D. Siciliano): Leave me now (Soundslike)
Martini Bros.: Welt in echt (Horspielmusik)
Soul Center: Roses (W.V.B.)
Paul Johnson (feat. Jessica): Finger fuck (Nocturnal Interludes 402)

joonas.grand street elites.oulu.finland.

gas:zauberberg              (mille plateaux)
adult.:nausea                (ersatz audio)
random factor:broken mirror (playhouse)
isolèe:rest               (playhouse)

invasion planète recordings
dmx crew @ the nation, oulu.
orgue electronique & legowelt @ astrodisko I, tampere.
anything from guided by voices

DJ Shuffle  (tre) jeejee

1.  SASSE : Fusion LP       i220
2. NICK HOLDER : Underground alternatives LP     NRK
3. DAVID ALVARADO : Devotional       Peacefrog
4. SIRUS : An eye for an eye    NRK
5. PHOTEK feat. ROBERT OWENS : Mine to give     Astralwerks
6. MIGUEL MIGS : Infectious groove     NRK
7. TWISTED PAIR : Horny hustle    NRK

tänk juu veri meni. tö träk vas sliperi pät juusin hemohes toupt mii

DJ Ville H.  (Helsinki/Finland)
siedettäviä savikiekkoja

Basic Laws vol. 1 (Neroli 12")
Carl Hancock Rux: Lamentations (Giant Step 12")
UR: Timeline-Millenium to Millenium (UR 12")
Jori Hulkkonen: We Are Invisible (F Communications 12")
Nubian Minds: Check Da Vibe (2000 Black)
Technasia: Force (Technasia 12")
$tinkworx 12" (Bunker)
Slam: Positive Education-Slam remix (Soma 12")
Circulation: White (Circulation 12")

+ Herbie Hancock: Sextant (Columbia cd)

INVASION PLANETE (Toulouse, France) Charts :

-"The return of the living dead" - original soundtrack / The Cramps:
/ Enigma rec.
-The Normal / TVOD / Mute rec.
-Nitzer ebb 1989 / Belief / Mute rec.
-Anne Clarck/ Changing places lp : Contact  &  Sleeper in Metropolis /
-Front 242 / Geography lp / RRE
-John Foxx / Metamatic lp / Metal Beat rec.
-DAF / Der Mussolini / Mute rec.
-Alexander Robotnick / Cette vache de ma mere / Riot city rec.
-Kitbuilders:Wake up / Vertical rec.
-Le Car / Auto-Motif ep / Ersatz Audio rec.
-The men you 'll never see (V.A.): I-F - The men who won't come back /
- Porn. Darsteller's "Brigitte" / Invasion Planete 005 ( V.A.)
-Le Syndicat Electronique / The men who killed the beat / Invasion

-Meine kleines pony / Lux Nigra
-Bossanova Hawai / Business Class rec.
-Mikko / The Florence Ballard ep / Mjäll rec.
-Kranke musique ist schon / X- Ray connection: Get ready
-ADD N TO X / Plug me in / Mute rec.
-Porn. Darsteller's "Brigitte" / Invasion Planete 005 ( V.A.)
Remixen die Welttraumforscher ( V.A. ) / Gargarin rec.
-Blue Monday / New Order / Factory rec
-It & my computer / The player / Invasion Planete rec 004

Currently spinning

- no particular order -

CONTRIVA: Club Hits EP (Monika Enterprises)
JAMES DIN A 4: Altes Lego (Esel)
DISTILLE CUP EP (Freude am Tanzen)
NEEDS: Brother EP (Needs)
LADOMAT 100 COMPILATION (Ladomat 2000)
DISTILLE CUP (Freude am Tanzen)
WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS: Lifechange (Tiefschwarz Remix)
DAFT PUNK: One more time (Virgin)

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Marvin Jaxxon  //X-Rust//Tku//Fin

Records that make me go 'kyllä'!

*Gwyn Jay Allen: I Luv U Babe
*Cozy Creatures: How About Some Music (Hulkkonen rmx)
*Nathan Haines: Eart Is The Place
*49ers: Die Walküre
*Recloose: Can't Take The Absence
*Future Rhythm Foundation: Feelin Kinda Crazy
*Pet Shop Boys: A Man Could Get Arrested
*Gloria Estefan: Oye Mi Canto (Pablo Mix)

Dj Kim  22.3.2001 Top 10

1. Sunscreem : Coda
2. Trancesetters : Synergy
3. Ding Fei-Fei : Forgotten Moon
4. Bedrock : Beautiful Strange
5. Satoshie Tomiee : Love in Traffic
6. D-Factor : The Wrong Shake
7. Mac Zimms : Knock The Spots Off
8. Futureshock : The Question
9. Mundo : My Life
10. Starecase : Hopeless

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