Peaches Meets Madonna
By John Fanning a.k.a. Aristide Massaccesi

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 04:08:20 EDT
Subject: Peaches & Cream

I saw Peaches yesterday here in Boston. I gave her a little skirt I made for her, she took pictures for her Website so I'll be on there... ooh! ;) She was good as always, lots of people there, even crazed Peaches groupies. Taylor Savvy opened up, he was fun, but a bit like Gonzales, only if Gonzales just sang and didn't rap. Well, not bad though. Peaches doesn't use her Groovebox anymore, so it's just a Minidisc, same thing with Taylor. Isn't that funny? Is this the future? :) She has a very nice tour manager this time, named Frasier.

The big story of the night was that when Peaches performed in New York, Madonna had sent some of her "people" including her guitar player to the show, apparently Madonna works out to Teaches of Peaches! Madonna wanted a pair of Peaches underwear. The underwear is white and has either "Fuck the Pain Away" or "Diddle My Skittle" on them. Not very exciting, but it's something to make money with, so why not? :) So Peaches signed one of them for her, saying 'Madonna, Fuck You Later, Peaches!". The world is crazy, no? Also, at a different performance in New York, Peaches performed at this free festival thing that was near a park in Coney Island. Apparently Peaches was too dirty and was offending mothers walking their kids in the park and the stage people kept trying to make her go offstage and then she did "Fuck the Pain Away" and then they turned off her mic! But there was another mic near here so she said "I'm being censored in America!". Oh dear!

Peaches gave me a CD from this girl Mignon who sounds EXACTLY like Peaches. Not just similar, but EXACTLY. So I wasn't sure what to think of it. Reminded me of heavy metal bands that all sound the same. Oops!

Reprinted with permission.

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