DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

23 February 2001, Astrodisko I, Tulliklubi, Tampere

  • Intro: "sorry 'bout that"
  • Octagon Man: Assault
  • Drexciya: The Countdown Has Begun
  • Tackhead: Mind At The End of Tether
  • Mark Stewart: As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade
  • Pan sonic: Parturi
  • Lackluster: 26/05/00 (Dear Laurent)
  • The Advent: Spaceism
  • Rude 66: Machine
  • Organ: Kärpästen juhla
  • Jeans Team: Keine Melodien
  • Jean Michel Jarre feat. Laurie Anderson: Zoolookologie
  • I-f feat. Helga LaBlacque: Playstation #2
  • Peaches: Fuck The Pain Away
  • Malaria! vs. Chicks on Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser
  • Adult.: Hand To Phone
  • Silver Apples: You and I

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