DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

6 November 1999, Hitformula, Yo-Talo, Tampere

pHinn played back to back with DJs Tami, Mini and Popvious. I didn't get to play that many records during that evening, but at least the overall mood was nice and I had a good feeling about the whole night.

  • Alice Cooper: I Love The Dead
  • Scott Walker: The Plague
  • Love: Alone Again Or
  • Blues Section: Cherry Cup-Cake Twist
  • Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit
  • The Byrds: Eight Miles High
  • Ride: Chelsea Girl
  • Love: She Comes In Colors
  • Underworld: King of Snake
  • Kraftwerk: Radioactivity ['91 Remix]
  • Duplo!: Summer of '99
  • Roy Vedas: Fragments of Life
  • Jeff Mills: Bells
  • Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself
  • T-Rex: Children of the Revolution
  • Visage: Fade To Grey
  • Blues Section: Semi-Circle Solitude

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