DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

23 January 2004,
Club Telex, Yo-Talo, Tampere

DJ pHinn returns to Club Telex. Well, sort of; I played a little hour-long set at ten o'clock, with only a handful of people witnessing my efforts. It was good to be back with Telex, though. The main act of the night was UK's Bass Junkie, warmed up by Turku's always trustworthy Mr Velcro Fastener, assisted by an MC whose name I unfortunately didn't catch. There was also a DJ show by Imatran Voima; also mini and Kvantti DJing.

  • John Carpenter: Escape From New York - Main Title
  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble: KVYCHX - Luke Eargoggle remix
  • Jedi Knights: May The Funk Be With You
  • Prince and the Revolution: Erotic City
  • Old Skool Flava's: Dub Train
  • Hashim: Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
  • The Egyptian Lover: Egypt Egypt
  • C.O.D.: In The Bottle
  • DJ Dijital: Journey of Eternal Bass
  • DJ Mad Mike: Check Out Dat Butt!
  • Dynamix II: Feel The Bass
  • T. Raumschmiere: Rabaukendisko (The Bug's Dancehall RMX feat. Ras Bogle)
  • Club Telex Noise Ensemble: KVY - Legowelt remix

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