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15 January 2000, TampereElektroBass2000!, Tulliklubi, Tampere

The other DJs of the evening were Mikro (aka Mini), DCom (aka Nuutti), Kauko Lampi of Op:l Bastards, the legendary Irwin of Turku and Erkko.

DJ pHinn was recovering from the flu, and concentrating on playing the records is not the easiest task in the world when your hands are still shaking and your concentration keeps straying somewhere else... Some gross mistakes were made, like playing 45 rpm records on 33, etc., but gladly it was early in the evening (pHinn played first by his own request), so not so many people would care.

Otherwise, an excellent electro night, with Irwin playing old school rave, Kauko Lampi going new wave disco, DCom giving IDM flavour and so on. Maybe there is still some hope left for Tampere scene?

  • Wendy Carlos: Title Music From A Clockwork Orange
  • Human League: Being Boiled
  • Kraftwerk: Numbers
  • The Suburban Knight: Maroon
  • Front Line Assembly: The Blade (Worldwide Mix)
  • Drexciya: Positron Island
  • Dynamix II: Give The DJ A Break
  • Underground Resistance: Electronic Warfare (Vocal)
  • Tackhead: Mind At The End Of The Tether
  • Cybotron: Clear
  • Suicide: Ghost Rider
  • Organ: Kärpästen juhla
  • Chicks On Speed: Warm Leatherette
  • Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Frank Sinatra
  • Atari Teenage Riot: Deutschland Must Die
  • Sly & The Family Stone: Spaced Cowboy

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