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8 July 2004,
Mental Alaska @ Telakka, Tampere

Wang Lei The night was started by the set of Oreia. Smooth melodic ambient/IDM soundscapes with a touch of soul/funky keyboard licks. Then Toiminto played another of his excellent sets of disturbed beats and sounds combined with suave electronic-ah; "the sound of 2004" as the DJ Slave To The Beat put it. Both these local guys need a recording contract now. I mean it.

In the meanwhile, the James Hetfield-lookalike Art Barfuncle (aka Arttu P.) played from vinyls some of the most disturbed DJ sounds I've ever heard. Twisted V/Vmish acid polka from outer space. Or something.

The main performer, Wang Lei, then hit the jackpot. I've heard his album containing some tasty dub sounds combined to samples of Chinese music, but it didn't prepare me for this that was one of the most energetic sets I've ever heard. Press info compared Mr. Wang's music to Autechre and Prefuse 73, but I think those descriptions were a bit misleading, since this music putting together dub, breakbeats, drum'n'bass and even a taste of acid was clearly made for dancing, not just nodding off to in your bedroom. Wang Lei moved behind his gear and Sherman Filter Bank fluently like Bruce Lee, Shaolin monk or a dancer from Beijing's opera or a master Chinese chef. The relentless, head-banging rhythms created a mystical, tribal ritual; this clearly would have required a dancefloor which a venue like Telakka couldn't provide, since the rhythm just swept one along. Some people danced, nevertheless. Alongside Pan sonic at Tampere Biennale, the best live act I've seen this year, hands down.

  • James: Jam J (Sabres of Paradise mix)
  • Max Romeo & The Upsetters: One Step Forward
  • The Orb: Towers of Dub


  • Perrey & Kingsley: One Note Samba
  • Dean Elliot: Lonesome Road
  • DAT Politics: The Way
  • A. Alpha & Citizen Omega: Toinen loppuunpaluu
  • Porter Ricks: Redundance 6
  • Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention: Nasal Retentive Calliope Music
  • Noise Production: Somewhere In Germany (excerpt)
  • Joe Meek & The Blue Men: March of the Dribcots
  • Raymond Scott: Bufferin (Original)
  • Team Doyobi: You Have The Power
  • Martin Denny: Quiet Village
  • Seņor Coconut Y Su Conjunto: Showroom Dummies
  • Schneider TM vs. Kpt. Michi.Gan: The Light 3000
  • Aphex Twin: Bike Pump Meets Bucket
  • The Sabres of Paradise: Bubble & Slide (Nightmares On Wax mix)
  • Bandulu: Agent Jah

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