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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

Arovane/Multipara/Pole/etc.: No Movement No Sound No Memories Removed (LNV03, Lux Nigra, 12")
The Atlas Project: Wechma (PRIK031, Lytch/Prikosnovenie, CD)
1. Piiri (=Ilpo Väisänen): Jarru EP (MIND-201, Mind Records, 12")
Jori Hulkkonen: Detach Yourself (F 105, F Communications, 12")
< machine >/Karri O./H. Hansen: Bound By Water (MR-001, Mono Records, 12")
Muslimgauze: Fakir Sind (SOL80 CD, Soleilmoon Recordings)
Muslimgauze: Hand of Fatima (SOL90 CD, Soleilmoon Recordings)
Paranoid Android (featuring Cage, Space & Masai): Beyond and Back (DC 019, DC Recordings, 12")
Plone: For Beginner Piano (WARPCD64, Warp Records)
Skillsters: Pronto! EP (PYSSY-4, Pyssy Recordings, 12")
Step Time Orchestra: "Is Best" (STIK 066, Stickman Records, 12")
The Tape-beatles: Good Times (STCD 136, Staalplaat)
Mika Vainio: Ydin (WAV01, Wavetrap, CD)
Vladislav Delay: Ele (sigma 005, Sigma Editions, CD)
Akira Yamamichi: Pulse Beats (F-17,, 3" CD)


Amon Düül II: Phallus Dei (REP 4747, Liberty/Repertoire, CD, '69/'97)
Beastie Boys: Paul's Boutique (CDP 7 91743 2, Capitol, '89)
Carpenters: Interpretations: A 25th Anniversary Celebration (540 251-2, A&M Records, CD,'69-'80/'94)
The Charlatans: Us and Us Only (MCD 53866/153866-2, Universal MCA, '99)
Classix Nouveaux: The Very Best of Classix Nouveaux (72438 59978 22, EMI Gold, CD, '80-'83/'97)
Fad Gadget: Collapsing New People (12 MUTE 030/INT. 126.819, Mute Records, 12", '84)
Munich Machine introducing Chris Bennett: A Whiter Shade of Pale (NBLP 7090, Casablanca Records, LP, '78)
Os Mutantes: Os Mutantes (FJORD 001, Omplatten, CD, '68/'99)
Os Mutantes: Mutantes (FJORD 002, Omplatten, CD, '69/'99)
Os Mutantes: A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desgligado (FJORD 003, Omplatten, CD, '70/'99)
Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile (490 473-2, Nothing, 2-CD, '99)
Primal Scream vs. Adrian Sherwood: Echo Dek (CRECD 224, Creation, '97)
Yma Sumac: Legend of the Jivaro (7243-8-36355-2-8, The Right Stuff/EMI, CD, '5?/'96)
Ultravox: The Collection (CDP 32 1490 2, Chrysalis, CD, '80-'84/'84)
Visage: The Best of Visage (521 053-2, Polydor, CD, '79-'84/'93)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. FX Randomiz: stack 12" (Sonig)
. Lithops: sequenced 12" (Sonig)
. Beta Bodega #2 comp 12" (Beta Bodega)
. The Tourist Record comp 7" (Lucky Kitchen)
. Livestock: cd (Lo-Tek)
. Sybarite: meusic/invisible magnetic missive 7" (Emanate)
. Benge: the best of benge cd (Sub Rosa)
. Adrien 75: sneaky drain 12" (Carpet Bomb)
. Dettinger: intershop cd (Kompakt)
. Vendor Refill: Stable 2x12" (Nature)
. Multicast: Iron Feather Journal 10" (Obliq)
. Lilienthal: castor & pollux cd (Emanate)
. Animal On Wheels: modular existence 12" (Ninja Tune)
. Aspen: Are You That Retail Snob? cd (Involve)
. Solvent: Solvently One Listens cd (Suction)
. Sack & Blumm: s/t cd (Tom)
. Frank Bretschneider: rand cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Pulse Programming: prelim cd (Aesthetics)
. Gustavo Lamas: celeste cd (Traum)
. Jeff Samuel: bidooba 12" (ASCII)

Sean Cooper, Urban Sounds, USA

1. Pita, Get Out (Mego)
2. Frank Bretschneider, Rand (Mille Plateaux)
3. Sack & Blumm, Sack & Blumm (Tom)
4. Solvent, Solvently One Listens (Suction)
5. Fennesz, +47 Degrees... (Touch)
6. Shirt Trax, Good News About Space (Or)
7. Neina, Formed Verse (Mille Plateaux)
8. Noto, 20" to 2000 (Noton)
9. Minit, Music (Sigma Editions)
10. Kim Cascone, Pulsar Studies 1-20 (Falsch)

Pasmando, Turku, Finland

stuff like that 5 1 blackalicious - deception (ruby dee mix) (mo wax)
2 sun palace - rude movements (passion)
4 krystine - better love (kult)
5 bembe seque - amazing (main squeeze)

Lifesaver, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland (+358-9-630 051)
Heavy sales & heavy rotation in no particular order

Soul Bossa Trio: Soul Bossa Trio (Ubiquity LP)
Nuspirit: You're In My Mind (Guidance 12")
DJ Shadow: Endtroducing (FFRR LP)
DMX Krew: Good Time Girl (Rephlex)
V/A: Body & Soul NYC Vol 2 (Wave 3xLP)
Handsome Boy Modeling School (Tommy Boy LP)
Lafayette Afro-Rock Band: Darkest Light (The Best Of..) (Strut 2xLP)
Jones Girls: Nights Over Egypt (Philadelphia 12")
Ø: Kvantti (Sähkö 12")
The J.B.'s: Food For Thought (People LP)
Skillsters featuring 4 Minute Soldiers: Secret Handshake (Pyssy 12")
Wilai: Electromix-CD (CD-R)
Nobody feat. Freestyle Fellowship: Earthtones (Ubiquity 12")
Nu Science: Enter Spacebar (Ultra Dub 12")
Kerri Chandler & Dennis Ferrer: The Fist Steps (Sfere 2xLP)
Pharoah Monch: Internal Affairs (Rawkus 2xLP)
Plankton: Abyss (mixtape)

DJ Pirkka (Lifesaver, Helsinki, Finland)

Cesaria Evora: Carnaval De Sao Vicente (Wave)
Blaze: Wishing You Were Here [Joey Negro remix] (Slip'n'Slide)
Ultra High Frequency: We're On The Right Track [Instrumental]
Forme: Pulse Fiction (Svek)
Elusive: 6 Degrees of Separation (Elusive)
Snowboy ft. Liliana Chachian: Casa Forte [Joe Claussell remix] (Ubiquity)
Norma Jean Bell: Nobody's Gonna Love You (Pandamonium)
Jasmine Lee: You Take My Breath Away (hiphopish CD)
Kathy Brown: Happy People (Easy Street)
Handsome Boy Modeling School: The Truth (Tommy Boy)

Andrew Duke, Cognition/Andrew Duke's In The Mix, Halifax NS, Canada

Part 1: some House/Techno/Electro releases I'm diggin' (compiled 28 Oct 99)

Victor Street: Vibrations 12" (US Aesoteric)
Rick Wade: Deep Threats EP (DM A Touch Of Class test)
Metro Area (Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani): Metro Area EP (US Environ test)
Harmony Funk (DJ Staxx and Cei Bei): Before Life EP (US Real Estate test)
Maas: Powers Of Ten (Funk D'Void mix) 12" (UK Soma test)
Snowboy: Casa Forte (Joe Claussel remixes) 12" (US Ubiquity CDR)
Submania/Ekmoah: Low Voltage Clear Storm Floor (DM Background test)
Dhyan Moller: Tonal Warfare EP (US Drone test)
Tim Baker: Audio Implant (US Elephanthaus CDR)
Dan Curtin: Pregenesis (BE Elypsia)
Exos: FIM 174 EP (DM Force Inc)
Sturm (Reinhard Voigt): Sturmgesten (DM Mille Plateaux)
Twerk: Enemies Of The State EP (US Organised Noise test)
Steve Stoll: Supernatural (US Proper CDR)
Fabrice Lig: Justice EP (US Raygun test)
Dietrich Schoenemann: 19 Bullets EP (US Tension/DM Disko B)
DJ T-1000 (Alan Oldham): Progress (DM Tresor test)
Disco D: Incomprehensible Representation Of Self EP (US Contaminated test)
DJ Godfather: Via Satellite From Detroit EP (US Intuit-Solar test)
Digitek 4: Last Of The Finest 12" (US Motor City Electro Company test)
Cylob: Living In The 1980s 12" (UK Rephlex)
Sekter 17: Remote Control EP (US Twilight 76 test)
Maas 2008: Contaminated Material EP (US Twilight 76 test)
Vmax: Movement 12" (US Vmax test)
Two Lone Swordsmen: Receive Tactical Support EP (UK Warp)

Part 2: Top 20 (compiled 12 Nov 99)

1. Pub Summer EP (UK Vertical Form CDR)
2. Perspects Desire & Efficiency EP (US Ersatz Audio test)
3. W-Stepheadedredchild The Remix Sessions (US Zoemagik)
4. Monolake Fragile/Static 12" (DM Monolake test)
5. Ptaah EP (US Ubiquity CDR)
6. Kim Cascone Cathodeflower (DM Ritornell)
7. Crank Heftibag (DM Mille Plateaux)
8. Two Lone Swordsmen A Virus With Shoes EP (UK Warp)
9. Enduro Fire Walk With Me (AT Twentysomething)
10. 310 The Dirty Rope (UK Leaf test)
11. Kid 606 unreleased live set (US Tigerbeat6 CDR)
12. Kit Clayton Nek Sanalet (DM ~Scape)
13. Phase 6 Swimming In Lemonade? EP (UK Benbecula CDR)
14. Max Brennan unreleased live set (JP Sublime CDR)
15. The Baby Namboos Ancoats 2 Zambia (UK Durban Poison/US Palm Pictures promo)
16. Meek CDR2 (CAN Independent CDR)
17. Critters Buggin Amoeba (US Loosegroove promo)
18. Codec Fragments (US Component)
19. Sybarite Meusic 7" (US Emanate)
20. Graviton EP (UK Cloak & Dagger test)

joonas, Bedroom Bangers, Oulu, Finland

adult: entertainment (ersatz audio)
adult: dispassionate furniture (ersatz audio)
legowelt: pimpshifter (bunker)
random noise generation: instrument of change (430 west)
suburban knight: hidden in plainsight (underground resistance)
theo parrish: essential selections vol.1 (sound signature)
company flow: lune tns (rawkus)
peanut butter wolf: breaks em´ down (copasetik)
quannum: spectrum (quannum)

DJ Sakke (T:re, FIN)
homeListening blastRaveHits

01 Zentropa - X-tatikk (remix)
02 DJPC - Inssomniak (I must sleep)
03 Escape from Brooklyn - Ecstacy Recall (remix)
04 Interactive - Work That Body
05 M.N.O. - God of Abraham (remix)
06 O - Orgasm (remix)
07 Pacific 231 - 21st Century Schizoid Man
08 Technoline - Technological Terror
09 Fire on High - Float in a Dream of Xt-Tc
10 The Unknown - Dreams of Santa Anna (Underground mix)
11 Britney Spears - [You drive me] Crazy (stop remix)
12 Aphex Twin - Polynomial C

"What is techno? -Bullshit hype (Derrick May, circa 1988)"

DJ Wille (Leeds, UK & Tampere, Finland)

THOMAS KROME: The real jazz (erot rmx) (dk)
YASUSHI IDE: Lonesome echo strings (maw rmx) (yellow)
B+M: Happiness (white)
BASEMENT JAXX: Betta daze (atlantic jaxx)
SPIRO PROJECTO: Your love won't let me wait (jori hulkkonen rmx) (wrong steps)
NICK HOLDER: Summer daze '99 (dnh)
SILENT MAJORITY: Hats off to george (derby st)
LACARNO & BURNS: Off and on (chilli funk)
BOBBY D'AMBROSIO: The collection (preview sampler) (definity)
STEVIE WONDER: In the key of life (lp) (motown)

top8 tracks
c/o jason amm, suction records, canada

1. glued smile - lowfish (city.centre.offices.)
2. desire & efficiency - perspects (ersatz audio)
3. ice machine - depeche mode (mute)
4. breakfast at rhiz - b.fleischmann (morr music)
5. nova heart (extended) - the spoons (ready records)
6. hi/bye/why? - brioche kretzaal (suction)
7. antenna trash - lali puna (morr music)
8. pressure suit - adult. (ersatz audio)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland

12th November top 10

1. 8th Wonder: She Loves House Music (Tremolo)
2. Andy Farley: Concentrate (Nukleuz)
3. Brother Brown: Under The Water (fffr)
4. Lock'n Load: Blow Ya Mind (Blue White)
5. Greenfield: Forever (Dna)
6. Hybrid: If I Survive (Distinctive)
7. Country & Western: Positive Energy (Caged)
8. Knuckleheadz: Raise Your Hands (Tripoli Trax)
9. Timo Maas: Der Schieber (Hope)
10. Raw Traderz: Synthar (Flammable)

multipara, berlin, germany

multipara's favourites for november. alphabetical order.


disc: frequency range (on "brave2ep", vinyl communications vc156 cd)
eiterherd: deala (on "1984/1999" widerstand lp01 / praxis 30 2x12")
hrvatski: cirrus minor (on "oiseaux 96-98" reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge rkk-1 cd)
felix kubin: im waschzenter (on "filmmusik", a-musik a13 cd)
nerve net noise: gagaku (on "this island earth", zero gravity 013 cd)
noto: 2 (on "20' to 2000: september", rastermusik 20 to 20009 cd)
pardon kimura: maza train (on "tsunami sound presents..." bleach ytpr-5805 cd)
potere occulto: llancaiach fawr (on praxis 25 2x10")
frederik schikowski: amerikatze (unpublished)
frederik schikowski: untitled (unpublished)
john watermann: neurotic jesus cash boy (on "neurotic jesus cash boy", tochnit aleph 017 cd-r)
joji yuasa: voices coming (on tape, no info available)

full albums:

i.s.o.: live (zero gravity 023 cd)
kazunao nagata: the world of electronic sound (zero gravity 005 cd)
v.a.: mixed "0" (zero gravity 015 cd)
v.a.: psykoscifipoppia (gagarin records 2003 lp)

J. Lehtisalo, Circle / Ektroverde / Ektro Records, Pori / Tampere, Finland

Cosmic Invention: Help Your Satori Mind
La Düsseldorf: S/T
Fushitsusha: Pathetique
Ghost: Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
Golowin, Sergius: Lord Krishna Vol Goloka
Guru Guru: UFO
Embryo: Rocksession
Fifty Foot Hose: Cauldron
Hölderlin: Hölderlin's Traum
Gila: S/T

DJ Mini, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

Mr. Velcro Fastener - Lucky Bastards Living Up North
Adult. - Entertainment
Visage - Mind Of A Toy (dance mix)
Cabaret Voltaire - Dream Ticket
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Renegades Of Funk
Spacemen 3 - Recurring
Madonna - Frozen (Stereo MC's mix)
The Eye That Never Sleeps - Orgue Electronique
Trans Am - Future World
Slowdive - Pygmalion

DJ MUstaPHA BreAk @ Verbrechan Glasgow, Scotland

Bastiaan Maris : Large Hot Pipe Organ (Staalplaat)
Kid 606 : ruin it.. (Gun Court)
Autophonic : Artificial Death (DUB)
Bolz Bolz : Deluxe EP (World Electric)
Semiconductor : Medical Milestones (Hot Air)
Scud & Nomex : Total Destruction (Maschinenbau)
Goodiepal : Goodiebag (VVM)
Removed Compilation : No Movement.. (Lux Nigra)
Felix Kubin : Jane B droning with horses (Diskono)
Farmers Manual : Explorers We (Or)
Gagarin Compilation : Psykoscifipoppia (Gagarin)

DJ Groover, Finland

1 Saudacao Aos Oxinas feat Vera Mare Ep (Ibadan)
2 Those Guys Do the boogalu (Basement Boys)
3 Ministers-De-La-Funk Believe (Subliminal)
4 New Latinaires Snowboy (J. Claussell mixes) (Ubiquity)
5 Mr Hermano Vasco Da Gama (Disorient)
6 Joe Claussell Ke ja jo (Ibadan)
7 Mavenalli Project Blue street ep (Toko)
8 Brandy Walk on the 5th avenue (Wally´s Groove)
9 Nova Fronteira Irmao (Z)
10 Open Door Get into you (Hipbone)

DJ Mekaanikko (Tsiklon Audio, Helsinki, Finland)

parasta juuri nyt x 20

Snowboy: Casa Forte [Joe Clausell Remix] (Ubiquity)
Saian supa crew: Malade imaginaire (Source)
Le Knight Club: Hysteria II (Crydamoure)
Sweet Excorcist: Testone (Warp)
Sweet Excorcist: Testfour (Warp)
LFO: LFO [Leeds Warehouse Mix] (Warp)
No Smoke: Koro Koro (Cause'n'Effect)
Orchester Joe Jerkins: Der Komissar (Universal)
Basement Jaxx: Jump N Shout (Atlantic Jaxx)
Sigur Rós: Svefn-g-englar (Fat Cat)
Faze Action: Moving Cities (Nuphonic)
Mafia trece: Confession (Small)
Mafia trece: Rimes passionnelles (Small)
Bossa Très... Jazz presents Yashushe Ide & Lonesome Echo Strings: Plein soleil [Nuyorican Soul Mix] (Yellow)
Shirley Bassey meets Booster: Light My Fire [Booster Jungle Mix] (Blue Note)
Femi Kuti: Beng Beng Beng [Ashley Beedle's Africans on Marz Mix] (Sound of Barclay)
Vangelis: Tales of the Future (Warner)
Cinérex: Feminax (Downsall Plastics)
The Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal: Jungle Symphony [Live] (Realworld)
Ennio Morricone: L'Alibi (Party Music) (Il Giaguaro)

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