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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex / tAMPEREeLEKTRObASS2000!, Tampere, Finland

goodbye 20th century

Singles & EPs:

Coil: Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk or Under an Unquiet Skull (Eskaton 11, Eskaton/World Serpent, CDS)
Coil: Summer Solstice: Bee Stings (Eskaton 14, Eskaton/World Serpent, CDS)
Coil: Autumn Equinox: Regel (Eskaton 16, Eskaton/World Serpent, CDS)
Coil: Winter Solstice: A White Rainbow (Eskaton 19, Eskaton/World Serpent, CDS)
Depth Charge: Bounty Killer III (The Eyes of Johnny Ringo) (DC24, DC Recordings, 12")
Hermann & Kleine: Transalpin E.P. (block 005, City Centre Offices, 12")
Kinetic: Sorry, I Didn't Know (CDR)
Mr Velcro Fastener feat. Laser Squad: Which Scenario? (i220 Special Edition, i220, 12")
Perspects: Desire & Efficiency (EZ-010, Ersatz Audio, 12")
Pole: Tanzen (KIFF 008, Kiff SM, 12")
V/A: Voices In My Lunchbox Vol. 2 (PR18MC4, Plug Research, 12")

Long plays:

Chicks On Speed: promo CD (Go Records)
+ CoS live at Tavastia, Helsinki, 041299 + The Chicks themselves :)
Depth Charge: Lust (DC30LP, DC Recordings, 2-LP)
Dopplereffekt: Gesamtkunstwerk (EFA 29532-2, Dataphysix/International Deejay Gigolo Records, CD)
Drexciya: Neptune's Lair (Tresor129, Tresor Records, CD)
Richie Hawtin: Decks, EFX & 909 (ANOMU732CD, Minus/NovaMute)
Ovuca: Lactavent LP (CAT 081 LP, Rephlex, 2/LP)
Pimmon: v.p.e. (ER 12/01, E.R.S., LP)
Pink Twins: Passive Guidance (pinktwin005, CD)
Suuri Shamaani: Mysteerien maailma (SPI84CD, Spinefarm)
Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester (Neo Astronautic Sound): Warp Back To Earth 66/99 [incl. originals + V/A remixes] (bung 048.2, Bungalow, 2-CD, '66-'99)
V/A: Warp10+1 Influences (WARPCD67, Warp Records)
V/A: Warp10+1 Classics 89-92 (WARPCD68, Warp Records)
V/A: Warp10+1 Remixes (WARPCD69, Warp Records)


Add N To (X): Little Black Rocks In The Sun (cdmute217, Mute Records, CDS, '98)
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force with Shango: Frantic Situation (AFRX3, Tommy Boy, 12", '84)
The Beta Band: The 3 E.P.'s (7243 497050 2 9, EMI, CD, '98)
Nick Drake: Way To Blue - An Introduction to... (IMCD 196 / 524 007-2, CD, '69-'72/'94)
Gerard Deluxxe: Spiral Architect (craft rec. 26, Craft Records/Sabotage, 12", '97)
Iggy & The Stooges: Raw Power [Iggy Pop '97 remix] (CBS, CD, '73/'97)
Jefferson Airplane: Journey... The Best of (74321 400572, Camden, CD, '66-'74/'96)
Kraftwerk: Electric Cafe (064 24 06441, Kling Klang/EMI, LP, '86)
My Bloody Valentine: Isn't Anything (9 45231-2, Sire/Warner Bros., CD, '88)
V/A: Oral-Olio: An History of Tomorrow (EZ-008, Ersatz Audio, 12", '99)
Yellow Magic Orchestra: s/t (A&M AML4 68506, Alfa/A&M Records, LP, '79)


Dan Steinbock: Sisäistetty herruus. 1980 Otava, Helsinki.
Sakari Toiviainen: Risto Jarva. 1983 Suomen elokuva-arkisto A3/Valtion painatuskeskus, Helsinki.

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany
chart 12:99

01. Arovane - Atol Scrap (DIN)
02. Pan American - 360 Business / 360 Bypass (Blast First / Mute)
03. snd - Systems Medley (City Centre Offices)
04. Arovane - Tides (City Centre Offices)
05. Herrmann & Kleine - Kickboard Girl E.P. (Morr Music)
06. ISAN - Salamander (Morr Music)
07. Solvent - Solvently One Listens (Suction)
08. Pluxus - FAS 2 (Slowball)
09. Piano Magic / Icebreaker (Debut)
10. Round One To Five (Main Street)

sampen aka Unidentified Sound Objects (HKI, FIN)

rejoices in December 9991 for the following:

1. Ovalki - Entfernen Tragen cd
2. Ovuca - Hupinalle track (and not only for its name)
3. HKI December's gig situation: Public Enemy, SugarHillGang, Chicks On Speed
4. Pokémon - TV series (Pikachu Rules!)
5. Beastie Boys - Start video
6. Karate Psycho - Craft Works cd
7. Harmony Korine - A Crack Up at the Race Riots book
8. Stereo Total - My Melody cd
9. Todd Solondz - Happiness film
10. Beck - Midnight Vultures cd

I-f, Hotmix electro-nix, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Disco 2000:

1: 'lectric workers/Message from the future - Robot is systematic (Italy/1982)
2: Mr. Flaggio - Take a chance (Italy/1983)
3: Charly - Spacerwoman (Italy/1982)
4: Azoto - Discofizz LP (Italy/1980)
5: Sun la Shan - Catch (Italy/1983)
6: Jonzun Crew - Space is the place (USA/1982)
7: Easy Going - Fear =Disconet rx= (Italy/USA 1980)
8: Camaro's Gang - Fuerza Major (Italy/1983)
9: Freestyle - Don't stop the rock (USA/1984)
10: The Parallax Corporation (Holland/Est 1998)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

December's chart...

. Norken: soul static bureau cd (Beau Monde)
. Carsten Nicolai: polyfoto book + cd (Rastermusic)
. Crank: Heftibag cd (Mille Plateaux)
. The Actors Pendantry: s/t 12" (Pub)
. Thomas Fehlmann: one to three cd (R&S/Apollo)
. SND/Shirt Trax: Premium Leisure 12" (SND)
. Accelera Deck: halo 12" (Morr Music)
. B. Fleischmann: sidonie 12" (Morr Music)
. Isan: salamander 12" (Morr Music)
. Phonem: phonetik 12" (Morr Music)
. Chessie: meet cd (Drop Beat)
. Nacht Plank: s/t cdr (Microwave)
. Taylor Deupree/Richard Chartier: spec cd (12k)
. Scanner: mort aux vaches cd (Staalplaat)
. Gain Structure comp cd (Top Score)
. Kit Clayton: nek sanalet cd (~Scape)
. Rapaccioli & Agent Cooper: split project 12" (Vertical Form 02)
. Farben featuring the Dramatics 12" (Klang Elektronik)
. Lithops: sequenced 12" (Sonig)
. Gustavo Lamas: celeste cd (Traum)

Sean Cooper, Microsound, USA

1. Taylor Deupree and Richard Chartier : Spec (12k)
2. Various Artists : Various Pieces (Suction)
3. Perspects : "Desire & Efficiency" (Ersatz Audio)
4. Jochem Paap : Vrs Mbnt Pcs 2 (Fax)
5. EOG : "Hassle" (Djak-Up-Bitch)
6. Tetsu Inoue : Psychoacoustic 2 (Tzadik)
7. Various Artists : "Voices In My Lunchbox 2" (Plug Research)
8. Dopplereffekt : Gesamtkunstwerk (Disko B)
9. Noto : "20' to 2000" (Noton)
10. Kim Cascone : cathodeFlower (Ritornell)

DJ Sakke (T:re, FIN)

01 Oliver Ho - Evolution (Meta)
02 Rob Hood - Red Passion II (Duet)
03 Floorplan - Burner (Drama)
04 Jeroen Booth - Search (??)
05 Aux 88 - Play it loud [microknox remix] (Direct Beat)
06 Dopplereffekt - Scientist (Gigolo)
07 Drexciya - Surface Terrestrial Colonization (Tresor)
08 Oliver Ho - Prima Materia (Meta)
09 Product 02

Arttu, Mental Alaska, Tampere, Finland

Jessica Bailiff: Even In Silence (Kranky)
Boxhead Ensemble: The Last Place To Go (Atavistic)
Dirty Three: Ocean Songs (Touch And Go)
E.A.R.: Phenomena 256 (Space Age)
flying saucer attack: further (Drag City)
godspeed you black emperor!: f#a#infinity (Kranky)
godspeed you black emperor!: Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada (Kranky)
Thomas Köner: Kaamos (Mille Plateaux)
Pelt: Techeod (VHF)
Stars Of The Lid: Gravitational Pull Vs. The Desire For An Aquatic Life (Kranky)
Supersilent: 4 (Rune Grammofon)

Markus (Malminkartano Rock City, HKI, FI)

Parasta herkkua juuri nyt

Loren Mazzacane Connors: Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations vols 1-9 1979 - 1980
Townes Van Zandt: Anthology 1968-1979
Jandek: The Beginning
The Avengers: Died for your sins
Guy Clark: Old friends
Guy Clark: Cold dog soup
V.3: Photograph burns
Blue Cheer: Outsideinside
Jerry Jeff Walker: Driftin' way of life
Love: s/t
Sandy Denny: An introduction to...

Jan-iRoih, Finland

Kaamosta pakoon:

Plaid: Rest proof clockwork
Cinematic Orchestra: Motion
Warp: Remixes, part 3
Simon Templar Project: Kosmos-chill
Future Sound of London: Dead cities
Op:l Bastards: Sagittarius (Vocoder madness!!)
Plone: For beginner piano
Nu Science: Enter spacebar (F****n great!!)
Fu-tourist: single 001
Pekka Pohjola: Visitation
Ovuca: Lactavent
1. Piiri: Jarru -ep
Ilpo Väisänen: 20 to 2000
Nemesis: Sky archeology
Innerzone orchestra: Programmed
Mouse on mars: niun niggun
Ektroverde: Arpeggio
Ovalki: Entfernen tragen
Fantasia: Fantasia
Frederic Galliano: Espaces Baroques

Chicks On Speed, Munich, Germany

Fenn OīBerg (the album)
Disko Rough "Mathematik Modernes"
"TV O.D." The Normal
"Nostrils and Eyes" Position Normal
"Tekonivel" Mika Vainio
Ovuca - all
Bodenständig 2000 - all
Ryoji Ikeda - "+-"album and live
Schlampeitzinger - everything
"Spiralen der Errinerung" Justus Kohnke
"C30, C60, C90 Go!" Bow Wow Wow
"Good Time Girl" DMX Krew
"Tanz Machine" Knarz
Hecker - Live Video vs Skot

Joonas, Oulu, Finland

powerplay records

robert hood: "minimal nation" (m-plant)
dr switch & mr portamento: "@ studio x" (clone xxx)
round five: "na fe throw it" (main street)
legowelt vs. orgue electronique: "wir leben in pussywelt" (bunker)
heiko laux: "soul dancer" (kurbel)
aux 88: "play it loud" microknox rmx (direct beat)

DJ Sharp, Espoo, Finland

1. William Orbit - "Barberīs adagio for strings (Ferry Corsten mix)"
"Track from movie Platoon gets brilliant trance mix, one for the millennium"
2. Brother Brown - "Under the water (Starecase remix)"
"Trance at its best; breakbeats and female vocal, you know the score"
3. Sasha - "Xpander"
"Son of god is back, brilliant epic trancer"
4. M3 - "Bailamos (Danny Howells remix)"
"Brilliant remix, elements from deep house and trance"
5. Pob & Taylor - "Baba EP"
"Two great tracks, the way I like it - deep and smooth"
6. Thrillseekers - "Synesthesia"
"All time best release from Neo label"
7. Cosmic Baby - "Spacetrack"
"Old, but beautiful trance track from Germany"
8. Paul van Dyk - "Another way"
"The typical PvD sound we all love so much"
9. UK versus USA EP
"Two tracks in this Choo Choo records EP, great trance from UK & USA"
10. Bedrock - "Heaven scent"
"John Digweed and Nick Muir made a great prog trance track for the next millennium"

Lifesaver, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland, tel/fax. +358-(0)9-630 051

Heavy sales and heavy rotation in no particular order

Blackalicious: Nia (Mo'Wax 2xLP)
Joe Claussell: Language (Ibadan)
V/A: Polish Jazz (JCR LP)
Drexciya: Neptune's Lair (Tresor 2xLP)
V/A: Novi Singers (JCR LP)
Cat Stevens: Izitso (Island LP)
V/A: New Latinaires 2 (Ubiquity 2xLP)
Yasushi Ide: Lonesome Echo Strings (Yellow 12")
Mos Def: Ms. Fatbooty (Rawkus 12")
V/A: Jazz Bizniz (Counterpoint 2xLP)
Skillsters: Secret Handsake EP (Pyssy 12")
Les Gammas "Servus Mr. Bond" (Compost 12")
V/A: Oulele! (Comet 2xLP)
V/A: Nuphonic 02 (Nuphonic)
Trüby Trio: Prima Vera (JCR 12")
OD ft. Freestyle Fellowship & AdLib (Celestial 12")
Abstract Tribe Unique: Underground Fossils (Ocean Floor LP)
Blaze: Productions (Playhouse 2xLP)
Squarepusher: Selection Sixteen (Warp 2xLP)
Ashley Beedle presents V/A: Grassroots (Strut 2xLP)

DJ Pirkka, Helsinki, FI

G-Litter: Soeul '88 (Lifesaver test)
Fuzz Against Junk: Born Under Punches (Nuphonic)
Mr. Hermano: Corcovado (Disorient)
Blackalicious: Making Progress (Mo'Wax)
Groove Collective: Everything Is Changing [Swag Mix] (Naked Music NYC)
Kenny Bobien: U Gave Me Love (Basement Boys)
Light Fantastic: Lost At C Minor (Playhouse)
Kerri Chandler: Waterfall (Sfere)
Joe Claussell: Marco Polo (Ibadan)
Dynamic Syncopation ft Mass Influence: Ground Zero (Ninja Tune)

Young Harri Oliwi's King 10. (murmurecordings / dusty dreams, hki, fi)


Minister 2Bad: "Demo Stage" (Celestial)
San Quinn: "Mo Black Mo Power" (Black Power Productions)
Smooth 7: "For The Love Of Hip Hop" (Celestial)
Above The Law feat. Ha-Ha Loc, Young Ten & Safecracka: "P.I.M.P." (West World)
Mac Dre w/ Big Lurch & Harm: "Fire" (Romp)
Mr. Fingers: "Closer" (MCA)
Ananda Project: "Cascades Of Color (original)" (Nite Grooves)
Eligh: "Nightlife" (Caravan)
Jim Crow feat. Too $hort: "That Drama (Baby's Mama)" (Sony)
Crucial Conflict w/ Do Or Die: "Airplane" (Pallas)

DJ Wille (Leeds, UK & Tampere, Finland)

joulukuun herkkuja

U.C HEIGHTS FEAT. ANTHONY FLANAGAN: never lost faith (chilli funk)
TONY SENGHORE: Come down on me ep (white)
LU & JIIHOO: shelter (f-comm)
LES MACONS DE LA MUSIQUE: no time to lose (afterhours)
TONY SENGHORE & PAUL WOOLFORD: return of the wack ep (wack!)
LAB RATS FEAT. LISA MILLET: music is my life (soulfuric)
PLASTIC AVANGERS: moondrops (nrk)
EROT: two songs for annie (disfunktion)
GROOVE COLLECTIVE: everything is changing (naked music)
NEGROCAN: cada vez (swing city test)

Multipara, Berlin, Germany

multipara's december playlist in alphabetical order

jakob "nachwuchshoffnung" apfelboeck: toetet geranienpflanzer/innen (on: hier entsteht ein supermarkt, k:u:k 001 cd)
arovane: tascel_7 (on: atol scrap: din arovane 4 cd)
arovane: thaem (on: fwd: 001 12")
auftrieb: ballerland (kreisel 99/49 7")
burnt friedman & the nu dub players: "do not legalize it!" ep (a-side) (scape 003 12")
cpuwar vs pisstank (kool.pop 12.004 12")
geroyche: pocket monster buy! buy! buy! remix (to appear on lux nigra)
mike ink: cynthia (kreisel 99/45 7")
klangkrieg: flieger in grosser spirale (on: das fieber der menschlichen stimme, audioview 004 cd)
la peste: capillarite de l'effroi (on: kulturelle melodien vol.2, appareil 002 cd-r)
somatic responses: dark l.s.d. ep (a-side) (shadowcast 1 12")
reinhard voigt: be free with your love (a-side) (kreisel 99/43 7")

the track of the year: kid 606: don't sweat the technics (cco mix)

[... i really hope this will be released asap.]

"record of the century": joni mitchell - hejira (asylum lp/cd)

Andrew Duke, Cognition, Canada

Andrew Duke's In The Mix year end wrap up:

Ten quality albums released in the year 1999 (alphabetical order):

Thomas Brinkmann--Soul Center (NL W.V.B.)
Chaser--Game On! (UK Soma)
Kit Clayton--Nek Sanalet (DM ~Scape)
Drexciya--Neptune's Lair (DM Tresor)
I-F--The Man From P.A.C.K. (US Interdimensional Transmissions/DM Disko B)
Innerzone Orchestra--Programmed (US Planet E)
Legion Of Green Men--Floating In Shallow Water (CAN Post Contemporary/UK Swim~)
Plaid--Rest Proof Clockwork (UK Warp)
Stewart Walker--Stabiles (DM Mille Plateaux)
Super_Collider--Head On (UK Loaded)

Two quality albums promoed spring 1999, but not out commercially until spring 2000:

Dan Curtin--Pregenesis (BE Elypsia)
Sean Deason--Allegories & Metaphors (US Matrix/Intuit-Solar)

Best promo-only vinyl release of 1999:

Chromatix--Life-Like EP (promoed by Brooklyn's Spelunk label; will not be released)

Local favorite:

Halifax's Stinkin' Rich/Buck 65 continues to blaze trails for every up-and-comin' turntablist/wordologist, while juggling cross country (Canada and US) recording sessions and memorable live performances.

Biggest disappointment of the year:

Commercially available DJ mixed CDs that are either badly mixed by a DJ and/or "mixed" via ProTools by a studio engineer. As the electronic music scene sees DJ culture growing exponentially, it's not surprising that this is happening, but it shows an obvious concern for money over music.


It's great to see a continued getting-back-to-basics approach in electronic music, whether it's the usage of more musicians (as opposed to one-person-plus-a-computer bands) or simply acknowledging that less can be more and busier is not always better.

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland

December Top 10

1. Ultimate Seduction : Get Down And Party
2. Dave Audé : Push That Thing
3. Sharpside : Critical Freaks
4. Wax Max : Cut To Shock
5. House Negro : All Night
6. Jas Van Houten vs. Dj Melvin : Span The Globe
7. Steve Hill : Wicked
8. Florian F : Surreal Brazil
9. Big Bang : Amok
10. Disposable Disco Dubs 2 : Escape From New York


our top 13 [non-suction] records from 1999 in approximate order:

[1] [various artists] - "oral-olio" 12" EP (ersatz audio)

  • solid EP, and "lost love" by adult is one of our favorite tracks from the 1990s. techno-pop music with vocals - inspired by electronic pop of the 80s, informed by electronic developments of the 90s. we need more of this.

    [2] pluxus - "fas2" CD LP (slowball)

  • a lot of electronic music settles for too little in the melody dept; an endless loop of the same 3 notes producing a meandering melody that's ok at best... that's why we love this pluxus record. melodic sense is a talent that few have. pluxus absolutely have it... and they must have a really strange collection of analog gear - the sound & production is so quirky and warm. highlights: "boa", "herr preset", "genie 44".

    [3] perspects - "desire & efficency" 12" EP (ersatz audio)

  • the title track in particular is instrumental techno-pop perfection. this is one of those records that makes me kick myself for selling my roland cr-78.

    [4] g.d.luxxe - "20th door" 12" EP (interdimensional transmissions)

  • the track "minds" in particular. new order is always referenced with this record, but besides that (i mean we do love new order) this record is really diverse (there's a definite industrial dance music influence that seems to go unnoticed), creative & inspired.

    [5] mat-101 - "goodbye mum!" CD LP (balance)

  • the best tracks on here are totally over-the-top, with 50 analog synths playing at once and more good ideas in a single section than found on most albums. highlights: "crash hero", "arcade", "mennen".

    [6] adult. - "pressure suit" track (ersatz audio)

  • one word (& not one we'd casually throw around): deviant.

    [7] frederik schikowski- "ich vergeh vor sehnsucht nach dir I" track (trakehner)

  • this track is so weird. it sounds like einstürzende neubauten doing a beatles cover in german. it's that catchy.

    [8] lali puna - "tridecoder" 12" LP (morr music/darla)

  • we don't know much about indie-pop. for us stereolab only sounds good on paper, but this is how we wanted them to sound. this is pop music perfection - this group is going to be famous.

    [9] b.fleischmann - "breakfast at rhiz" track (morr music)

  • if pole's gear does indeed inherently sound like THAT, then this track sounds like what solvent or lowfish or maybe omd-circa-1985 would make in pole's studio. we like stuff that somehow reminds us of us.

    [10] david kristian - "bad mood no.3672" track (alien8)

  • we wish david gave us this track to release.

    [11] fizzarum - "ursa majoris" track (city.centre.offices)

  • we @ suction are very picky about demos, but when we got this track as a demo we emailed fizzarum within 15 minutes about releasing it. they told us CCO were already releasing it on block02. the next day CCO asked solvent & lowfish to do block03. weird.

    [12] phoenecia - "bob9" track (nature)

  • old school schematic-style. sounds literally like something they recorded in the early schematic days... and we love those days.

    [13] lassigue bendthaus - "angie" track (kk)

  • this rolling stones cover version is undeniably mind-blowing. an exceptional (and rare) example of DSP wizardry that is not wankery.

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