D E C E M B E R 2000 / J A N U A R Y 2001

Last time updated January 24, 2001

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

pH I: oh my god, it's full of stars...

Boards Of Canada: In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (WAP144, Warp Records, 12")
Circle: Prospekt (Ektro-008, Ektro Records, 2-CD)
Club Telex Noise Ensemble: Kaukana väijyy ystäviä
(a cover version of the M.A. Numminen & Sähkökvartetti classic, live at Yo-Talon Pikkujoulu, 201200, Tampere, Finland)
C2 feat. Alexander Robotnick: Uh-Uh (original/Third Electric & Klystron remixes) (POP.:-Special II, Riot City, 12")
Miles Davis: Bitches Brew (CBS 451126 1, CBS, 2-LP, 1970)
Don Johnson Big Band: Support De Microphones (BBP-001, DJBB, CD)
8 Bit Rockers: s/t (Bunker 3011, Bunker Records, 12")
Faust: The Land of Ukko and Rauni (Ektro-007, Ektro Records, 2-CD)
Jori Hulkkonen: We Are Being Watched (F Communications, F129 RMX1, 12")
Legowelt: Wirtschaftswunder LP (Bunker 3010, Bunker Records, 12")
Loser: Rapid Prototyping (10SUPERCHEAP04, Cheap, 10")
Mono Junk vs. Irwin Berg: Mono Junk 10 Years Anniversary Record (MJ-10, ltd. ed. 7") - note: sounds excellent also on 33 rpm ;)
Perspects: Hoverculture EP (Cat. C#19, Clone Records, 10")
Jimi Tenor @ Nicole Willis live @ Club Telex 221200
Tuxedomoon: No Tears - Remixed (Gigolo 51, International Deejay Gigolos, 12")
V/A: Stand Up And Be Counted - Soul, Funk and Jazz from a Revolutionary Era: Volume 2 (HURTLP028, Harmless, 2-LP, 1969-75/2000)

pH II: MMTopReleasesApproximately

in alpHabetic order

Aavikko: Viitostie (Hawaii Sounds, 12")
Adult.: New-Phonies (Clone, 12")
Big Band Brútal: live @ Yo-Talo 270700
David Carretta: Le Catalogue Electronique (International Deejay Gigolo Records, 2-LP)
Chicks On Speed: The Un-Releases (Chicksonspeed Records, CD)
Anthony Child & Andrew Read / Speedranch^Jansky Noise: split (Fat Cat Records, 12")
Coil: Musick To Play In The Dark - Vol 2 (Chalice via World Serpent, CD)
Carl Craig & V/A: Designer Music V1 (Planet E, CD)
8 Bit Rockers: s/t (Bunker Records, 12")
Electronome: Een drumcomputer en een synthesizer 3 (Viewlexx, 12")
Es: Flick ((K-RAA-K)³, CD)
Hecker / Skot / Fennesz & Vainio: Mego Records Showcase - live & videos @ Club Telex / Avanto Festival 081100
Imatran Voima: s/t (Kostamus Records, 12")
Japanese Telecom: s/t (Intuit-Solar, CD)
Kemialliset Ystävät: Lumottu karkkipurkki (audiotape)
Kid 606 / Tigerboy: Attitude (V/Vm, 7")
Lackluster: 7" (Rikos Records, 7")
Le CAR: Auto-Biography (Ersatz Audio, CD)
Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique: Derrick in Nord Korea (Bunker Records, 12")
Mr. Velcro Fastener: Who's Gonna Bend (i220 Music, 12")
M.A. Numminen: Kiusankappaleita 1 (Love Records/Siboney, 2-CD)
Octagon Man: Ito Calculus (DC Recordings, 2-LP)
Op:l Bastards: Scorpius EP (Form & Function/Zomba, 12")
The Operator: Hostile Applets - Part One (Djax-Up-Beats, 12")
Perspects: Hoverculture EP (Clone, 10")
Platypus: Disco Recorder (Old People Records, CD-R)
Aku Raski: Koottava (Aku Raski, 3" CDS)
Rude 66: De Machine des Duivels (Bunker, 12")
Raymond Scott: Manhattan Research Project (Basta, 2-CD)
Sigur Rós: Ágætis byrjun (Fat Cat/Pias Recordings, CD)
Sylvester Boy: Monsters Rule This World (Chicksonspeed Records, CD)
Tero: First Blood EP (Rikos Records, 12")
Tom Flair: mn8 (Craft/Sabotage, 12")
Tuxedomoon: No Tears (International Deejay Gigolos, 12")
Unidentified Sounds Objects: Demo No 1 (CD-R)
V/A: Avanto-00 (Avanto Recordings, CD)
V/A: The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow (Ersatz Audio, CD)
V/A: Musique Compacte Vol. 1 (Viewlexx, CD)
V/A: Ohm - The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980 (Ellipsis Arts, 3-CD)
Virtalähde: Master Copy II (CD-R)
Vladislav Delay: Multila (Chain Reaction, CD)
Wiper: The Telefunken Sound (Wiper, 12")
Zombie Nation: Leichenschmaus (International Deejay Gigolo Records, 2-LP)

UPS / DOWNS OF 2000:

  • you know who you are...


    Adult.'s 'Nausea' EP / Gonzales / Jeans Team / Kreidler / Ladytron / Le Tigre / Lolita Storm / Peaches / V/Vm's 'Sick Love'


  • Es
    From postrock to dubby FX, check also Fonal Records
  • Kemialliset Ystävät
    Lo-fi avantgarde sound excursions
  • Nu Science
    Already touted by pHinnWeb & Club Telex for some time; should finally have their international conquest with a new 12" on Skanfrom/ADSR (GER) coming soon...
  • Unidentified Sound Objects
    Eklektik sampladelik hiphop beats freakery (and also a great graphic artist on his own right) - sign USO now, somebody!
  • Virtalähde
    Noisenik hero with a mighty analogue arsenal -
    give this guy too a recording contract and soon!

    See also:

  • Global Darkness Charts 2000

    Miss Kittin, Gigolo Records, Grenoble/Geneva, France/Switzerland

    Thomas Brinkmann - Klicks - Max Ernst
    Philippe Cam - LFO Drive - Traum
    Adult. - Nausea - Ersatz Audio
    Tuxedomoon - Heinrich Muller RMX What Use - Gigolo
    Kollektiv - BPitch Control
    Beroshima - The Pornographic Performance - Muller
    Plastique de Reve - Gigolo 52
    Kraftwerk - Francois K Expo remix - Kling Klang
    Stacey Pullen - Black Odyssey - Black Flag
    Swayzak - Ping Pong - Swayzak

    suction records (toronto, ontario, canada)

    top twelve for 2000

    (includes a couple of old things that were issued for the first time in 2000, does not include suction/solvent/lowfish-related releases). the top 3 are in precise order, the rest are in approximate order.

  • ONE: raymond scott - "manhattan research project" (2cd compilation, basta)
    this is a historical document of the seminal inventor/musician/composer, and from a musical perspective, it is chock-full of filler. you'll have to sit close to the CD player & be prepared to hit "forward" a lot. the good bits, however, are nothing short of a revelation. this is the sound of a man who lived and breathed electronic pop music before it really existed, and was compelled to prove it's immense musical potential by integrating it into popular music and culture. to discover such a fresh, naive and enthusiastic approach to electronic music in the year 2000 is invaluable. highlights: "cindy electronium", "portifino (version 1)", "bandito the bongo artist"
  • TWO: skanfrom - "electronic fragments" (7" ep, ADSR)
    sweet robot music purity. this skanfrom fellow has suction written all over him. in fact, skanfrom's debut full-length will be released on suction records 2001, with new tracks, + highlights from his hard-to-find/out-of-print ADSR backcatalog. highlight track: "cashier"
  • THREE: adult. - "hand to phone" (track, clone)
    if steve strange had a dollar for every time a dance club plays "fade to grey," he would still be earning millions from goth clubs alone. some people say that synth-pop never went away. this may be true, but it sure has been sucking since 1983. not that adult has written the only great synth-pop track since 1983, but here is a track that is so strong, so catchy, and so in-tune with what made the original synth-pop tracks great, that it should be added to the ranks of "fade to grey", "warm leatherette", "memorabilia", and the all-too-few rest.
  • FOUR: christian kleine - "bitter things" (track, morr music)
  • FIVE: future3 vs piano magic - "there's no need for us to be alone (rmx)" (track, morr music)
    boards of canada has become just about the most overused and lazy journalistic comparison in contemporary electronica. that being said, these 2 tracks remind us of boards of canada. that formula (subtle-breaks-via-autechre + melancholy-evocative-melodies) is easy to tap into until you get to the "evocative" part. these two tracks really hit the spot... unlike, say, the new boards of canada ep. the klein track caused a line-up @ a recent lowfish dj-gig: "where can i get this?" - we think it was the melodic bassline that got them.
  • SIX: frederik schikowski - "station brenslauer strasse" (track, city.centre.offices)
    his melodies are wonky, eccentric and very infectious, and capture some of the same naive magic as raymond scott. this track is even better than anything on his great ADSR record, mainly because he didn't turn on that unfortunate digital drum machine he always uses.
  • SEVEN: autophonic - "craft crash" (track, d.u.b.)
    since idm artists (of the tricky-fractured-hiphop-beat variety) like to copy each other, we urge all idm artists to copy autophonic: they're generally better than the everyone else in your genre, and with this track in particular they demonstrate what you've been lacking for a long time: fat, monstrous, arpeggiating analog basslines. now get on that.
  • EIGHT: o.m.d. - "peel sessions 1979-83" (comp cd, virgin)
    electronic pop classics, now with added crass. mmm.
  • NINE: ? - [no title] (track4 on "rice & beans" cd, beta bodega)
    aka datathief. if i-f did the drum programming for clock-dva circa early-90s... it does sound good, doesn't it?
  • TEN: legowelt vs orgue electronique - "he who rides the tiger" (track, bunker)
    never really had a soft spot for full-on disco, but this track makes us wonder if maybe we should. besides, the melody will not leave you alone.
  • ELEVEN: isan - "salamander" (lp, morr music)
    classy restraint, and a nice subtle interplay between early-warpisms and 70s-ambient-murk. many of their musical touches sound wholly unfamiliar to us - they're on their own tip. highlight track: "prooger".
  • TWELVE: lali puna - "don't think" (track, morr music)
    last year we predicted that lali puna would be famous by now. unfortunately this is the only track they released in 2000, but at least it's further proof that we are right.

  • NOTE1: some wicked comps in 2000 - we knew just about all the tracks but they got heavy rotation in suction-land nonetheless:

    v/a - "the forgotten sounds of tomorrow" (cd, ersatz audio)
    v/a - "musique compact" (cd, viewlexx)
    le car - "auto-biography" (cd, ersatz audio)

  • NOTE2: we didn't get to hear the new perspects 10" or the new pluxus cd this year. we imagine they'd probably be in here too.

    Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

    haven't bought all that much new stuff lately but here are the 25 i've been most into this holiday season.

    . Plus One: bare necessities cd (DeFocus)
    . Shuttle 358: frame cd (12k)
    . Gimmik: slow motion process cd (Worm Interface)
    . Mokira: cliphop cd (Raster-Static)
    . Needle: transmission 004 cd (Beta Bodega)
    . Vladislav Delay: anima cd (Mille Plateaux)
    . Mikael Stavostrand: lite cd (Mitek)
    . Dumb Type: memorandum cd (CCI)
    . V/A: Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 1 comp cd (Bip-Hop)
    . Inkblot: the language game cd (Tomlab)
    . Carl Craig: designer music vol 1 cd (Planet E)
    . Kandis: 1996-99 cd (Karaoke Kalk)
    . Remote Viewer: series 500 12" (Domino)
    . Yunx: soft boucle funnel neck 12" (Yunx Recordings)
    . V/A: Find More Hits comp cd (Lucky Kitchen)
    . Fizzarum: monochrome plural cd (Domino)
    . Senking: trial cd (Raster-Noton Static)
    . Jan Jelinek: tendency 12" (~Scape)
    . Schneider TM vs KPT Michigan: binokular 12" (City Slang)
    . Mouse on Mars: instrumentals cd (Thrill Jockey)
    . Oval: pre/commers cd (Tokuma)
    . EU: reframing cd (Pause_2)
    . Future Beat Alliance: audio photos 12" (Delsin)
    . Skein: venice 12" (Vertical Form)
    . Kit Clayton: lateral forces 12" (Vertical Form)

    The one letter that provided quality techno thru year 2000 by

    Sakke (Tampere, Finland)

    01 D

    Artificial Unintelligence (HML/Finland)

    Top 5 for December/January
    aka "The I'm Too Lazy to Sort and List All the Good Releases from 2000 List"

    1. Koneveljet - Brothers in Machine (Exogenic)
    2. Rasmus - Serious Pranks (Bolshi)
    3. Thomas Brinkmann - Klick (Max/Ernst)
    4. Tero - First Blood (Rikos)
    5. Pan sonic - Aaltopiiri (Blast First)

    + Love Hina Original Sound File (Star Child)

    DJ Shuffle (tre, fi)

    top 5

    1. Halo & Hipp-E & Tony: The 6400 Crew EP (Yoshitoshi)
    2. Alric: Lower Horizon (Plastic City USA)
    3. Celeda: The Underground - The Addictive Trip Mix (Star69)
    4. Swayzak: Himawari (The Medicine label)
    5. Stewart Walker vs. Theorem: Intervals (Minus)




    august enkilde.
    robert hood.
    theo parrish.
    the parallax corporation.
    jeans team.
    tom flair.
    david carretta.
    zombie nation.
    thomas krome.
    mike ink.
    closer musik.
    sascha funke.
    johannes heil.
    heiko laux.
    add n to (x).
    8 bit rockers.
    rude 66.


    my bloody valentine.
    sigur rós.

    Waldo Dekeyser (Plastiks Magazine / Plastiks Soundsystem / Session 0, Leuven, Belgium)

    January Chart


    1. BB Boogie: Tell Him (Laws of Motion)
    2. Mark de Clive-Lowe: Move On Up (Bugz Opaque Remix) (Bitasweet)
    3. Jeymes Samuel: When It Rains (Giant Step)
    4. Modaji: One And The Same (Laws of Motion)
    5. New Sector Movements: No Tricks EP (Virgin)
    6. Zero db: ? (Fluid Ounce)
    7. Various: Jazz Bizniz 2 (Les Gammas + Beyond There remixes) (Counterpoint)
    8. T Love: Q.M.S. (Ninja Tune promo)
    9. Daniel Ibbotson: Stumble (Fenetik)
    10. Precyz: EP (Nylon test)
    11. Banco: Latin Blues (Solaria)
    12. Nova Nova: Bewildered (Maas 1982 Dub) (Soma test)
    13. Light Sleepers: Light Sleepers EP (Fenetik cdr)
    14. Kenny Dope: Buggin' On Percussion (Dopewax)
    15. Butti 49: Brazilikum EP (Guidance)
    16. DJ Ghe: EP (White)
    17. Masters At Work: Brazilian Beat (The Funky Lowlives Mix) (Mr Bongo)
    18. Space Clique: Stygian Depth/Taurus (Progressive Spins)
    19. Classen Collective feat. Corinna Joseph: New Born (Universal Funk Remix) (JCR)
    20. Flying Disc Federation: unreleased track (cdr)
    21. Bill Evans/Les McCann: You Sure Look Good To Me (Aromabar/Mark de Clive-Lowe remixes)
    22. Manitoba: People Eating Fruit (Leaf)
    23. DJ Food: Quadraplex EP (Ninja Tune test)
    24. T-Power: American Psycho (Botchit & Scarper)
    25. Pepe Bradock: Peer Pressure (Atavisme)


    1. Modaji: Modaji (Laws of Motion promo)
    2. New Sector Movements: Download This (Virgin cdr)
    3. Hefner: Residue (Inertia)
    4. Burnt Friedman: Plays Love Songs (Nonplace)
    5. Fauna Flash: Fusion (Compost promo)
    6. Fug: album (Nuphonic promo)
    7. Ladyvipb: Stories Of A Broken Heart and Recovering (Nuphonic promo)
    8. P'Taah: De'Compressed (Ubiquity promo)
    9. Zimpala: Almaviva (Platinum)
    10. Ty: Awkward (Big Dada promo)
    Various: The Good Good (2000 Black)
    Various: Phuturistic Dancin' (Bitasweet)
    Various: Dawn Of A New Era 2001 (mixtape 9 by Wontime)

    Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

    Top 10 in Istanbul

    1. "Orange, orange, range, nge" - screaming orange juice salesman on ferry.
    2. "Yummy, yummy, good for tummy" - screaming kebab salesman on Divan Yolu.
    3. Sailing on Bosphorus. From the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.
    4. Tünel. The oldest and shortest (300 m) subway.
    5. Dodging the shower of handheld sparklers at Taksim Square on New Year's Eve.
    6. Baklava.
    7. Most expensive dinner I've ever eaten: 15,000.000 (15 million) for swordfish on a stick.
    8. All the ruins built by Theodosius I & II.
    9. Bumper cars on Asian shore.
    10. Sweating on the same marble as Elvis in Turkish bath Gagaloglu Hamami.

    Antti Lähde, Doris / SuperIndie @ Yo-Talo / Panda Love / Rumba, Tampere, Finland


    * Add N to (X): Add Insult To Injury
    * Blonde Redhead: La Mia Vita Violenta
    * Fizzarum: Monochrome Plural
    * Hell On Wheels: There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On (promo)
    * Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs
    * Pluto Monkey: Duel At The Rodeo (b-side)
    * Stephen Malkmus solo (promo)
    * Shellac: Terraform
    * Stereolab: Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
    * V/A: Teenage Shutdown - Nobody To Love compilation (mid-60s teen folkpunk)

    Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

    Top 20 in no particular order

    - J-Live: The Best Part ( - 2LP)
    - Ceebrolistics: Hyviä Juttuja (Emi 12")
    - Rise: Do You Know Why (Phono Synthetic Productions 12")
    - Aceyalone: Accvepted Eclectic (Ground Control 12")
    - Arnold Jarvis: Special Kind Of Love (King Street Sounds 12")
    - Lost Weight: The Pastfuture ep (Repap 12")
    - V/A: Night Textures (Transport 12")
    - Blaze: Elevation (Lifeline 12")
    - Recloose: Can't Take It (Planet E 12")
    - Marc De Clive-Lowe: Better Days (People 12")
    - Deep Sensation: Can't Give You Up (Guidance 12")
    - Metroarea: Metroarea 3 (Environ 12")
    - Op:l Bastards: Scorpius EP (Form&Function 12"/CD)
    - Spayes Cayes (Snickars 2LP)
    - Nicole Willis: Soul Makeover (Puu CD)
    - Speech Defect: Pen And Pencil Sketches EP (No Cool 12")
    - Dennis Ferrer: Soul Collectives vol. 1 (Large 12")
    - Elsie Bianchi: The Sweetest Sound (Saba re-issue LP)
    - V/A: Finders Keepers (Grand Central 2LP)

    Pasmando, Turku, Finland

    great eight:

    digital: jah session / water house dub (function)
    digital & spirit: cool out ep (phantom audio)
    dillinja pres. cybotron: i wanna know / nasty ways (ffrr/valve)
    metro area: ep vol 3 (environ)
    black cuban opera: symphonies from the underground (black china)
    theo parrish: lights down low (sound signature)
    rinocerose: mes vacances a rio (fk remix) (v2)
    man friday: love honey love heartache (bootleg)

    Supermario, Germany

    Currently spinning

    - No particular order -

      HAMBURGEINS - Dial
    DUB TAYLOR: I can't (fall in love with another one) - Force Tracks
    GAMAT 3000: Feeling Love - Freude am Tanzen
    LUOMO: Tessio Remixes - Force Tracks
    GUSTAVO LAMAS: Manana - Kompakt
    DONNA REGINA: Star Ferry Remixes - Karaoke Kalk
    JOACHIM SPIETH: You don't fool me - Kompakt
    SAFETY SCISSORS: Free Range Deductions - Force Tracks
    BOARDS OF CANADA: In a beautiful place out in the country - Warp
    TURNER: Head in the Sky (Lawrence Remix) - Ladomat 2000
    DON DISKO & SIKORA: Tanzen - Ongaku
    FARBEN: Beautone - Klang

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