DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

28 February 2004,
Elextro @ Parkki, Turku

Elextro A nice underground electro event organised by Turku's X-Rust. Parkki is an ordinary-looking wooden house in Parkinkatu, having a club space in its basement; with a dancefloor and bar, taking in about a hundred people. News tell that Parkki is going to be demolished soon -- a pity. pHinn's set was in two parts; other DJs were Erkko, Burdock and Kalle Karvanen.

  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble: KVYCHX (Luke Eargoggle mix)
  • Susumu Yokota: Re: Disco
  • Alexander Robotnick: Dance Boy Dance
  • Adult.: Nausea (Mega-Blend)
  • Drexciya: Hydro Cubes
  • Ultradyne: Cities In Ruin
  • K-1: Lost In Space
  • Alex Is My Bro: Rocket Snare
  • Aux 88: Electrotechno
  • Prince: Dirty Mind
  • Herbie Hancock: Megamix feat. Rockit & Future Shock
  • Hashim: Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
  • Dr. Robotnik: Retro Electro

  • Chicks On Speed: Sell-Out
  • Dopplerfeffekt: Sterilization
  • Imp/I-f: Cry
  • Grumptronix: Pocket Rocket (Will Web's Teklord On Death Row Mix)
  • The Octagon Man: Klunk
  • Sem: Area5
  • Suicide: Death Machine
  • Shamen: Ebeneezer Goode (MBM Instrumental by Meat Beat Manifesto)
  • The Suburban Knight: Maroon
  • Rude 66: Machine
  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble: KVY (Legowelt mix)
  • Sweet Exorcist: Testone
  • New Order: Fine Time

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