DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

28 August 1999, Mental Alaska, Telakka, Tampere

pHinn played at Mental Alaska, a club dedicated to avantgarde/improvised/experimental music. Another DJ was tonilaakso, who also played drums at the noise-jazz trio Paraffin Affiliates, who performed live alongside the house band of Telakka club, Telakan Karhu.

An excellent night with uncompromising attitude, and for once there was a chance for a DJ to skip the obligatory Tampere axis of Depeche Mode-Suede-New Order-The Smiths-The Cure-house music, and concentrate on more experimental sounds. [NOTE: the tracks not in the exact order they were played.]

  • Manuel Göttsching / Ash Ra Tempel: Sunrain / Ocean of Tenderness [edit]
  • Boards Of Canada: Everything You Do Is A Balloon
  • Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation: The Diamond Mine
  • GFQ (Gregory Fleckner Quartet): Juicy Jazzy Girls (Jade Gates Mixed in the Bubble by Plaid)
  • James Vs. The Sabres of Paradise: JAM J - Arena Dub
  • GFQ: Oi, That's My Bird
  • Björk: All Is Full of Love (In Love With - Funkstörung Remix)
  • Amon Düül II: Wie der Wind am Ende einer Strasse
  • Felix Kubin: Alle Suchtigen landen in der Hölle / Bruder Luzifer [off Gagarin Records GR-2001 LP]
  • Plastikman: Spastik
  • Autechre: Second Bad Vilbel
  • Alec Empire: God Told Me How To Kiss
  • Pekka Airaksinen: Sukirti
  • Herbie Hancock: Raindance
  • Boards Of Canada: Turquoise Hexagon Sun
  • Warp 69: Natural High (Global Communication Remix)
  • 23 Skidoo: Kundalini
  • Mono Junk: Enter
  • Dub Syndicate: Ravi Shankar Pt. 1
  • Can: Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. Mix)
  • Can: Halleluwah (Halleluwa Orbus 2 - The Orb Mix)

    live: Telakan Karhu

  • Brian Eno: Baby's On Fire
  • The Pink Floyd: Heart Beat, Pig Meat

    live: Paraffin Affiliates

  • The Pink Floyd: Careful With That Axe, Eugene / Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up
  • Faust: Krautrock
  • Vladislav Delay: Huone [edit, off Chain Reaction CR-26 12"]
  • Robert Merlak: Narodna [off Phthalo 08 CD-R]
  • Phthalocyanine: track 1 [off Zacks EP, Phthalo 05 CD-R]
  • M.A. Numminen & Sähkökvartetti: Kaukana väijyy ystäviä
  • Coil: Windowpane
  • Kraftwerk: The Hall of Mirrors
  • The Velvet Underground: Stephanie Says
  • Teddy & His Patches: Suzy Creamcheese
  • Amon Düül II: Deutsch Népal

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