December 1998 Reviews

This month's guest reviewer is Lance C. McCannon, a DJ from Westlake, Ohio, US. Check out Lance's radio show, Inaudible. We also hope to publish more Lance's reviews here in the future.

. O.S.T.: s/t 12" (Qlipothic)

Chris Douglas, aka O.S.T., with his second ep, this time on the new Qlipothic label. This record features four tracks of dark percussive electronica somewhat reminiscent of old Polygon Window or µ-ziq but with a very distinct and complex flavor of it's own. All four tracks have an intriguing mix of dark experimental atmopsheres, moody synth washes, and dark complex poly rhymithic percussions. Each track continually shifts and evolves adding new melodies, atmospheres, and percussive arrangements at almost every turn. A complex yet intriguing listen that definitely finds it's own musical niche. I eagerly look forward to more from OST and Qlipothic. 9/10

. Rook Valard: Systematic Desensitization cd (Phthalo)

After eps on the Switch & Qlipothic labels and appearances on the XLR8R, Alt.Frequency and Emanated compilations, Rook Valard (aka O.S.T.) finally releases his debut album on the infamous L.A.-based Phthalo label. Eleven tracks on this one ranging from squelchy electro-tinged polyrhythmic tracks to crunchy dark moody numbers in similar sonic territory as crank, µ-ziq, autechre, and phthalocyanine. There isn't a bad track on the album but manic breakbeater D54X, the melodic slow-building Dark Alley, and the dark atmospheric Medlon are the favorites here. A solid release from Rook and another impressive experimental IDM release for the Phthalo label. 8/10

Copyright © 1998 Lance C. McGannon. Reprinted with permission.

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