DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

16 July 2004,
Swäg 5, Café Valo, Tampere

  • Fripp & Eno: The Heavenly Music Corporation
  • Carl Craig: Science Fiction (Paperclip edit)
  • Kelpe: Petrified
  • Boards of Canada: Aquarius
  • Alkuperäinen: 9 voltin psyyke
  • Massive Attack: Special Cases (Luomo mix)
  • Vladislav Delay: Otan osaa
  • Björk: Headphones (Mika Vainio mix)
  • John Carpenter: Escape From New York - Main Theme
  • Pekka Airaksinen: Sukirti
  • GFQ: Juicy Jazzy Girls
  • Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix)
  • µ-Ziq: µ-Ziq Theme
  • Lackluster: 26.05.00 (Dear Laurent)
  • Talk Talk: After The Flood


  • Funkadelic: Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

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