DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

17 November 1999, Club Telex, Yo-Talo Tampere

pHinn played back to back with DJ Mini and the guest DJ 6M4 (Function Recordings Helsinki). The live acts were Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov and Nemesis. 'twas kinda nice, what else can I say.

  • Aphex Twin: Dodeccahedron
  • Aphex Twin: Analogue Bubblebath I
  • Boards of Canada: Everything You Do Is A Balloon
  • Seefeel: Plainsong
  • Plone: On My Bus
  • GFQ (Gregory Fleckner Quartet): Oi, That's My Baby
  • B12: Bio Dimension
  • Aux 88: The D.J.
  • Tongue & D Groove: Feel Surreal
  • Shop: Intro / 69: Ladies & Gentlemen
  • F.U.S.E. vs LFO: Loop
  • Jaydee: Plastic Dreams
  • Future Sound of London: Papua New Guinea
    Thank You For The Music
  • Perrey & Kingsley: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • Dick Hyman: The Legend of Johnny Pot
  • Perrey & Kingsley: Mas Que Nada
  • Perrey & Kingsley: One Note Samba - Spanish Flea
  • Perrey & Kingsley: Strangers In The Night
  • Dauerfisch: Es läuft
  • Peter Thomas: Onanirato
    Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov live
    Nemesis live
  • Orbital: Chime
  • Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
  • Jega: Gemini
  • Ovuca: Tattaraa
  • Ovuca: Auinko
  • Cobra Killer: Try It
  • Munich Machine: La Nuit Blanche
  • The VHB: Beethoven's Fifth (Street Symphony)
  • Chicks On Speed: Warm Leatherette

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