by Paul Snowden, Crucial. / Cross Fade Enter Tainment

as we know 'milestones' in musical history come and go. they make us remind ourselves of moments and situations and things.
these songs are usually different - sometimes wild shit, some hits... bedroom wonders, some programmed to max.
the killer track 'generation next' from the spice girls used from pepsi, was one of these.
it hailed the end, 'it's over yeah, cause its over, cause it's over yeah, yeah, yeah... generation next'

i believe that the next global disaster after 911 is programmed.
after the rise and fall of the new economy the next disaster is the rise and fall of the old economy.
companies are falling apart and systems are failing. collapse.

'what do i want?, how do i want it?' what will come, will be the rise of the indivdual... new rules, no games.

the vodafone song 'bohemian like you' from the i don't know where and i don't think it's important, 'dandy warhols' hails a milestone too. the lyrics wind a accent around meeting chicks and leading an easy one, and celebrate being definitely on-top.
it's kinda very much like the tower records scene in glamourama but set in london.
the lyrics illustrate the shallowness and base level of youth culture, celebrate the 'bohemian' style, free, cool and sexy.

that's a pretty good idea for a marketing strategy for a mobile telephone company that's pretty big with a cool logo.
celebrate being on your mobile - free, cool and sexy. and talking. a pop song that - thank marketing and advertising that everyone should get to know - hails a lifestyle and attitude that doesn't like and respect authority. sounds cool.

we are not the spice girls or pepsi's 'generation next'.
we are generation next.
new rules, no games. no history.

'it's over yeah ...'
disrespect to nature, greed and evil use of power will be punished.
the enemy has become its own victim.
'it's over yeah, yeah, yeah... '

the future definitely bright.
and i know it's gonna be a good one.

live the dream - keep it real

- Paul Snowden

paul snowden | crucial. | | +49-173-6146445

Copyright 2001. Reprinted by permission.


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