DJ pHinn
p l a y l i s t s

1 November 2003,
Entropy 10 Years, VR-Makasiinit, Helsinki

Fear and Loathing @ Entropy 10 Years Party

Just kidding, but here's a couple of words about the tenth anniversary celebration of Helsinki's techno and rave party society Entropy, which took place at VR-Makasiinit, an old warehouse of Finnish Railways next to the Töölönlahti Bay, just opposite the House of Parliament. I arrived just before 9 pm and slipped as an "Artist" in through the VIP entrance, which was pretty lucky on my part since the regular audience entrance had to stand a massive queue and hour-long waiting with the obligatory police state search patrols for illicit substances (though usually the people I saw there were drunk as hell, as is the Good Old Finnish Way, you goddam hippie weirdos). Tabloid Horror: Teenagers Injecting Maryjuana And Smoking Ecstasy At Rave Drug Party.

"Leisure Suit Lounge" was this room next to a bar, equipped with decks. DJ Kuuro K. Paisti entertained the audience with old synth classics, Finnhits (the Finnish cover version of 'Popcorn' by Seidat -- wow!) and his fiery old-style DJ speaks in between the songs. DJ Antti H. spinned house. pHinn unentertained the lounge audience with bleak clanging electro beats. It was suitably weird. In the end the room got hot as a greenhouse though there was barely enough space for anyone to dance. There was also some audience participation from this drunken fan of pHinn, who insisted doing some scratching himself, so we obliged: gladly it went surprisingly well, there's a proof on my minidisc.

There was not much time for any extra location scouting but as a curious cat I had to look around the venue, though. Well, there wasn't actually much to my own tastes musically; the trance hall had nice UV light psychedelic Day-Glo decoration paintings which probably had been very pain-staking to create and looked great glowing in the dark. Hare Hare Hare Rama. The hardcore hall seemed interesting but somehow that stuff sounded quite predictable too.

The general audience were typical lollipop hair-dye antennas-in-the-head ravers; it's always fun how Helsinki "scene" people try to look so cool, hip and continental, but somehow manage to miss it: maybe one reason is that when you try to stick your typically plump and a bit overweight Finnish body in a skin-tight party costume and fishnet stockings, the result becomes only tragicomical. Face it, we Ugric people are all just out of the backwoods recently, basically gaping-mouthed and snot-nosed hicks familiar from Martti Huuhaa Innanen's paintings, and it can't be masked by a few years of superficial trappings of "city" culture, Nokia communicators and latte cafes.

But what the hell. Cheese rules. It was kind of fun when the lights went out of the toilets and you had to do your best not to piss on your shoes. Some other people got "lucky" in the toilet premises, too, I heard. HC-WC, indeed. The cold freezing tunnel between the "arenas" was also, literally, cool: I think they should have set the chill-out room there. Might have been more refreshing than the actual chill-out space where you could feel sweat dripping too (Eeropekka Rislakki spinned "Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen" when I was around, so the ultimate coolness points to him).

In the end I had a good time, though. Probably was because I was not among the general audience taking the shit from security, having my bewerages confiscated and other typical rave party fun and infernal queues but stayed mostly in my little V-I-blaah-P corner with my records and a couple of good people hanging around. What else do you need, really? Thanks, y'all, and PLUR, of course.

pHinn @ "Leisure Suit Lounge" kommandomix in two parts

  • Drexciya: Welcome To Drexciya
  • As One: The Message In Herbie's Shirts
  • Trans Am: Cologne
  • Depth Charge: Robotomo
  • Doubledutch: Surface On Fire
  • Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique: Putney vs. ARP2500
  • Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique: ARP Groove
  • A Credible Eye-Witness: Episode 4
  • Autechre: Basscadet (BDCTMIX) [33 rpm]
  • Cessna: Time Ticks Away (Nu Science remix)
  • Perspects: Desire and Efficiency
  • Ectomorph: The Haunting (version) (Adult. mix)
  • Mandroid: Android
  • Deflektorz: Deflektor


  • DJ Slugo: Back Da Fuck Up
  • Imatran Voima: In/Out (Luke Eargoggle Mixxx)
  • Bolz Bolz: The Ultimate
  • LFO: Freak
  • Assorted Krakheads: Mojojojo - Krak@tak
  • Red Planet: Base Station 303
  • Octagon Man: I Dream
  • Anthony Rother: Sex With The Machines
  • Japanese Telecom: The Men From P.A.C.K. remix
  • Cae$ar: Do U Have A Dime?
  • Ultradyne: Umen
  • Beta Evers: Black Rubber
  • Terence Fixmer: Warm
  • Magas: Toys
  • Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique: Putney vs. ARP2500 (scratch reprise)

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