DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

24 October 2003,
Electronic Therapy, Päiväkoti, Turku

Electronic Therapy is an electro club in Turku organised by DJ Kalle Karvanen, and pHinn sure had a swell time in Turku. The main act of the evening was Mesak, a.k.a. Tatu Metsätähti, one half of Mr Velcro Fastener.
It seems Turku is definitely ahead of pHinn's own hometown Tampere with what goes to electro and other advanced electronic dance music scene. Sigh. Anyway. Päiväkoti, run by Jaakko "Koneisto" Parkkari, is built into an old wood house; an atmospheric, intimate club with stylish decoration and a changing art gallery on the walls; makes one think perhaps of the late Villa club at Finlayson's Palace in Tampere. People seemed to arrive quite late, but it's probably the same thing in club scene anywhere; pHinn barely had time to notice when he jammed alone with his record collection. And local people were also very cool about pHinn's visuals... Talking about eye candy, Qnut's digi-animations as backdrop to Mesak's live PA were excellent, and so was the gig itself. A tip of hat to Päiväkoti and Turku scene.

  • X-Ray: Let's Go
  • Cybotron: Clear
  • Brothers Fuck & Friend: Minimal Fuck
  • Dexter: Intruder
  • Chaos: Afrogermanic
  • Aux 88: Electro/Techno (Microknox remix)
  • DJ Dijital: Cyborg Power
  • Atomic Nation: Atomic Nation
  • Dynamix II: The Plastic Men
  • LFO: Tied Up
  • The Octagon Man vs. Depth Charge: The Toy Boxx
  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble feat. CoS: KVYCHX (Luke Eargoggle mix)
  • Doubledutch: Hit & Run
  • Dominatrix: The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
  • Liaisons Dangereuses: Los niños del parque
  • Front 242: Quite Unusual
  • New York City Survivors: World of Madness
  • Dave Clarke: No One's Driving
  • DJ Slugo: Back Da Fuck Up
  • Polytron vs. Kompleksi: Porno Tampere (Demo Voc Remix)
  • Adonis: No Way Back
  • Prince & The Revolution: 17 Days
  • Stakker: Humanoid
  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble: KVY (Legowelt mix)
  • Auxmen: The Vibe
  • D.I.E.: 313Frequency
  • Drexciya: The Countdown Has Begun
  • Luke Eargoggle: Worship Services
  • Joyrex: Popcorn
  • Perspects: Wise Guise
  • Lowfish: Glass House
  • Der Zyklus II: Electronisches Zeitecho
  • CTNE: 96T (8-Bit Rockers mix)
  • 69: My Machines
  • Yello: Bostich
  • Front 242: Tragedy For You

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