M A R C H / A P R I L 1999

Last time updated April 22, 1999

Multipara, Berlin, Germany

ryoji ikeda: 99 (20 to 2000: march. cd, noton)
pauline oliveros: i of iv (on: electronic works. cd, paradigm discs)
transalpin (by thaddi + christian, unreleased, to appear on cco)
barbara morgenstern: das wort (on: vermona et 1-6. cd, monika enterprises)
andrea jürgens: japanese boy (no info available)
matrix: equator music (on chain reaction 23, 12")
institut für feinmotorik: [untitled] (b-side of 10", no label info)
kreisel 99/10 b (7")
kreisel 99/3 b (7")
kreisel 99/5 a (7")
nerve net noise: 160 (on: nerve net noise/160/240. cd, meme)
abba: when i kissed the teacher (on: arrival, polar music)
ryoji ikeda: lsds (on: mort aux vaches. cd, staalplaat)
d'arcangelo: diagram 14 (on: diagrams 10-14. 12", nature)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA
Top 20

. Gimmik: ?!Load Error 12" (Worm Interface/Toytronic)
. Institut Für Feinmotorik: negemergenz LP (Fusetron)
. Institut Für Feinmotorik: wenig information - kein titel LP (Staubgold)
. V/A:Voices In My Lunch Box, Vol. 1 comp 12" (Plug Research)
. V/A:Modulation & Transformation, vol 4 comp 3xcd (Mille Plateaux)
. Oval: Szenario 12" (Thrill Jockey)
. Metamatics: Dayglo Tinsel 12" (District Six)
. OST: Fashion for Passion cd (Dial)
. Freeform: Me Shape cd (Sprawl)
. Novisad: s/t cd (Tom)
. V/A:AIFF comp cd (12k)
. if.then.else.: realizations cd (Emanate)
. Lilienthal: castor & pollux cd (Emanate)
. Lowfish: Beware of Snow & Other Lo Fying Objects cd (Suction)
. V/A: Microscopic Sound comp cd (Caipirinha)
. Aemic: Beta ep (Musik Aus Strom)
. While Seek 12" (Musik Aus Strom)
. Swap ep (Musik Aus Strom)
. Monolake: Interstate cd (Monolake)
. Gas: Koenigsforst cd (Mille Plateaux)

DJ SHARP, Espoo, Finland

1. Oliver Ho - "Prima Materia" (META)
2. Steady Motion - "Chapter 1" (HYBRID)
3. Thomas Schumacher - "Electric Ballroom" (BUSH)
4. Underworld - "Beaucoup Fish" (JBO)
5. Primitive Tools - "Edition 2" (PRIMITIVE)
6. Yamaoka - "Ten EP" (KAZUMI)
7. Fumiya Tanaka - "Move EP" (TOREMA)
8. Adam Beyer - "Drumcode 17" (DRUMCODE)
9. The Advent - "Warhead" (TORTURED)
10. DJ Sharp - "Kaoz is what I want" (my own monotrack what I have made with my computer and RAVE-O-LUTION 309)

DJ PIRKKA (Asound, Helsinki, Finland)

1. Daniel Wang: EP (Balihu 9)
2. Moloko: Sing It Back (Universal)
3. Calypso King & the Soul Investigators: Calypso Strut (Desco)
4. Rachid: Pride (Mood II Swing) (Universal)
5. Nas: Nas Is Like (Columbia)
6. Urban Babies: You Worry Too Much (Liquid Groove)
7. Barrington Levy: Under Mi Sensi (Time)
8. Inner Life: Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Salsoul)
9. Underground Ministires: I Shall Not Be Moved (Flatline)
10. Kenny Lattimore: If I ever lose my woman (MAW mix)

DJ Popvious, Generation Terrorists / Tyttökerho, Tampere, Finland

1. Scott Walker: Old Man's Back Again (s)
2. Aphex Twin: Windowlicker (s)
3. Mr. Oizo: Flat Beat (not the tune but the yellow groover)
4. REM: At My Most Beautiful (s)
5. Suede: Head Music (anticipation)
6. Club Telex (night out)
7. Super: Tipsy (cd)
8. Stereolab: French Disko (s)
9. Jimi Tenor (live experience)
10. David Bowie: Low (cd)
11. New Radicals: You Get What You Give (s)
12. Orbital: Style (s)
13. The Walker Brothers: After The Lights Go Out (cd)
14. Cast: All Change (cd)
15. Three Colours Red: Sixty Mile Smile (s)
16. Heavenly: Operation Heavenly (cd)
17. Lamb: B-Line (s)
18. Electronic: Getting Away With It (s)
19. Ride: Carnival Of Light (cd)
20. Prolapse: Visa For Violet And Fan (s)

tommi (basement trax, helsinki, finland)

Rollercone - - (Nuphonic)
Idjut Boys - 2xLP (Glasgow Underground)
Femi Kuti - Beng Beng (Barclay)
Mutabaruka - Dis Poem '99 (Guidance)
- - (Paper 31)
Oliloqui - Opiate Songs (Estereo)

DJ Mekaanikko (audionet/tuff jointz, helsinki, finland)

current top 1

Talvin Singh: Traveller (Island)

bubbling under

Joe Clausell & Kerri Chandler: Escravos de Jo (Ibadan)
Bab & Rolando 808: Mas que nada (Krypton)
Jonzun Crew: Pack Jam (Look Out fo the OVC) (Tommy Boy)
Pizzicato Five: Snowflakes (Matador)
Pizzicato Five: Love's Theme [St. Etienne Remix] (Matador)
Soul Familia: Uptown (Dynamite Joint)
Model 500: Be Brave [Gus Gus Remix] (R&S)
Atmosfear: Too Spaced Out [Franšois K Ambient Mix] (Disorient)
DJ Exxit: I Know (Tuff Jointz)

~History of the futurE's {minneapolis, mn, usa} April '99 killers~


Stella Michelson 'Auto-Psy' 12" (Karnage 01)
Substance P 'El Sindrome Invernal' CDR (self-released)
Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt 'Live Berlin 98' CD (Manifold) Hecate 'Hate Cats EP' 12" (Praxis 32)
Hecate & The Jackal 'Hecate Jacks Off The Jackal' 12" (Zhark 12003)
Din ST 'In The Case Of ...' 12" (Ambush 07)
Perplex Barquettes 'Snack Today' 7" (Bad Ming Tunes 72)
Pan_Sonic 'A' CD (Blast First/Mute)
Alex Dee 'Wer Sich Wehrt Ist Lebendig' EP (Widerstand 07)
DJ Scud Is Rude Boy 'Jackboots & Birds' 12" (koolPOP 12.002)

Jason J. Tar / Lansing / MI / USA

Ice "Headwreck" 12" on Morpheus
Steinski & Mass Media "Lessons 1-3" on ?
DJ Scud & Nomex "Total Destruction" on Maschinenbau
Major Force West "Circling Round/Here Comes the Funky Monkey" on Mo Wax
Stock Hausen & Walkman Organ Transplants Vol. 1 on Hot Air
Ryoji Ikeda Time/Space 2x3"CD on Staalplaat
Nurse With Wound/Stereolab Simple Headphone Mind on Duophonic
Horse Opera 3 Cornered Room on Planet Mu
Ground Zero Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28 on Recommended
DJ Vadim USSR Repetoire on NinjaTune
Toshimaru Nakamura & Sachiko M Un on Meme

dj erkko (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)

1. cylob: rewind! (rephlex)
2. zombie nation ep (gigolo)
3. di'jital: the mind of the master (direct beat)
4. unn: make me listen (elektrolux)
5. thomas krome: bitches from hell (corb)
6. pan sonic: a (blast first)

DJ Wille, various parties, Villa 1898/Tampere, Club Beng Beng/Turku, Finland

Hot List of April

1. ? - Rescue Me (MAW remix) (white label)
2. Incognito - Nights Over Egypt (MAW remix) (Talkin' Loud)
3. Kenny Lattimore - If I Lose My Woman (MAW remix) (Columbia)
4. Romanthony - Hold On (Roule)
5. GusGus - Vip (white)
6. Persuader - Stockholm (LP) (Svek)
7. Section 57 - Carnival 2000 (Dnh)
8. Pete Heller - Big Love (White)
9. Beverley Knight - Made It Back (Emi)
10. Nu Spirit Helsinki - Take It Back (Guidance)

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland
the cruellest of months

Singles & EPs:

Aavikko: Oriental Baby (HAWAII-06b, Hawaii Sounds)
A/H: Palat (HAM 014 MCD, Some Place Else)
Orbital: Style (FX 358, FFRR)
Spektor: Trapezoids (UD005, Ultra Dub Recordings, MCD)
Unidentified Sound Objects: Styrofoamafrocut (BAD-85CD, Bad Vugum)

Long plays:

Brandi Ifgray: Stargazer (PUU-16CD, Puu/Sähkö Recordings)
Clop Neplat: CD1 (HAM009CD, Some Place Else)
Clop Neplat: Clop Neplat (HAM 011 DLP, Some Place Else, 2x12")
Muslimgauze: Observe With Sadiq Bey (STCD131, Staalplaat)
Niko Skorpio: Grey Bloom (xero vol zero) (HAM 012 LP, Some Place Else)
Nocturnal Emissions: Omphalos! (SOL 59 CD, Musique Korrekt)
Mika Vainio, Pita & Charlemagne Palestine: Three Compositions For Machines (STCD 035, Staalplaat)


Human League: Reproduction
[includes The Dignity of Labour EP and 'Being Boiled'/'The Circus of Death' 12"]
(CDV 2133, Virgin, '78/'79)
Kula Shaker: Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts (COL 493142 2, Columbia, CD, '99)
Nico: Chelsea Girl (835 209-2, Polydor, CD, '66)
The Olivia Tremor Control: Black Foliage (BRRC1005782, Flydaddy/V2, CD, '99)

+ +

Irvine Welsh: Filth (ISBN 0-224-04118-5, London: Jonathan Cape, '98, book)

Sean Cooper, Urban Sounds, USA

1. Slick, "Digital" (SCSI)
2. Si Bigg/Scarletron/Voigt Kampff/Wee DJs, "Penalty 001" (Penalty)
3. Solvent/D'Arcangelo, Split 7" (Suction)
4. Mark Van Hoen, Playing With Time (Apollo)
5. Jochem Paap, Vrs Mbnt Pcs (Fax)
6. Funckarma, "Funckarma" (Djak-Up-Bitch)
7. Joshua Kit Clayton, 4mod3 (Pthalo)
8. Lilienthal, Castor & Pollux (Emanate)
9. Ryoji Ikeda, Space/Time (Staalplaat)
10. Adult/G.D. Luxxe/Kitbuilders/Perspects, "Oralolio" (Ersatz Audio)


1) Shinto 'track 3' DiskoB
2) Sugar Experiment Station/Justin Berkovi Penalty 003
3) Pulple 'Perfect Time' Pull Records
4) Human 'Human' Human Recordings 002
5) Think Tank 'Bend Chemistry' Pull Records 003
6) U.M.F 'Oxia' U.M.F vol 4
7) Anthony Rother 'Little Computer' PSI 49 Net
8) Tobias Schmidt 'Nuclear War' Scandinavia
9) M&M 'Electro Cut' M&M 001
10) Stephe Brown 'Brown ville' Djax Up Beats


PO BOX 17074
EH11 1WG

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)131 556 7173

electricity [e], jkl, fi
presents april list

B!MACHINE, "Monologue" from Aftermath CD
Statemachine, "Battered and Bruised" from Battered and Bruised CDM
Mesh, "I Fall Over" from The Point At Which It Falls Apart CD
Culture Kultur, "Gran ciudad en desorden" from Reflex CD
XL, "(Wish You Were) Mine/(Tytt÷ kuin) toukokuu" from Jeti CD
Rinneradio, "Helsinki" from G CD
Nocomment, "Back in the 80's" from Painkiller CD
Wolfsheim, "Once in a lifetime" from Best of Electronic Music CD
Witt/Heppner, "Die Flut" from Best of Electronic Music CD
Björk, "Human Behaviour (Underworld Remix)" from Underworld Mix CD

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