Fennocentrism is the practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing emphasis on Finnish concerns, culture, language and values at the expense of those of other cultures. It is an instance of ethnocentrism. In its more negative appearances, it can be a less overt form of white supremacy or xenophobia. Some examples of Fennocentric thinking are revealed in such popular Finnish sayings as "Being born to Finland is like winning in lottery", or such concepts as sisu which are understood as especially Finnish traits. Fennocentrism has its roots partly in the 19th century Fennomania movement to promote Finnish language, and which was a form of nationalism and patriotism. Other origins of Fennocentrism can be rooted to Finland's geographic status between Sweden and Russia, both countries which dominated Finland at some stages of history, which in turn eventually strengthened the nationalistic tendencies of Finns. Finns, who still have a very strong sense of group mind, are very wary of what people outside their country think about them. It is always a great national news in Finland when Finnish athletes, artists or beauty queens gain success and fame on an international level.

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